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Articles December 2014

Jimmy Kimmel: Let’s Look Into Why Melania Swats Away Donald Trump’s Hand

When Your Little Girl Is ISIS’ Target

Sean Hannity’s Dishonest Seth Rich Conspiracy Walk-Back

A Top Chef’s Secret to Cooking the Perfect Steak

Pro-Trumpcare Republicans Owned Millions in Health Care Stock

‘The View’ Can Thank President Trump for Getting Its Mojo Back

Is San Francisco’s App Spying on Commuters?

Robert Kennedy’s Secret Campaign to Become Lyndon Johnson’s Vice President

Trump Budget Slashes Spending—Except on His Own Security Detail

Stephen Colbert Trashes Trump’s ‘Brutal’ Budget for Screwing Over His Own Voters

Trump Disarms U.S. During Info War With Russia

How Dare the ‘Baywatch’ Movie Be This Bad

ISIS Isn’t Done Targeting Kids After Manchester Attack

Hooray! David Duchovny Is Back as Denise, Twin Peaks’ Trans Trailblazer

The Manchester Attack and the Myth of the ‘Lone Wolf’

How President John F. Kennedy Invented the Modern Press Conference

Trump’s Flying Circus and Peacemaking Medicine Show Leaves Israel Wanting More

Ex-CIA Boss Has 'Unresolved Questions' About Russians Co-opting Team Trump

This Senator Told Trump Where He Thinks His Budget Belongs

What Made Sir Roger Moore the Best James Bond

First Lady Melania Trump Swats President Donald Trump’s Hand—Again

Manchester Death Hoax Makes It All the Way to Fox News

As Trump Toured the Holy Land, Palestine Went On Strike

After Manchester, This Amazing ‘Mister Rogers’ Story May Be More Important Than Ever

The Victims of the Manchester Terror Attack

Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game 4: How to Watch Live Stream Online

Friends Remember ‘Fearless’ Victim of White Supremacist

Manchester Terror Victim Georgina Callander Had Met Ariana Grande

Musicians Tweet for Manchester

‘Love Actually 2’: Inside the Star-Studded Sequel

Can We Last All Summer Without SNL?

Katy Perry Opens Up About Taylor Swift Beef: ‘She Started It’

Not All Indicators Are Bad: Interracial Marriage at All-Time High

Felon Turned Fake Journalist Outed a Beloved Gay Teacher

‘Happy End’: Isabelle Huppert’s Demented Black Comedy Is the Feel-Bad Masterpiece of the Year

Red State Lynching Rhetoric Ramps Up

Fox’s Fake News Mess

Japan: Shinzo Abe’s Government Has a Thing About Hitler. It Likes Him.

‘Natasha, Pierre’ & The Great Comet of 12 Tony Award Nominations

New Orleans Mayor Celebrates the Unity of the Melting Pot as Confederate Statues Fall

James Corden’s Moving Manchester Tribute: ‘Caring People With Community at Its Core’

Rachel Lindsay’s Boozy ‘Bachelorette’ Premiere: Hot Lawyers, Shady Men, and a Creep Obsessed With His Penis

People Offer Shelter With #RoomForManchester After Ariana Grande Concert Tragedy

Stephen Colbert Mocks Steve Bannon for Looking Terrified in Saudi Arabia

Elite Prep School St Paul's Reveals History of Sex Abuse Scandals

Salman Abedi: The Unlikely Bomber Hellbent on Massacring Kids

Corey Lewandowski to Trump White House: ‘I’m Coming In.’

Fox News Staffers ‘Embarrassed’ by Hannity’s Conspiracy Theory Crusade

John Avlon Debates Trump's Hyperbole with Rick Santorum

Texas Is on the Verge of Passing Two Horribly Anti-LGBT Laws

How A Labor Activist Got Rich Off Trump

Disgusting: There’s A D.C. Bar Serving ‘Pill Cosby’ Drinks

Accused Killer of Black Soldier Liked Pro-Trump, Pro-White Memes

The Trump White House Budget Draft Is a Caricature of Conservative Cruelty

Melania’s Swat Proves She Hates Donald Just as Much as America Does

Donald Trump Touched an Orb on His Trip to Saudi Arabia. The Internet Went WILD.

Warriors vs. Spurs Game 4: How to Watch Live Stream Online

Inside the Surreal Mind of ‘Twin Peaks’ Creator David Lynch

Drake Thirsts for Vanessa Hudgens at the BBMAs and Nicki Minaj Isn’t Having It

How Pippa’s Wedding Cost Over a Million Dollars

‘Twin Peaks’ Is Back and More Delightfully Bonkers Than Ever

Senator Ben Sasse, a Politician, Has Written a Serious, Non-Politician’s Book

The Next Standing Rocks: 4,800 Miles of Oil Pipelines Planned Under Trump

Meet the Amputees Fighting America’s Longest War

Somebody Tell Donald Trump—Russia Is Still an Adversary

Inside the Head of Dylann Roof, Jihadist for White Hate

Who Killed Sister Cathy? All Your ‘The Keepers’ Unanswered Questions Answered

The Madness of the Trumpist Intellectuals

Rob Quist’s Weekend with Bernie Sanders

Nevada’s Green Rush: From Vote to Pot Sales in Record Time

John Oliver Dashes Trump Impeachment Hopes: ‘The Likelihood Is That Trump Will Survive This’

‘The Leftovers’: Amy Brenneman on Her Shocking Episode and the Series Finale

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks President Trump: ‘He Is Back in the Stone Age’

First Ever Russian-Speaking Pride March in NYC

Woman In T-Rex Costume Charged With Scaring Horses

As America Talks of a Failed Trump Presidency, the World Watches in Fear

Over 100 Students Walk Out of Mike Pence’s Commencement Address

P.C. Trump Abandons ‘Radical Islamic Terror’

Deep Inside North Korea, In Search of a Lost Love

Stephen Colbert Opens Up About the President: ‘Donald Trump Is An Act of Cruelty’

Mexican Mob Nearly Lynches Russian ‘Nazi’ in Cancun

Warriors vs. Spurs Game 3: How to Watch Live Stream Online

2017 Billboard Music Awards: How to Watch Live

Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks Announce Presidential Run on SNL: ‘We Need More Poise and Less Noise’

SNL Bids Farewell to the Trump Administration

Photographers Capture African Culture in All Its Richness

Should Robots Have Rights?

Italy Is Giving Away Free Castles

Paul Theroux Picks ‘The Structures of Everyday Life’ as a Book He Can’t Live Without

In Saudi Arabia, President Trump Finally Gets Treated Like A King

The YouTubers Making Six Figures Off Your Toddlers

Was The Tea Party Born in This Dominatrix’s Indiana Fetish Dungeon?

‘Destiny 2’ Wants to Be the Last Game You Ever Play

Where In Your Body Is Your Soul?

Faith Evans on Dueting With Notorious B.I.G., 20 Years After His Death

Federica Bianco Is the World’s Most Badass Astrophysicist

Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game 3: How to Watch Live Stream Online

Stanley Greene’s Rock & Roll Journalism Recorded War and More

Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game 3: How to Watch Live Stream Online

The Tragedy of Losing a Son Too Soon

Prince George Told Off by Kate Middleton at Pippa's Wedding

Head to Toe in Designer Clothes, Pippa Middleton Weds Hedge Fund Manager

My Daughter the Porn Star

Bill Maher Clashes with Trump Surrogate Boris Epshteyn: ‘Whose Side Are You On?’

A Sex Slave Thriller That Will Shake You to the Core

Marc Summers Is Dying to Do a Liquor Television Show

Bill Maher Blames Hollywood for Ruining America and Giving Us President Trump

The Rabbi Who Captured a Town Alone

Sir Harold Evans’ New Book Is a Master Class in How to Write

Yuval Harari's New Book Feeds the Tech Czars' God Complex

This Is How a Cartoonist Falls in Love With Cartoons

Whatever Happened To Jeff Koons’ $25m NYC Steam Engine?

What Took So Long to Realize Trans Fats Are Killing Us?

Meet Taylor Swift’s Secret British Boyfriend

How Tracy Morgan Found the Humor in His Near-Death Car Accident

‘The Keepers’: Netflix’s Riveting New True Crime Saga Takes On the Catholic Church

My Father Was a Spy Who Helped Keep the Cold War From Heating Up

Donald Trump Knows Just How Bad the Russia Investigation Can Get

This Special Counsel Won’t Stop Trump

Kentucky’s Newest Bourbon Barons

Here’s What No One Tells You About Chronic Illness

Jean-Michel Basquiat joins the realm of great artists with one of the most expensive paintings.

WikiLeaks: Inside the Farage-Assange-Trump Connection

Trump Officials: ‘He Looks More and More Like a Complete Moron’

Why A Lot of Americans Don't Want To Befriend a Transgender Person

How Meghan Markle Stole Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Spotlight

Even Nicki Minaj Can’t Save Katy Perry’s Lame Taylor Swift Diss Track ‘Swish Swish’

War-Time Drinking: Life Behind Bars, Episode 4

Why We Should Feel No Pity for Anthony Weiner

Rosenstein to Congress: My Memo Didn’t Tell Trump To Fire Comey

Here Is Hillary Clinton Getting The Most Awkward Hug Ever From ‘Donald Trump’

Pence Looms as Chaos Reigns in Trumpland

Solange Builds a Cathedral of Vulnerability at the Guggenheim

James Corden Test-Drives the All-New Harry Styles on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Jimmy Fallon Finally Mans Up and Goes After Donald Trump

‘Veep’s’ Timothy Simons on Being the Most Insulted Man on TV

Adviser: Trump Blessed New Pence PAC

New Laws Force Drug Users Into Rehab Against Their Will

Police: Criminal Ring Stole Dozens of Florida Golf Carts

Titus Makes ‘Lemonade’: Inside ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s’ Epic Beyoncé Homage

How the ‘Trump Effect’ Is Endangering LGBT People Worldwide

Russia’s ‘Killer Satellites’ Re-Awaken

Trump Will Talk to Muslims (Provided They Don’t Live in America)

‘Arrested Development’s’ Trump Crystal Ball

Trump Flees D.C. ‘Witch Hunt’ for World Tour

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Outraged by Footage of Erdogan’s Security Attacking D.C. Protesters

Stocks Surged as Trading Floors Watched ‘Breaking’ InfoWars Video. It Was Two Weeks Old, and Wrong.

Stephen Colbert Reveals How Trump Predicted His Own Special Prosecutor

Democrats Left Wanting By Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s Visit to the Hill

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Empire, and Changed TV News Forever

What That Stunning Photograph of Chelsea Manning Really Shows

Todd Haynes Leaves Cannes ‘Wonderstruck’ With a Heartwarming Modern Classic

Toby Keith to Subject Saudi Arabia to an All-Male ‘Welcome Trump’ Concert

America’s Rich Literary Past Gets Its Own Museum

All the Times Merriam-Webster Has Trolled Donald Trump

Donald Trump Talked Michael Flynn Into White House Job—and Wants Him Back in the Administration

Chris Cornell and the Grunge Gods Gone Too Soon

This Photo of Chuck Schumer and Ben Sasse Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Dead at 77

Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game 2: How to Watch Live Stream Online

Chris Cornell, Dead at 52: The Rock Wail That Shook the Earth

Pippa Middleton’s Party Plans

‘Alien: Covenant’s’ Katherine Waterston Is Here to Kick Some Serious Xenomorph Ass

‘I’m Shocked’: Samantha Bee, Shaq, Jake Tapper and More Talk Life Under President Trump

Mexican Media Go Dark, Demand an End to the Slaughter of Journalists

Amber Rose Trolls Beyoncé: ‘I Am Becky With the Short Hair’

‘The Daily Show's’ Trevor Noah Drags Fox News for Its Comey Memo Coverage

The ‘Unbreakable’ Tituss Burgess and Ellie Kemper Return to Make America Smile Again

Baylor Athletes Used Gang-Rapes as ‘Bonding’ Experience: Lawsuit

How Feminist Is Emily Ratajkowski’s Body?

Donald Trump’s Paths All Lead Down

The Loyalists Who Can’t Give Up Trump

A Major Victory for Transgender Health Care Just Happened in Ohio

Children Stake Their Lives to Play The Game in Europe

Seth Meyers Brands President Trump ‘Corrupt’ Over Comey Memo Reveal

Cop Walks Free in Fatal Shooting of Terence Crutcher

Stephen Colbert Mocks President Trump’s Wacky Anti-Fitness Theory

The Lawman Who Could Take Down Trump

Drumbeat for Impeachment Finally Heard on the Hill

Justice Department Hands Trump-Russia Probe to Special Counsel

Alex ‘Never Giving Up’ Jones Gives Up

Texas Police Force That Shot and Killed Unarmed Black Teen Under Fire for Tasing Handcuffed Man

Jail Deaths Weren’t Enough to Keep Sheriff Clarke Out of Trump Administration

The Little Girls Orphaned by Ukraine’s War

The Male Romper Has Come to Claim Your Masculinity. Enjoy It.

U.S. Slaps New Sanctions on Iran

New Hampshire State Rep Who Created Reddit’s ‘Red Pill’ Resigns

I Saw Protesters Get Viciously, Efficiently Beaten by Men In Suits in Washington

Seth Meyers Discusses The Daily Beast's White House Scoop

Justice Department: We Are Ready to Find and Prosecute Leakers

‘Fox & Friends’: James Comey Might Be a Criminal

Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game 1: How to Watch Live Stream Online

Stephen Colbert Nails Trump on His ‘Classified’ Information Hypocrisy

Miss USA Kara McCullough Clarifies Controversial Stance on Feminism: ‘I’m All About Women’s Rights’

‘Don’t Look Back’: D.A. Pennebaker on How a Porn King Saved His Bob Dylan Rock-Doc Masterpiece

Think Trump’s Days Are Numbered? Ask the Women He Bragged About Groping.

Sally Yates Outclasses the President in CNN Interview

James Comey’s Notes Are Trump’s Smoking Gun

Dems’ 1st 2020 Cattle Call Derailed by Trump Train

Donald Trump Is a Clear and Present Danger

Our Slide Toward Soft Despotism Has Begun

Does This Popular Stomach Drug Damage Your Kidneys?

Canned Wine is the Drink of Summer 2017

Vigilante ‘Justice’ Targets Europe’s Migrants

A Triple Crown-Worthy Preakness Cocktail

These ‘BBC Correspondents’ Just Can’t Turn Off the BBC

Seth Meyers on Comey Memo: President Trump Is ‘Deeply Unfit for the Office’

Lisanne, Kris, Catherine—Will the Panama Cases Ever Be Solved?

‘The Daily Show’: Trevor Noah Blasts President Trump Over Comey Memo

‘American Gods’ Just Aired TV’s Most Explicit Gay Sex Scene Ever

Trump Officials on Comey Memo: ‘Don’t See How Trump Isn’t Completely F*cked’

The Big-Money PR War Over Seth Rich’s Death

Dems: We Need to Be More Than Just Anti-Trump to Win in 2018

There’s Been a Huge Increase in Campus Sex Assaults. Why?

McDonald’s Child Grief Commercial Should Be Shown, Not Pulled

Doctor Ran Lipo Surgery Out of a Pole Barn: Cops

Warriors vs. Spurs Game 2: How to Watch Live Stream Online

McMaster Does His Best Sean Spicer Impression

Is Lawrence O’Donnell Facing the Chop at MSNBC?

South Carolina Teen Dies from Drinking Too Much Caffeine

‘The Daily Show’: President Trump ‘Sad’ for Revealing Classified Intel to Impress Russian Officials

Fox News’ Tammy Bruce: Sorry I Called an Autistic Boy a ‘Snowflake’

Trump Revealed Intel on the Most Serious Plot Against U.S. Planes Since 9/11

President Trump Just Can’t Help Himself

Khizr Khan: ‘Bigoted’ Trump ‘Creates Room for Terrorists’

Bill Cosby Breaks His Silence, Claims ‘Racism’ Motivating His 58 Accusers

Did North Korea Just Get the Ability to Nuke Seattle?

The Lost Girls, the Bones, and the Man in the Panama Morgue

What Will Chelsea Manning Do With Her Freedom?

Limit(less): Moving Portraits of LGBTQ African Immigrants

Did North Korea Just Get the Ability to Nuke Seattle?

In the Kitchen With Scandal’s Darby Stanchfield

Did Cops Frame History Buff as a Neo-Nazi?

Why We’ll Always Be Obsessed With Lena Dunham’s Weight

Seth Meyers: President Trump’s Russia Scandal Is a ‘Pivotal Moment for Our Democracy’

Democrats Collide as Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam Face Off in Virginia

How Jimi Hendrix Set Black Artists Stone Free

Stephen Colbert Calls On President Trump to ‘Resign’ Following Russia Intel Reveal

Donald Trump Just Betrayed America’s Intelligence Community

New Clue in Ransomware Attack Points to Kim Jong Un

New Clue in Ransomware Attack Points to Kim Jong Un

White House Staff ‘Hiding’ as Russia Chaos Engulfs West Wing

The Republicans’ Trump Problem—And Ours

Hillary Clinton Unveils Her Next Venture, ‘Onward Together.’ Its Reception Is… Tepid.

Russia's NATO Neighbors: We're OK With Trump, Actually

Jeremy Corbyn Hails the Communist Joining His Election Campaign

The Civil War of 2017

Theresa May’s First Facebook Live Was A Total Disaster

Miss USA Embraced by Trump Supporters After Claiming Health Care Is a ‘Privilege’

Cop Overdoses After Touching Fentanyl, Police Chief Says He Could’ve Died

Was SNL’s Take on Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sexist?

Woman Allegedly Stole $15,000 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies

A Vatican Survival Guide for the Gingrichs

CBS This Morning’s Norah O’Donnell: How I Survived Skin Cancer

Kourtney Kardashian Poses Nude, Shows Ex Scott Disick What He’s Missing

James Hewitt, Princess Diana’s Former Lover Rumored to be Prince Harry’s Dad, Fights For His Life

John Oliver Calls on Congress to Rebuke Trump for Comey Firing: ‘It’s on You’

Inside the Plot to Kill a Religious Woman’s Husband So She Could Get a Divorce

This Man Helped Save a Thousand Escaped ISIS Slaves

Deep Inside the Panama ‘Paradise’ Murder Mysteries

The Tiny, Family-Owned Bank That Took the Fall for the 2008 Financial Crisis

A Laptop Ban on Flights Would Be Terrorists’ Biggest Win Since 9/11

‘Winning’ Is Trump’s Only Value—But Can a Value-Less Country Win?

A Drinker’s Guide to Amsterdam’s Old-School Bars

Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon Talk Tony Awards, Trump, and Broadway Billing

Gavin Grimm Is a Campaigning Trans Hero—and a Typical Teenager Too

D.C. Swamp’s Allure Sinks Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown

On Arkansas’ Death Row, Two Similar Cases—Two Different Results

Forget Fyre: Here Are This Summer’s Most Anticipated Music Festivals

Gregg Popovich is STILL Unimpressed with Donald Trump’s Presidency

Flash Mob Spells out ‘RESIST!’ at Trump National Golf Club

Reddit’s Anti-Trump Civil War

School Accidentally Hired Church of Scientology-Backed Group to Teach Drug Education

2017 NBA Western Conference Finals: How to Watch

What If a Robot Was Your Mom?

Teens Bring 4chan Politics to Boston

David McCullough on Reading History as Resistance

SNL’s Weekend Update Torches Trump Over Comey Firing

The Regulations That Do Work

The Seminary and the Wanted Relics

The Twitter Bots Who Tried to Steal France

Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Makes Out with Alec Baldwin’s President Trump on SNL

Murderous Vacations: Serial Killers Stalking the Panama Highlands

How ‘Oslo’ Became a Tony Awards Favorite: J.T. Rogers on Middle East Peace and Broadway Success

When Will the GOP Finally Wake Up to President Trump?

The Vatican Is Looking for God in the Stars

Devil in the City of Light

The Creator of Mother’s Day Spent Her Life Fighting It

For Mother's Day, All I Want Is a Useful Husband

The Best Brick In The Wall: Inside London’s Paradise For Pink Floyd Fans

45 Years After Watergate, H.R. Haldeman’s Wife Finally Speaks

Taking a Trumpspringa: My Break From 24-7 Trump News

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Reveals the Real Reason He Fired FBI Director Comey

Will Firing Comey Cost Trump?

How the Daring Marshall Plan Revived and United Post-WWII Europe

President Donald Trump at Liberty University: Critics Are ‘Pathetic’

Miss USA Pageant 2017: How to Watch

Watergate Burglar Howard Hunt Was William Buckley’s Deep Throat

Where Terrorism and the Ivory Trade Collide

Bill Maher Blames Bill Clinton for Comey Drama: ‘Let’s Put the Blame Where It Belongs’

Did a Serial Killer Stalk the Lost Girls of Panama?

How Not to Write a Book

A Fantastic Flying Car That’s No Fantasy

How ‘Twin Peaks’ Changed TV Forever, from ‘The X-Files’ to ‘Breaking Bad’

How Robert Rauschenberg Made Art out of Destroying Art

My Favorite Mother’s Day Feast

Beast Fiction: No One Can Pronounce My Name

How the Blockbuster Art Show Got Small to Get Cool

Did Anti-Vaxxers Spark a Measles Outbreak in an Immigrant Community?

Pippa Middleton Is Planning a Royally Grand Wedding

Why So Much Financial Advice Is Useless

The Week that Could Make—Or Break—America

Hackers Cripple Hospitals With Stolen NSA Malware

Feds Kept Cooperating Terrorist in Solitary Confinement for Years

White House Staff React in Real-Time as Trump Tweets: ‘Jesus’

‘With Few Exceptions’ Goes Viral After President Trump’s Lawyer Claims Taxes Don’t Link to Russia

How ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Lost Its Head and Betrayed Its Last Fans

Did Donald Trump’s Dinner With FBI Boss James Comey Break the Law?

Mika Brzezinski Berates CNN Over Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Lies’

GOP Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood Could Be Derailed in Senate

Roger Stone: I’d ‘Welcome’ A Special Prosecutor On Trump & Russia

The French Walking Ted Talk and Fake Campaign Emails

The Newlyweds Kept Apart by Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

Rosie O’Donnell’s Alleged Affair Sparks Custody Battle

Making a Drama Out of the Trump Team’s Confirmation Hearings in ‘All the President’s Men?’

‘Hounds of Love’ Is One of the Most Disturbing Movies of the Year

Donald Trump Doesn’t Need to Be a Russian Agent to Be Dangerous

White Supremacists Thought They Found Richard Spencer's Puncher. Turns Out He Was Dead.

Louisiana Can’t Afford to Pay for Public Defenders, So Inmates Are Pleading Guilty

FBI Agents Worry White House Will Kneecap Russia Probe

‘Loyalty Freak’ Donald Trump Freaks Out FBI With Alleged Loyalty Pledge

If U2 Wants to Fight Trump, It Can Do Way Better Than Recycling ‘The Joshua Tree’

The Inside Skinny on How America Got (Roger) Stoned

America’s Princeling: Why Chinese Elites Love Jared Kushner

Senator Richard Burr: The Last Man Who Could Stand Up to Donald Trump

School Banned Gay Prom Dates: Lawsuit

U.S. Arms Kurds Who Are ISIS Enemies, Turkey Enemies, Assad Friends

Legal Weed’s No. 1 Enemy

Why Is Old Man Le Pen So Mean to Marine?

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah on Russia’s Oval Office Troll: ‘Russia Is Owning Donald Trump So Hard’

Seth Meyers Rips Trump’s Comey Confession: ‘Everything the White House Has Been Saying… Is a Lie’

Stephen Colbert Declares Victory Over President Trump: ‘I Won’

Lester Holt: 1, President Trump: 0 in Businesslike Grilling on Russia & Comey

Did Racist Rant Smoke NJ’s Vape Van?

Hey CW, Please Do Not Screw Up ‘Dynasty’—And Find Your Alexis ASAP

Did Damien Hirst Steal Nigerian Culture To Make His Art?

Johnny Depp’s ‘Train Wreck’ Behavior on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: Lateness, Drinking, ‘Physical’ Fights With Amber Heard

Trump Official: We ‘Let the Biggest Perpetrator of Fake News into the Oval Office’

FBI Boss Swears: Russia Probe Will Go On

Trump Admits He Used Rosenstein as a Human Shield

The Texas Law That Could Disqualify Trans Athletes From Competing

Man Unleashes Anti-Muslim Tirade On Family, Saying ‘You’re A F**king Muslim’

Maybe Comey Had Just Hurt Poor Donnie’s Feelings

Deepak Chopra: Climbing Down from Trump Rage—Why We Must

Kelly Ripa Reportedly Worried That Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Idol’ Gig Could ‘Dilute’ Their ‘Live’ Show

Tom MacArthur Takes a Five-Hour Town-Hall Beating

How Trump’s Bodyguard Keith Schiller KO’d James Comey

It’s Up to These Five to Stop Trump—and Save America

Larry Wilmore Can’t Wait to Be Back: Not Having an Outlet Has Been ‘Killing Me’

Does Japan Ever Convict Men for Rape?

What’s Cooking With The Chew’s Daphne Oz

The Rule of Law Keeps Beating Back the Rule of Trump

Why Did Bethune-Cookman Invite Betsy DeVos in the First Place?

Samantha Bee Tears Into Trump’s ‘Clusterf*ck of Ineptitude’ on James Comey

TV’s Most Feminist Show: Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn & Jill Soloway on ‘I Love Dick’

Seth Meyers Exposes the ‘Preposterous Lie’ at Center of James Comey Firing

Stephen Colbert Hammers Donald Trump for Firing Comey: ‘Echoes of Watergate’

Bow Wow Caught Lying About Private Jet, Inspires #BowWowChallenge for Social Media Fakery

White House Lawyers Warned Trump: Stay Away From Michael Flynn

New York’s Most Famous Vegan Is Going to Jail

Airport Officers Allegedly Hazed Newer Agents With ‘Rape Table’

A Better Looking Beast

U.S. to Ban Laptops in All Cabins of Flights From Europe, Officials Say

Trump’s Tax ‘Plan’ Is a ‘Cure’ in Search of a Disease

Fox News Is Just Fine With President Trump Firing James Comey

Betsy DeVos Delivered A Graduation Speech — And Got Roundly Booed

Leading Republicans Don’t Buy Trump’s Excuse for Firing Comey

‘Spicer Bushes’ Is A Top Twitter Search

Review: Amy Schumer’s ‘Snatched’ Is No Trainwreck

David Beckham’s Acting Debut: Stick To The Day Job, Becks

Now Brattish Conrad Hilton Refuses to Leave Jail Cell

Trumpistan Turns on James Comey

Bikers Sue Cops for $1 Billion Over ‘Witch Hunt’

Comey Got ‘Uncomfortably Close’ to Exposing Trump

Will Election of S. Korea Leftist Derail Trump’s N. Korea Policy?

New FBI Boss Could Be More Controversial Than Comey

‘Smell of Watergate’ Hits Trump’s White House

C’mon, Folks, Give Flight Attendants (Half) a Break!

Prospective Terrorism Jurors Said Muslims ‘Look Innocent but They’re Not’

Suit: Cop’s Boss Called Him ‘Kunta’ After Genetic Test Showed He Has Black Ancestors

Come From Away’s Journey From 9/11 to the Tony Awards

Dave Brat Faces Down Virginia Town-Hall Fury

Meet Emmanuel Macron’s Man on Terrorism, Professor Gilles Kepel

Richard Simmons Vs. The National Enquirer

Drinks With AIR’s Jean-Benoît Dunckel

A Pakistani General Steps Into the Middle of the Iran-Saudi Firestorm

Jon Stewart Defends Stephen Colbert’s ‘Potty Mouth’ During Epic ‘Daily Show’ Reunion

Harry Styles Is Ready to Take Over the World

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Calls Out Trump for Comey Firing: ‘This Is Insane’

Anderson Cooper Grills Kellyanne Conway on Comey Firing: ‘That Makes No Sense’

The Nixon Library Wants You To Know Nixon Never Fired FBI Director And This is Not Nixonian

No Love for Paul Ryan in Harlem School

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Goes Off on Trump for Firing Comey: ‘What Kind of Country Is This?’

President Donald Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey And Twitter Loses Its Sh*t

President Donald Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey, and Even White House Aides Are Stunned

Fox News White House Reporter Mass-Deletes Tweets, Including Alt-Right Conspiracy Theories

#ExcuseMeMrSpeaker Erupts on Twitter Moments Before Paul Ryan Visits Harlem Charter School

Condoleezza Rice on ‘The View’: I Feel Bad for Trump

Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles Shuts Down 'Dancing With the Stars' Judges

‘Real Housewives’ Star Phaedra Parks Reportedly Fired Over Rape, Drugging Rumors

GOP Lawmaker Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked Question He Doesn’t Like

Rick and Kathy Hilton to Force Son Conrad Hilton to Get Medical Help

Diddy Slams Chef Who Claims She Had to Serve Him While He Was Naked and Having Sex

‘The Daily Show’s’ Michelle Wolf Destroys GOP Senate’s All-Male Health Care Panel

Jimmy Kimmel Rips His ‘Sick and Sad’ Haters: Sorry I Said Children Deserve Health Care

Trumpcare’s Cuts Would Hit White Male Addicts Harder

Putin Lost France, but He’s Still Got a Chance in Germany

Why Trumpcare Puts Trans Health on Life Support

Say It, Democrats: This Health Care Bill Will Kill People

Spies—Not Talks—Brought Peace to Northern Ireland

Locked Up for the Crime of ‘Disturbing School’

Kushner Visa Stunt Puts Trump in Immigration Hawks’ Crosshairs

A VIP Tour of McSorley’s Old Ale House

‘Better Call Saul’s’ Michael McKean on Chuck’s Devastating Downfall

Pawn Shop Helped Catch Phoenix’s Alleged Serial Shooter

This Is President Trump’s New Twitter Header. It Is Very, Very Trump-y.

Sally Yates Is the Early Hero of the Trump Era

Trump Rains on Russia’s Victory Day Parade

Sally Yates: I Tried to Warn You About Michael Flynn

Trump-Loving Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. Is Running for Congress

Sally Yates Testified Today. This Is Her Getting Mansplained In One GIF.

Red Pill Boss: All Feminists Want to Be Raped

ICE Boss to Take Private Prison Gig

Anti-Rupert Murdoch Blitz Hits London

Muslim Ban Deleted From Trump Website

Paul Ryan Took a Photo With a Guy Wearing a ‘Repeal and Go F*ck Yourself’ Shirt—Seriously

Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia

These Reviews Of Ivanka Trump’s New Book Are SAVAGE

French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron’s Wife Is The Anti-Melania Trump

Trump Fills 10 More Judicial Seats Mitch McConnell Stole From Obama

Accused NYC Bomber’s Defense Wants Lighter Sentence Because He Was Shot

New Banksy Brexit Mural Appears

Laura Poitras Does Not Want to Talk About WikiLeaks and Russia

John Oliver Unloads on GOP’s Health Care Bill: ‘You F*cked Up’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Share Their First Public Kiss

Are Cyber Crooks Funding North Korea’s Nukes?

This ICE Informant Is About to Get Deported

Tolerance and Diversity of Views on the Left? Not Anymore

A Hidden Hand in the Trump-Russia Drama Owns a Ramen Shop. No, Seriously.

‘Hey, I’m President!’—Donald Trump’s All-Madness, No-Method Administration

With Health Care Vote, Donald Trump Gets ‘The Party of No’ to Say ‘Yes’

Aboard the Battleship Leading the War on ISIS

The State Making Money Off Its Poorest Drivers

The Best Kept Secret to Rum Cocktails

‘American Gods’ Delivers a Powerful Black Lives Matter Message

‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Gets Very Trumpian: Travel Bans, Fake News, and More

MTV Trolls Trump’s America With the Wokest Award Show Ever

Texas Bill Could Let Agencies Bar LGBT, Atheist, Single Parents From Adopting

What Happens to Jimmy Kimmel's Kid Without Obamacare?

Emmanuel Macron Beats Marine Le Pen and Twitter Totally Rips President Trump

San Diego Police Shoot, Kill, 15-Year-Old Boy

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Why ‘Barely Legal’ Porn Is So Dangerous

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Being a Cumberbitch Is Good for You

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Fox News Nightmare May Derail Murdochs’ UK Sky Deal

Kendall Jenner’s No Good, Very Tone-Deaf Month: Pepsi Police, Dumpster Fyres, and an ‘Indian Affair’ With Vogue

Kentucky Derby 2017: Here’s How to Watch the Races

Inside Frieze New York: How The Super-Rich Shop For Art

Trump and Bannon ‘Personally Intervened’ to Save Seb Gorka

With #IAmAPreExistingCondition, Americans Put Faces to 24 Million Who May Lose Health Coverage

Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia, the First Combat Death Since ‘Black Hawk Down’

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Ellen DeGeneres: President Trump Not Welcome on My Show

What Makes ‘Sense8’ The Best LGBT TV Show

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Happy Anniversary to Donald Trump’s Disastrously Offensive #CincodeMayo Taco Bowl Tweet

The Three Senators (and Two Races) That Will Decide the Fate of Obamacare

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Star Karen Gillan on Her Directorial Debut and Nebula’s Return to the Light

Despite Rick Ross’ Best Efforts, Drake and Meek Mill Still Hate Each Other

‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins on His Game-Changing ‘Dear White People’ Episode

Chelsea Bombing Suspect: FBI Agent Tricked Me

Instagram Star Ordered to Unlock iPhone in Snapchat Sextortation Case

Kids in Crosshairs as House Votes to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Between the White House Right and the Campus Left, Can the First Amendment Survive 2017?

Zeke Smith Was Outed as Trans. Now He’s Out of ‘Survivor’

Texas Law Turns Police Chiefs Into Criminals

Pop-Up L.A. Chef Sees Green in Weed Cuisine

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‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump Voters Should Be ‘Pissed’ About Trumpcare

The Landmine-Filled Future of Talk Shows: Does Anyone Know What They’re Doing?

‘The President Show’s’ Trump Rubs Health Care Win in America’s ‘Sick’ Face

Democrats Use Trumpcare Vote as 2018 Call to Arms

Seth Meyers Rails Against Paul Ryan for Trumpcare Hypocrisy: ‘There Will Be Consequences’

Stephen Colbert Slams Health Care Bill: ‘The GOP Just Kicked America in the Balls’

Trump’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order May Have More to Do With Fundraising Than Freedom

Trump Joins Saudi Arabia, Arab Leaders for Potential Anti-Iran Alliance

Fox Business Asks FCC if It Can ‘Police Offensive Comment’ From Stephen Colbert

How Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Kept Their Relationship Secret for So Long

Five Things That Could Doom Trumpcare in the Senate

Midwestern Mixology: Life Behind Bars, Episode 3

Trumpcare Passes the House and Twitter Marks This As Day GOP Will Regret Forever

GOP Votes to Cut Care for Millions—and Cheers

MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren Rips Apart GOP’s ‘Premature’ Trumpcare ‘Celebration’

No, Two Democrats Did Not Just Vote for the Obamacare Repeal

Obamacare Saved a Girl With Cancer. Trumpcare Could Ruin Her.

GOP to Sick People: Drop Dead

Trump’s Religious Liberty Executive Order Is a Triumph of Fake News

A School Was Evacuated After A Kid Dressed Up As Star Wars’ Darth Vader

Macron Vanquishes Le Pen—‘The High Priestess of Fear’—in Presidential Debate

Outspoken and Outrageous, Prince Philip Retires From Public Life

Emergency Buckingham Palace Meeting Sounds Alarm Bells

Stephen Colbert Refuses to Apologize to Trump: ‘I Believe He Can Take Care of Himself’

After Fox News Purge, Will Rupert Murdoch Slip Away Again?

Russia’s Favorite U.S. Punching Bag ‘Journalist’

If Trump Loosened Up Libel Laws, He Would Get Sued Into Oblivion

‘Anyone Who Thinks It’s Easy to Get to the States as a Refugee Has No Idea’

Web’s Worst Job? Facebook Hires 3,000 to Watch for Murders So You Don’t See Them

Ben Carson’s Vacuousness Is on Full Display in a Disturbing New Documentary

Venezuela’s Dystopian Nightmare

Steve Bannon, Pat Buchanan, and the Nuts’ 20 Percent

Going Beyond the Cinco de Mayo Margarita

When Sherlock Holmes Met Silicon Valley

Seth Meyers Goes Off on Trumpcare

GOP Preps Zombie Trumpcare to Die a Gory Death in the Senate

Flint Charges Residents for Toxic Water

NYC Promises: ‘We’ll Drown Out Trump’

Brad Pitt Is Very Sad, but Very Well-Dressed

Brad Pitt Perfects Hollywood’s Hot New Trend: Being a Sad Dad

Comey Tries to Warn About Russia, Senators Ask About Hillary’s Emails Instead

Feds Clear Cops for Killing Alton Sterling but Don’t Know if He Reached for Gun

LGBT Groups to Trump: Sign the Anti-LGBT EO, and We’ll See You on Court

This Beer Company Tried To Use LeBron James To Market Their Beer. He Was Not Having It.

Mississippi Funeral Home Allegedly Refuses to Cremate Gay Man’s Husband’s Body

No, Trumpsters, One Colbert Joke Is Not an O’Reilly Equivalent

As Abbas Meets Trump, Hamas Does a Flip, But Don’t Expect Peace in Our Time

What Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue About His Son Didn’t Mention

Spike Lee Sounds Off on Donald Trump: ‘He’s Given New York a Bad Look to the World’

Lena Dunham Left Met Ball for Emergency Room

William and Kate Seek $1.6M Damages for Topless Photos

Cate Blanchett on the ‘Disappointing Failure of the Political Process’

Rachel Maddow Tells Seth Meyers She’s ‘Comforted’ by Trump’s ‘Incompetence’

Boy Scouts Files Show Why Child Molesters Weren’t Stopped

This Private Prison Company Is Getting Rich Off Donald Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

LGBT Prom Revolution in Texas

Is Madeleine McCann Still Alive 10 Years Later?

How ISIS Maximizes the Terror From Its Killer Drones

Once Again, the Republicans Are the Biggest Spenders of All

Next Up on Trump’s Dictator Dance Card: Thai Gen. Prayuth

Tucker Carlson Has Become the Right’s Jon Stewart—but That’s Not a Compliment

Where the Earth’s Forests Are Deadly Silent

Gotham’s Right-to-Shelter Promise—and Its Homeless Problem

Andrew Zimmern’s Rules for Home Cooking & Traveling

Trumpcare Is Medical Apartheid

Lady Gaga Interrogates WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange in the Most Surreal Movie Moment of the Year

Stephen Colbert Knows the Real Reason Hillary Clinton Lost

DeMint Loyalists Purged in Heritage Foundation ‘Bloodletting’

Judge Rips ‘Disingenuous’ Rudy Giuliani in Iran Sanctions Case

Fox News Covers Kimmel’s Tear-Filled Monologue Without Once Mentioning Obamacare

Bret Stephens Promises More Controversial New York Times Columns

Carter Page: I Never Even Briefed Donald Trump

Video: Passenger Attacks Another on Flight From Japan to Los Angeles

Who Got a Tony Nomination—and Who Was Snubbed?

J.K. Rowling: Sorry I Killed Snape

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’: Chris Pratt’s Lovable Gang of Outcasts Are Still Marvel’s Best

Inside Carrie Fisher’s Heartbreaking Last Performance

Diddy Chills on Met Ball Steps

Kylie Jenner’s Epic Met Ball Bathroom Selfie Breaks All Anna Wintour’s Rules in Style

What Lies Beneath Trump’s Fixation With Strongmen Like Duterte

Jimmy Kimmel Delivers Tear-Filled Plea for Obamacare After Infant Son Nearly Dies

She Wanted Out of the Relationship, He Put Her Torso in a Suitcase

Near Miss: Lessons From the ISIS Plot to Blow Up the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria

Trump ‘Honored’ to Meet World’s Worst Despot, Kim Jong Un?

New Civil-Rights Boss Fought Gay Marriage

Nothing Will Stop These Immigrants From Coming to the U.S.

From Police Officer to Rum Distiller

The Deadly Limits of Trump’s Dictator Diplomacy

If GOP Passes Trumpcare, It’s Dead

Susan Sarandon Compares ‘Not Well-Informed’ Debra Messing to Donald Trump

‘The Daily Show’s’ Hasan Minhaj Takes WHCD Victory Lap: ‘You’re Welcome, America’

Here’s How to Avoid a War With China

How to Rock the Met Gala Red Carpet

How Many More Executive Heads Will Roll at Fox News?

Will Donald Trump Really Replace Andrew Jackson With Harriet Tubman on the $20?

Seth Meyers Savages Donald Trump’s Civil War Ignorance: Clearly ‘In Over His Head’

Stephen Colbert Demolishes Trump for Insulting ‘Face the Nation’ Host John Dickerson

Inside Rei Kawakubo’s Fashion Wonderland at the Met Museum

Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte and a Tale of Two Drug Wars

Dallas Teen Killed by Cop Was Driving Away, Police Now Admit

San Diego Shooter Told Ex-Girlfriend He’d Die in ‘Blaze of Glory’

Sean Hannity Eyes Fox News Exit, Insiders Say

Why Donald Trump Is Probably Praying for a Writer’s Strike

Trump Campaign Pulls Legally Suspect Ad With McMaster in Uniform

May Day Protests, Riots, and Ceremonies

Fyre Festival Lawsuit Wants $100 Million, Claiming It Was ‘Hunger Games’ Meets FEMA

Ann Coulter Barely Defends Trump on ‘The View’: He ‘Doesn’t Lie, He’s a B.S.-er’

Princess Charlotte Turns Two and She Is Precious

Netflix Just Dropped a New ‘House of Cards’ Trailer and OMG

Donald Trump’s Andrew Jackson-Civil War Answer Is All Steve Bannon

Report: Prince’s Family Members Planning a Reality Show About Life After His Death

Our New ‘American Gods’: A Celebration of Immigrants in the Face of Trumpism

Donald Trump Has a New Favorite Dictator: Rodrigo Duterte

Was a Fake Syrian Refugee a Real Right-Wing Terrorist?

Who Will Scoop Tony Award Nominations?

When the Tent Gets Too Big: A Democratic (and Republican) Reckoning

The Air Force Plans to Fly 100-Year-Old Planes

How Corporate Citizens Can Stop Fake News and Hate News—and Help Save Quality Journalism in the Process

Donald Trump’s Big ‘Tax Reform’ Plan—the Rich Get Richer, You Get Screwed

Pals Donald Trump and Xi Jinping Still Split on North Korea

The Know-Nothing Campus ‘Protest’ Movement

Chelsea Handler Is Thriving Under President Trump: ‘This Is Too Important to Not Say Anything’

Biker Boss Locked Up for Plotting to Kill a Snitch Used to Be One Himself

Inside Nick Cave’s Whimsical Sculpture Installations

Fact-Checking Trump On ‘Face the Nation’

Ed Murrow and Marlene Dietrich's Secret Affair

How Donald Trump Got America Playing Offense Again

Reince Priebus: We’ve ‘Looked at’ Changing Libel Laws

Elisabeth Moss on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: ‘If Women Get Together and Form a Resistance, You Can’t Stop Them’

Booze-Soaked Shoots, Hot Gay Sex, and Elizabeth Taylor’s Poop Problems: Behind the Scenes of Dominick Dunne’s Infamous Last Film

The Laws Cities Use To Make Homelessness a Crime

The Arrogance of Blue America

Woodward & Bernstein: We're Not Fake News

When Doctors Can’t Afford to Feel

The One Graduation Speech Millennials Need To Hear

The Invisibility of Being Size 8 to 12

What Made Twin Peaks’ Denise Such a Radical Trans Character on TV

This Could Save Your Baby’s Life

Donald Trump’s Spell Hasn’t Worn Off—And It Might Never

Hasan Minhaj Roasts President Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

‘Donald Donates’ Let’s You Donate to Causes Trump Hates Every Time He Tweets

Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush Crashes Samantha Bee’s Not the WHCD: ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’

Were Humans Really in America 100,000 Years Before We Thought?

Samantha Bee Owns the Media at Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Best Signs from the People's Climate March

Samantha Bee Rips ‘Thin-Skinned’ Trump for Skipping White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Career Civil Rights Division DOJ Employees Being ‘Encouraged’ to Leave

Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick Roasts Jimmy Fallon’s Trump: ‘Complete Embarrassment’ or ‘Total Failure’?

Porn Industry Irate Over Netflix and Rashida Jones’s Sex Series ‘Hot Girls Wanted’

The L.A. Riots’ Fires Burn on in Hip-Hop

Bill Maher Criticizes Obama for His $400,000 Wall Street Speech

Bill Maher Grills Elizabeth Warren: ‘They Don’t Like You, Pocahontas’

Trump’s Only Playing the Madman With North Korea

How the KGB Duped Oliver Stone

The Hero of the People’s Climate March: Wal-Mart?

The Narco Trafficker Next Door

Dorit Rabinyan’s ‘All the Rivers’: The Story Banned by Israeli Schools

How An LA Traffic Jam Introduced Me To My Syrian Neighbors

After Canceling The Order of the Garter is the Queen Feeling Her Age?

When Keith Haring Graffitied The Berlin Wall

Is Monogamy The New Sexual Revolution For Millennials?

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Could Happen to Us

Alex Jones Rages About Yogurt and ‘Spider Goats’ In Press Conference

The Tarnish That Could Finish Bill Shine, ‘The Butler’ Of Fox News

Jimmy John’s Employee Remains Chill During Terrifying Robbery

White House Weighs Kicking Out Sebastian Gorka

There Ain’t No Party Like a D.C. Swamp Party, ‘Cause a D.C. Swamp Party Don’t Stop

Inside Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival Disaster: How the Luxury Music Fest Became ‘Lord of the Flies’

NSA Halts Controversial Surveillance Tactic of Collecting American Emails About Foreign Targets

What We’ve Learned 100 Days In: The Trust Deficit Is the Core Problem

Alt-Right Gays to Log Cabin Republicans: You're No Conservatives

Truther Podcast: Boris in the Bunker and the Pee Tape

Scott Baio’s Wife Renee Defends His Penis

White House Death Match: Plutocrats vs. Racists

The Story Behind Ellen’s Coming Out: ‘The Puppy Episode’ Turns 20

The Naked Protestor Exposing Venezuela’s Dictator

Legal Weed’s No. 1 Warrior Puts Down His Pipe

Felon Couldn’t Vote for His Wife, So He’s Pushing to Change the Law

Trumka’s Warning to Democrats: Say What You Mean—and Mean What You Say

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu Isn’t Stuck in 1865

Here’s How the ‘Bernie Bros’ of France Could Elect Le Pen

‘Dear White People’ Creator Justin Simien to Racist Trolls: You’re in for a Surprise

The President Is Afraid of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Muslim Comic Emcee

For NRA, President Trump Is a Blessing and a Curse

This Is Trump’s Oddest Self-Inflicted Wound

We Never Trumpers Tried to Warn You

Jessica Seinfeld’s Rules for Home Cooking

Stephen Colbert Takes on the Terrifying Return of ‘Zombie Trumpcare’

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Let Ann Coulter Speak at Berkeley

The Saga of Elián Gonzalez: A Lost Boy Who Was Finally Found

InfoWars’ Alex Jones Loses Custody Case, Ex-Wife Wins Right to Decide Where Children Live

Did Moscow Green-Light an Israeli Attack in Syria?

Laurie Metcalf Leads a Masterful Broadway Sequel in ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’

The Freedom Caucus Is Taking Over Trumpcare

Samantha Bee’s “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner”: How to Watch

2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner: How To Watch

With Eye on Winning Back House in 2018, New Dem Group Talks Impeachment

How to Watch President Donald Trump’s ‘Big’ Rally

Inside Russia’s Fake News Playbook

Alex Jones Turns on Ivanka Trump and Her ‘Democrat’ Husband Jared Kushner Over Syrian Refugees

Watters Isn't Getting Fired Over Ivanka

Shepard Fairey and Ai Weiwei On Using Art To Fight President Trump

Kim Kardashian: Paris Robbery Was ‘Meant to Happen to Me’

Heineken Just Owned Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Ad

Michael Flynn Hid $33,000 Russian Payday From Feds, Officials Say

Chelsea Handler Begs Trump to Spend More Time Golfing, Less Time President-ing

Convicted of Murdering People He Never Saw, in an FBI Weed Sting Gone Wrong

Inside Kylie Jenner’s Latest Photoshop Controversy

America’s Creepy Obsession with JonBenét Ramsey’s Murder

How Meghan Markle Helped Prince Harry Open Up

Boy to Court: Don’t Deport My Dad

Microdosing Weed: How to Find the Right Serving Size of Edible Cannabis

How Trump Let the Swamp Drain Him

Trump’s Office for Immigrant Crime Could Help Undocumented Immigrants

Why Trump Wants to Shrink National Monuments

Russia Gave to Citgo, Then Citgo Gave to Trump

Why People Are Smuggling Illicit, Delicious Butter Into Wisconsin

When We Almost Went to War With North Korea

Stephen Colbert: Trump Acting Like ‘8-Year-Old’ in Oval Office

Seth Meyers: 100 Days in, Trump Has ‘Completely Backtracked’ on Everything

Why ‘Bandstand’ Is a Broadway Show Lost in Time

Inside Fox News’ Explosive Racism Lawsuit

Team Trump’s Plan to Squeeze North Korea

What Killed Whitney Houston? A New Documentary Searches for Answers

Man Allegedly Kidnaps Neighbor, Traps Her in 40-Inch Pit Under Shed

Was Aaron Hernandez Bisexual? Who Cares

George Soros Took Control of 183 Groups and 12 People So Far This Year, According to Alex Jones and InfoWars

Your ‘Girls’ Withdrawal Cure: ‘Tokyo Project’ Reunites Star Players From the Series

Trump Could Cash In On His Own Tax Plan

How Hollywood Betrayed Jonathan Demme’s ‘Philadelphia’ LGBT Legacy

A Look Back At Jonathan Demme’s Greatest Films, From ‘Philadelphia’ to ‘The Silence of the Lambs’

As U.S. and Uganda Troops go Home, Kony May Make a Murderous Comeback

Pope Francis Gives a TED Talk—and a Warning

President Trump’s Tantrums Sink Him in Court Again

How Melania Became Way Cooler Than Ivanka

Erin Moran’s Brother Launches Withering Attack On ‘Tiny’ ‘Coward’ Scott Baio

Game Over, Man: ‘Aliens’ Cast Remembers the ‘Irreplaceable’ Bill Paxton on Alien Day

Caitlyn Jenner: I’ve Got No ‘Loyalty’ To Trump, and I May Run For Office

President Jeff Sessions’s First 100 Days

Trump Impersonator Anthony Atamanuik: I Don’t Know Why Alec Baldwin Hates Me

This Sub Could Attack North Korea

Stephen Colbert Mocks Ivanka Trump’s ‘Born Rich’ Success Story

In New Orleans, Monument to White Terrorism Finally Falls

The Horror of Russian Teens’ Social Media Suicide Games

The Red-Pill Right Swaps Chivalry for Misogyny

American Craft Beer Is Finally Getting Europe’s Respect

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Author Margaret Atwood Warns That Under Trump ‘This Might Actually Happen’

Mark Cuban: Trump’s an ‘Idiot,’ but I’m Not a Liberal

Ayesha Curry Is Not Here for Your Kim Kardashian Comparisons

Allison Janney’s Triumph In ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ On Broadway

Fighting Back Against Putin’s Hackers

Ivanka Trump’s Global Debut in Berlin Falls Flat

‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Is Not the Nice Guy ABC Sold Us

Ivanka Trump’s Feminist Failure Was Sharply Evident in Berlin

Nordstrom’s ‘Muddy’ Jeans Will Not Lead To The End of Humanity, But It May Be Close

SheaMoisture Tried It With This New Cringeworthy Ad

2017 NFL Draft: Everything You Need To Know And How To Watch

Above-the-Fray TED Talks Confront Trumpian Fray

Feds: NYPD Cops Gave Gun Permits to Crooks for Prostitutes, Pizza, Cash

How Donald Trump Could Ensure the Latest Yuge Accounting Scandal Is the Last One

The Feminist Fashion of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Bipartisan Leaders Suggest Michael Flynn Broke the Law by Hiding Foreign Payments

Bipartisan Leaders Suggest Michael Flynn Broke the Law by Hiding Foreign Payments

Beyoncé Launches ‘Formation’ Scholarship for Female Students, Continues World Domination

The Daily Beast Featured in Whitney Biennial Book

Scott Baio Defends His Erin Moran Drug Comments, Saying It Was Only an ‘If’

Elton John Survives ‘Potentially Deadly’ Bacterial Infection

The Donald Trump Horror Film Terrifying the Tribeca Film Festival

The Republican Lawmaker Who Secretly Created Reddit’s Women-Hating ‘Red Pill’

Ron Howard’s ‘Genius’ Take on Albert Einstein: Sex, Nazis, and Donald Trump

Student: Notre Dame Expelled Me Because I’m Male

Congressman Bought Pharma Stock, Pushed Bill That Could Help It, and Bought More

Feds: Sexy Cyber Scammer Stole a Million From Americans

How Author Boris Akunin Became Putin’s Nemesis

Biggest Murder Spikes Not in Sanctuary Cities

Finally, FGM Is on Trial in America

Seth Meyers Returns to Confront Trump’s Looming Government Shutdown

Stephen Colbert Slams Trump for Comparing His TV Ratings to 9/11

Study: Trans and Cisgender Kids Aren’t That Different

Alex Jones’s Next Court Date Is Against Big Yogurt

Pentagon Caught Off Guard by Team Trump’s Tough Talk on North Korea

Video: Seb Gorka Said ‘Fake News’ Impacts Lives in Heated Exchange

Bill O’Reilly: ‘I’m Very Confident the Truth Will Come Out’

Review: ‘Anastasia’ Lives Again on Broadway

Senate Democrats Have ‘Serious Concerns’ About Trump-Russia Probe

Team Bannon Pushed for a Shutdown ‘Standoff’

Feds: Man Ran Sex Ring From Jail—With His Wife and Mom

UC Berkeley Faces Lawsuit Over Canceled Ann Coulter Speech

State Department Pimping Out Mar-A-Lago As ‘Winter White House’

Ex-Host Claims Fox News Hacked Her, Used Info to ‘Emotionally Torture’ Her Online

Amid Hacking Threat, Macron Campaign Blacklists Putin’s TV Network

Trump Supporting Ex-Judge Arrested for Child Sex Crime

The Far From On-Fire Return of No-Drama Obama

President Obama Just Returned to the Spotlight and the Internet Had Some Feelings About That

Christian Bale on Donald Trump’s ‘Dictatorship for Dummies’

How Other Former Child Stars Tried to Help Erin Moran

Amber Heard and Elon Musk Launch Their Relationship on Instagram

Russia’s Alt-Right Rasputin Says He’s Steve Bannon’s Ideological Soul Mate

Good Lawyers Are Killing the Death Penalty

Bill O’Reilly’s Latest Project: Killing O’Reilly

James Comey’s Fear of Everyone—Except Democrats—Helped Donald Trump Upset Hillary Clinton

Rudy Giuliani Called Iran ‘Insane.’ Now He’s Trying to Free an Alleged Sanctions Crook

The Day Fox News Blacklisted Me

How Trump Can Destroy Democrats and Keep Congress

Is the Sazerac a New Orleans Cocktail?

John Oliver Calls Out Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for Duping America

Is ‘Great News’ the Next ‘30 Rock’? What Creator Tracey Wigfield Learned From Tina Fey

‘Obit’ Celebrates Life Through Those Who Write About Death

‘Sleight’ Is Magic: The First Great Black Superhero Movie

Oh No. Where Did Willy Wonka’s Magic Go? Review: ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Welcome to Annie Baker’s World of Unseen Horrors: Review of ‘The Antipodes’

Heath Ledger’s Sisters: Playing The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ Didn’t Kill Him

Sean Hannity Accused of Inviting Fox News Guest to His Hotel Room

Sean Hannity Accused of Inviting Fox News Guest to His Hotel Room

Senate Trump-Russia Probe Has No Full-Time Staff, No Key Witnesses

‘Get Me Roger Stone’ Tells the Story of How He Got Us President Donald Trump

Lube, Cialis & $4,500—Inside a Teacher’s Alleged Kidnapping of a 15-Year-Old

Fact Check: Did Democrats Vote For the Wall?

Marine Le Pen to Face Off Against ‘France’s Justin Trudeau,’ Emmanuel Macron

CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota: ‘Roger Ailes Did Sexually Harass Me’

Tom Brady’s Ex-Teammate: No, Gisele Didn’t Make Him Skip Trump White House Visit

When Los Angeles Burned: Remembering the LA Riots 25 Years Later

How Ronald Reagan Set the Stage for Our Reality TV President

There Is So Much in—and So Much Missing From—the LGBT Encyclopedia

The International Monarchist League’s Fight to Save Endangered Royals

What Happened to the Cross Jesus Died On?

1967: A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love

100 Years of Communism’s Bloody Legacy

Was Robert Moses the Original Donald Trump?

The Search For Caligula’s Sunken Orgy Ship

Inside Banksy’s West Bank Hotel

The Devil and Mr. Jones

Will Islam Inherit the Earth?

Inside the Stasi STD Clinics for 'Troubled' Women

Jazz Wizard Thelonious Monk’s Lost Masterpiece

Looking Back on Prince’s Legacy a Year After His Death

Was Robert Moses the Original Donald Trump?

American Airlines Employee Suspended After Altercation with Passenger

Look at These Coachella Basics

Thousands March for Science Around the World

Firing Bill O'Reilly Changes Nothing

How the War on Drugs Failed Prince

‘Fauxcest’: The Disturbing Rise of Incest-Themed Porn

Bill Maher Explains Why Bill O’Reilly’s Firing Is ‘Tragic’ and Necessary

Michael Skakel Was Convicted of Murdering Martha Moxley, So Why Is He Free?

The Ivanka Trump of the 19th Century

The War on Drugs Is Far From Over for Minorities

The Shocking, Bloody Tale of Mexico’s Most Corrupt Governor

Trump Is the New Insult on Playgrounds

How the War on Science Is Really Fought

Beast Fiction: The Book of Joan

Here Comes One More Great Trump ‘Civil Rights’ Nominee

Ban the Ritual That Can Kill Jewish Newborns

A Marine Biologist’s Earth Day Plea to Trump

Hey Kids, How Cool Is Communism?

The Trumpkins Turn on Assange

Hollywood Roasts Bill O’Reilly, Praises Gretchen Carlson for Speaking Out About Sexual Harassment

Fox News Gets Its Own Musical, and It’s a ‘Story of Hope’

Chelsea Handler Rips ‘Unf*ckable’ Steve Bannon and His ‘Bloated, Gin-Soaked Face’

U.S. Eavesdropping Program Goes Silent

This Is Bill O’Reilly Reading Filthy, Un-hearable Lines From His Audiobook

When Earth Day Is and How to March for Science

Second Detroit Doctor Arrested for Female Genital Mutilation

Syria’s Cruel ‘Reconciliations’

Trump-Free Sunday Mornings

This Radio Station Is Playing the Prince You Need All Day And Tomorrow

Scientists Press for New MH370 Search, but Expert Questions Their Findings

Nuke Developer Greases Trump’s Palm

The Night Trump’s Celebrity Trolls Took Over the White House

‘Silicon Valley’ Is Still the Outrageous, Tech Industry-Skewering Show That We Deserve

Forget ‘Unforgettable’: Go Watch ‘Obsessed,’ a Cult Classic Starring Beyoncé and Idris Elba

Trump Impersonator Anthony Atamanuik Bests Alec Baldwin on ‘Colbert’

Ivanka Preaches Organic, Silent While Dad OKs Toxic Pesticide

Love Drove This Mom to Selling Meth and Then Death

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Thinks Donald Trump Is High as F*ck

Roger Stone Convinced Trump to Hire Paul Manafort, Former Officials Say

President Trump’s Quiet Bid to Kill President Obama’s Legacy

Polygamous Mormon Church Allowed to Keep Its Police Force

Government Watchdog: Trump’s Deportation Force Is Not Ready

Your Armie Hammer Crush Is About to Get Real Intense

Truther—Saving Bigfoot and the Vapors in the Sky

Bette Midler Owns Broadway: Review of ‘Hello, Dolly!’

Was Sarah Palin Sexually Harassed at Fox News? She Won’t Tell Jake Tapper.

ISIS Terror Attack in Paris Could Put Far-Right Le Pen in Power

Get Ready for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop ‘Wellness Summit’

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7’s First Photos Revealed

American Bartenders Abroad: Life Behind Bars, Episode 2

Alex Jones Takes the Stand in Custody Battle, Admits to Cheating on Wife

Alex Jones Takes the Stand in Custody Battle, Admits to Cheating on Wife

Student and Her Alleged Kidnapper Teacher Found 2,000 Miles Away

Perquita Burgess Tells ‘The View’ About Bill O’Reilly Calling Her ‘Hot Chocolate’

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Suit: Sovereign Citizen Tried to Forge $100 Trillion Worth of Fake Financial Documents

Here’s Why We’ve Been Getting Stoned Alone—and Why That’s About to Change

Suit: Miami Hotel Called Haitian Staff ‘Slaves,’ Then Fired Them

Prince’s ‘Deliverance’: An Impressive Collection of Unreleased Songs Shrouded in Controversy

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On the Stand, Alex Jones Insists His Rants Are Real—Despite His Lawyer’s ‘Performance Art’ Defense

Immigration Lawyers to Outraged Dems: Where Were You When Obama Deported Kids?

Nicki Minaj’s ‘No Frauds’ Video Flips a Regal Middle Finger at Remy Ma

Fox News Fires Racist Bill O’Reilly, Promotes Racists Eric Bolling and Jesse Watters

Bill O’Reilly Is Finally Fired and Twitter Is THRILLED

Bill O'Reilly Meets Pope Francis Amid His Sexual Harassment Scandal and Firing

Aaron Hernandez Died as He Lived: Violently and Without Explanation

Choking, Harassing, and Loofahs: Women’s Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly Piled Up for Years Before His Demise

Elizabeth Warren on ‘The View’: ‘My Biggest Regret Is That Donald Trump Is President’

Serena Williams Is Pregnant With Her First Child

NFL Owners Rain Cash on Trump Inaugural

Trump’s Got a Mega-Bomb Designed to Hit North Korea

Aaron Hernandez Kills Himself on the Day Patriots Visit the White House

British Reality-TV Star’s Boyfriend Wanted For Questioning Over London Acid Attack

Is Bill O’Reilly Out at Fox?

Prince William: ‘I’ll Never Get Over’ Princess Diana’s Death

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Who’s Egging LGBT People in Wilton Manors, Florida?

The Racists, the Arabs, and the Appalled in Marine Le Pen’s Stronghold

Georgia House Race to Replace Tom Price Headed to June Runoff

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And Now, Female Genital Mutilation Comes to America

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Trevor Noah Compares Donald Trump to Alex Jones: ‘Maybe This Is All a Scam’

Accused Fresno Mass Shooter Railed Against ‘White Devils’

The Strange Saga of Jeremy Jackson: Ex-‘Baywatch’ Heartthrob Sentenced to Jail for Stabbing a Woman

Facebook Killer Is Dead, But Cleveland’s Nightmare Isn’t

Restaurant Workers Join Suit, Say Trump Eats Foreign Cake, Steals Our Crumbs

Lawyers for Alex Jones’s Ex-Wife Show His Shirtless, Allegedly Drunk InfoWars Videos in Custody Trial

Sikh Cab Driver Assaulted by Drunk Passenger In Possible NYC Hate Crime

Neo-Nazi Sued for Unleashing Troll Army on Richard Spencer’s Enemy

How Trump’s Taxes Might Trigger Impeachment

Comedian Moshe Kasher on His Deliberately ‘Problematic’ Talk Show

Georgia Is First Battle in the Civil War Between GOP Outside Groups

Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Commits Suicide After Cop Chase

So About That Time Ivanka Trump Tweeted At Turkish President Erdogan

Beast Exclusive: Ray Davies Returns With New ‘Americana’ Music Video

British PM Seizes Chance to Smash All Opposition, Guarantee Brexit

Sources Shoot Down Report That Kylie Minogue Is Dating Prince Andrew

Bill Nye Wants to Save the World—and Actually Thinks He Can

Candidate’s Rebel Yell for Confederate Flag Falls on Deaf Ears in South Carolina

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When Irving Penn Meets the Instagram Age

The Insane French Elections That Could F*ck Us All

Three More Signs That Donald Trump Could Not Care Less About American Citizens or Standards

The Democrats Who Could Topple Trump

Homeless Shelter Employee Allegedly Stole Residents’ Identities to Commit Tax Fraud

Prosecutors Worry New York’s Jailers Will Get Mob Witnesses Whacked

Border Trip Reveals Homeland Sec. Kelly—Attorney General Sessions Split on Immigration, Drugs

The Feminist Defying Islamic Extremism Through Taboo-Breaking Cinema

Irving Penn: Centennial

Can You Really Make Whiskey From Old Bagels?

Stephen Colbert Transforms Into InfoWars’ Alex Jones: ‘My Blood Is on Fire!’

‘Groundhog Day’ Fights to Wake From Its Broadway Nightmare

‘Better Call Saul’ Breaks Bad: Creators on Gus Fring’s Return and the Specter of Walter White

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Easter Egg Roll Disaster

Stephen Colbert Destroys Trump’s ‘Adorable’ Chocolate Cake Interview

Cleveland Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Tortured Pets as a Teen, Neighbor Says

Here Is the Powerful Statement a Wife Read Aloud to the Court and Her Abusive Husband

Silicon Valley CEO Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Abusing His Wife—and Is Offered a Deal for Less Than 30 Days in Jail

Sandy Hook Dad on ‘Performance Artist’ Alex Jones’s Trial: ‘I Wish I Could Be There to Stare Him Down’

Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren, Claims She’s a ‘Profane,’ ‘Divisive’ Employee

Facebook Killer on the Loose After Shooting Grandfather of 14 in Cleveland

Sean Spicer: Lobbyists Deserve Privacy When Visiting the White House

Coachella Is Trash: A Drake-Dissing, Culture-Appropriating, Anti-Gay Owner-Having Nightmare

Roger Stone: Kushner, Priebus Want Trump to ‘Ass-Kiss’ for Establishment

Donald Trump Had His First White House Easter Egg Roll and the Internet Had a Blast

Here’s How Turkey Lurched From Democracy Toward Dictatorship

John Oliver Airs Out Fox News and Geraldo Rivera for Their ‘Mother of All Bombs’ Arousal

Gangster by 9, Murderer by 19, Minister by 26. Executed by 39?

No, America Didn’t Ruin Russian Democracy

President Trump Pegs a Former Trade Lobbyist to Lead Trade Policy

In Venezuela, a Rebellion Is Taking Shape, but Where Can It End?

Uncle Sam, Angel Investor: How an Equity Approach to Government Funding Could Revolutionize Revenue—Without Raising Taxes

Mediterranean Migrant Rescuers Need Rescuing

It’s Trump vs. the Resistance in Georgia Race

Turkish Group Gave $400,000 Contract to D.C. Firm Run by James Baker’s Son

John Oliver Warns France Against Electing Marine Le Pen: ‘Don’t F*ck Up, Too’

‘Girls’ Series Finale: Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner Explain That Surprise Ending

Inside ‘The Leftovers’ Premiere: Director Mimi Leder Answers Our Burning Questions

New Power Center in Trumpland: The ‘Axis of Adults’

A Little American Civil War in Berkeley

Prince Harry Came ‘Very Close to a Complete Breakdown’ Several Times

All-Male Panel Fails to End Maryland Law that Forces Women to Share Custody with Their Rapists

Butterflies & Bonnetry for Easter Sunday

‘After-Hours’ Club Mass Shooting Leaves 9 Wounded

Snapchat Under Attack After CEO Allegedly Trashing India and Spain Made Public

How I've Learned to Appreciate Nixon

Behind North Korea’s Fizzled Missile: Has China Lost Control of Kim?

Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Addresses Hitler Comments on SNL

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Makes Jimmy Fallon’s Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon Play ‘Apprentice’

Why Carol Channing Ended Up On Richard Nixon’s ‘Enemies’ List

How Eggs Make a Perfect Easter Cocktail

Despite Bombings, Egypt’s Martyred Christian Church Celebrates Easter

The Naughty Genius of David Letterman, Late Night’s Colossus of Cranky

When Raymond Chandler Gave J. Edgar Hoover a Hardboiled Snub

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David Grann’s New Book Explores a Time When Killing Native Americans Wasn’t Murder

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Why Is Easter Called Easter?

Hippies Exorcise New York 'Spyscraper' of NSA Demons

Protests at Berkeley For And Against 'Chicken' Trump Turn Violent

Why We Need Easter in a Time of Trump

April the Giraffe Finally Gives Birth

The Tale of Trump: Power Not Greatness

Broadway Star Andy Karl Injured During 'Groundhog Day' Performance

Kendrick Lamar Battles Trumpism, Fox News and Himself on New Album ‘DAMN.’

Enough With The Weird Fixation On Caitlyn Jenner’s Genitalia

My Favorite Easter: East Berlin, 1964

Estonia: The Little Spycatcher Who Could

What Happened to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain,’ The World’s Most Famous Missing Urinal?

‘Karl Marx City’ and the Post-Ideological Surveillance State

Luke Was a Saint but Was He a Christian?

Just How Much Power Did Dick Cheney Wield?

Hollywood's New Armenian Genocide Denial Epic

Beast Fiction: Lesley Nneka Arimah’s Wild

Why Didn't Pence Do the Christian Thing?

‘Veep’ Captures Hillary Clinton’s Post-Election Purgatory

750 Immigrants Hunger Strike Against ICE

Truther—A Horde of Bats, Charles Manson, and the Pack of Beer He Was Traded For

Why Pepsi and United Got It So Wrong

Alt-Right Ringleader Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop ‘Motherlode’ If Steve Bannon Is Ousted

Who’s Talking to Trump? Mind Your Own Business, Says His White House

When is Tax Day 2017?

Samuel L. Jackson Just Dropped An Ad With A Message For Georgia Voters

Congressman Investigating Trump Goes to Russia’s Money Laundromat, Cyprus

Airmen Charged With Trafficking, Sexually Abusing 15-Year-Old Girl

Fox News: MOAB Airstrike Is What 'Freedom Looks Like'

Is Kendrick Lamar Dropping Another Album Sunday? Fans Think So

This Tribute to Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher Will Make You Cry

Three Years Later, A Look at the #BringBackOurGirls Catch-22

Good Friday’s Hardest-Core Crucifixion Re-Enactors (Photos)

Expecting Donald Trump to Grow on the Job? Imagine If Jerry Jones Had Hired Him to Coach the Cowboys.

Fear of Trump Makes Migrants Disappear From Mexican Border

Why ‘The Leftovers’ Is the Best Show on Television Right Now

Hey, Entitled Brats: Stop Inviting Celebrity Women to Prom

Complaint: Bannon, Mercer Dodged California Taxes

Trump’s Irish Mafia Blows Itself Up

Is Arthur Blank the Only Good Owner in the NFL?

France Could Get a Dangerous Far-Left Surprise on Election Day

The New Great Wall of Trump Looks a Lot Like the Old Iron Curtain

Hillary Clinton’s Back, and She’s Speaking for the Majority

The Day the U.S. Strikes North Korea

Is Holy Wine Going High End?

Firebrand Cleric Turns on U.S. Enemies

CIA Chief Mike Pompeo Slams Donald Trump’s Favorite Hackers

How Norway Brokered Middle East Peace: Review of ‘Oslo’

Neo-Nazis Are Tearing the Furry World Apart

Chelsea Handler Is Pretty Sure Donald Trump Has Syphilis

Jay Pharoah Puts SNL on Blast Over Firing: ‘I’m Not a Yes N*gga’

Detroit Doctor Charged With Performing Female Genital Mutilation Surgery on Girls

What Day Is Easter 2017?

Report: President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Kitchen Faces Health Code Violations

With Assad’s Air Force Foundering, Russian Bombers Go On the Attack

U.S. Unleashes ‘Mother of All Bombs’—and a Press Release

Police Union on Video of Cop Kicking Suspect in Head: ‘He Did Not Kick the Suspect in the Head’

United Airlines Passenger Stung by a Scorpion

Jeffrey Lord Stuns CNN: Trump Is the ‘MLK of Health Care’

Dave Chappelle Gives Moving Tribute to Charlie Murphy in Ohio

Inside Chechnya’s Vicious Anti-Gay Crackdown

Jimmy Kimmel: Bill O’Reilly Is Going to ‘Hell’

Tomi Lahren Sounds Off on Glenn Beck: ‘I Won’t Lay Down and Play Dead’

Boston Bomber Told FBI He Was Approached by Mystery ‘Men in Suits’

In Alabama, a Church Is Getting Its Own Police Force

Border Sheriff: Trump Wall No Match for Drug Demand

Is China Warming Up to Trump?

Alt-Righters: Interventionist-in-Chief? Not What We Voted For!

Inmates Built Secret Computer for Crime

Saudi Woman Abducted at the Airport

The Secret to Cooking a Delicious Easter Feast

How Melania Trump Got the Daily Mail to Say ‘Sorry'

The ‘13 Reasons Why’ Suicide: Is the Graphic Scene Dangerous?

Transgender ‘Survivor’ Contestant Zeke Smith Outed on National Television

Kelly Rowland’s Fears of Raising a Black Son in the Trump Era

Next Front in War on Bill O’Reilly: Sky News Deal

Don’t Fire Sean Spicer!

Donald Trump Gets a ‘Globalist’ Makeover

Can Trans People Trust Johns Hopkins’s New Clinic?

These Are the Charlie Murphy Sketches We’ll Never Forget

Lawsuit: Coaches Knew About Varsity Rape Hazings

Ben Carson Got Stuck In An Elevator in Miami. The Internet Loved It.

When Is the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival?

Christians Celebrate Holy Week Around the World

VIDEO: Cat Found In Outfield During Miami Marlins’ Baseball Game

Team Bannon ‘Laying Low,’ After Being ‘Blindsided’ by Trump

Spicer's Hitler Comments Were Turned Into HBO's 'Veep' Credits and It's Brilliant

Forget Spicer, Is There a Real Fascist in the White House?

Jennifer Lawrence ‘Heartbroken’ Over Horrific Suicide of Friend Clay Adler

Is British Street Artist Banksy Really Four People?

Prosecutor: Jeff Sessions’s New Immigration Plan Is ‘F*cking Horrifying’

Why Spicer Didn’t Count the Jewish Gas Victims

And Now Kanye West’s a Jewelry Designer

Cops Charge Dad & Daughter in Pot Brownie Ring

Marines United Nude Photos Are for Sale on the Dark Web

Trump's Weak-Tweet China Diplomacy Won't Stop North Korea Nukes

The New York Times’ Dynamic Duo Who Put Trump on the Couch

Pundits Bite Trump’s Syria Strike Bait—the American People Don’t

Trump’s Sex Scandal Doctrine

Oklahoma Capitol Warned of ‘Cross-Dressers in the Building’ When LGBTQ Kids Visited

Andrew Rannells Says Goodbye to ‘Girls,’ Hello to Becoming a ‘Grown-Ass Man’

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks Sean Spicer: ‘Never Defend Hitler’

Inside Janet Jackson’s Billion-Dollar Divorce: Singer Tired of Being the ‘Obedient Muslim Wife’

Chelsea Handler: Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Apology ‘Means Nothing’

Carter Page Still Cheering Russia While U.S. Reportedly Listens to His Communications

Wolf Blitzer Grills Sean Spicer on Holocaust: Did You ‘Not Know’ Nazis Used Gas Chambers?

Exonerated Cop Who Shot Civilian in 2016 Gets Desk Duty for Stomping Handcuffed Man

For Donald Trump and the 0.01 Percent, the Best of Times

Sean Spicer Got in a Fight About Hitler and Lost

When And What Is the White House Easter Egg Roll?

Trump Turns Up the Heat on Moscow as Tillerson Talks Begin

Twitter Trolls United Airlines with #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos

Don’t Read Much Into Kansas Special Election Results

Ellen DeGeneres Mocks United’s ‘Crazy’ Policies: ‘Your First Forcible Removal Is Free’

The Best White House Correspondents’ Dinner Jokes of All Time

Le Pen Tries to Soft-Pedal France’s Role in Slaughtering Jews in WWII

How China Could Kill United Airlines

NHL Playoffs 2017: When They Start and How to Watch Live Stream Online

Syrians Are Wise Not to Count on ‘Abu Ivanka’

Making ‘Veep’ In the Age of Trump: How the Cast Handles the Big Donald Question

United Boss Praises Staff, ‘Stands Behind’ Them After Overbooking Debacle

Trump Staffer Omarosa Returns to Her Reality TV Villain Ways for a Free Wedding Dress

Ed Sheeran Settles Copying Lawsuit

The Man Who Wants to Tax Porn Thinks His Past Assault Case Is "Fake News"

Russia’s King of Spam Unmasked

‘Drain the Swamp’ Pledge May Snare Trump Pick

Inside the Motel Shootout Between an Ex-CNN Anchor’s Military Husband and a Robber

The Millennial Left’s Rude Awakening on Syria

To Reunite America, Liberate Cities to Govern Themselves

Lessons About Despair, Dope, and Death From Athens to Pence’s Indiana

The High School at the Center of Pennsylvania’s Trans Bathroom Showdown

Spring Hits New York Street Style

Trump’s White House Is a Nest of Vipers

When Presidents Are Accused of Crimes

Reverse Engineering Fireball Whisky

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on United Airlines

PBS Explores ‘The Great War’: How WWI Changed Everything

Harvard’s Free Speech Debate Takes a Rightward Turn

Donald Trump’s Syria Strike Made Its Point—That Doesn’t Mean It Should Start a War

Alabama's Governor Ordered His Bodyguard to Break Up With His Mistress—Now the State Has Broken Up With Him

First Judge Killed in Chicago History by Gun Violence He Fought

MTV Does Away with Gendered Categories at This Year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards

Blame Big Airline Mergers for United’s Shocking Passenger Beatdown

“We Are Coming for You”—This Florida Sheriff’s Warning to Local Drug Dealers

Fox News’ Only On-Air Mention of O’Reilly Scandal Blames Roger Ailes

Horrifying Video Shows a Man Being Dragged Off an Overbooked United Airlines Flight

Watch: Mike Daly’s Jimmy Breslin Eulogy

How Russia Tried to Cover Up a KGB Murder in London

This Muslim Woman Faces Down Islamophobes in Iconic Image of Defiance

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Secretly Had Their Baby Two Weeks Ago

John Oliver Explains Why Trump’s Syria Strike Should Make Us All ‘Very, Very Worried’

The Trouble With Trump’s White House Is Donald Trump

Amy Winehouse: A Life Through the Lens

Is the White House Scapegoating Michael Flynn?

Assad Used Nerve Gas Because He’s Desperate. Expect Worse to Come.

Drugmakers Are Turning Patients With Rare Diseases Into D.C. Lobbyists

Why Has the UAE Excluded Artists From Its Abu Dhabi ‘Culture Summit’?

Donald Trump Is the Personification of Toxic Masculinity

Jared Kushner Won’t Be the First One Who Tried to Streamline Government

In Trump’s America, Immigrants Can Follow the Rules and Still Get Arrested

Why the Bullshot Cocktail Is No Joke

The ‘Real Housewives’ Land in Toronto

Trump’s Pick for Refugee Czar Never Resettled Refugees

How ‘Lost City of Z’ Director James Gray Is Fighting for the Future of Cinema

John Oliver Is Buying Ads on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to Educate Donald Trump About Sexual Harassment

Is Sketching a Killer’s Face From DNA Science or a Scam?

Did the GOP Filibuster More Obama Court Nominees Than All Others Combined?

President Trump’s Airstrikes in Syria: Constitutional or Not?

Did Police Use a Blind Eyewitness to Convict an Innocent Man?

Turkish Airlines Flight Crew Delivers Baby Mid-Air

The Making of a Muslim Culture Clash: Review of ‘The Profane’

Hackers Warn Trump to Get Back in Line on Syria

The Most Disrespected Person in America Is Still the Black Woman

Louis C.K. Skewers His Own White Privilege in Hilarious SNL Monologue

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Bill O’Reilly and His Donald Trump Bond Over Sexual Harassment

SNL’s Trump Exploits Syria Strike: ‘What a Difference 59 Tomahawk Missiles Can Make’

Louis de Wohl: The Astrologer Who Helped Foil Hitler

Tom Price’s Other Failure: Snake Oil Supplements

The Strange Evolution of Health Food

How Sally Bedell Smith Broke Into Buckingham Palace

Driven Desperate by War, Odessa's Women Look to Model's Cinderella Story

The Genius of ‘Withnail and I,’ Thirty Years Later

God Save Ireland From… the Catholic Church

‘Silicon Valley’ Star T.J. Miller’s ‘Passion Project’: A Murderous Alien Talk Show Host

Double-Agent Cop Allegedly Sold Information to the Mexican Cartels

Beast Fiction: ‘Metcalfe’s Door’

Will America Ever Elect Another Veteran President?

What Happened to the Jerusalem Temple’s Menorah?

Alec Baldwin: People Love Me Because of Trump

Police: Ex-Trainer Opened Fire In Upscale Miami Gym

Will Assad Use ISIS to Get His Revenge?

How Dutch Parents Raise Free-Range Kids

At Passover Seders, American Jews Sing of the Heart of the Stranger

Making Arnold Schwarzenegger Great Again

Bill Maher Mocks Liberal Cable News Hosts for Salivating Over Syria Strike

Barbara Kingsolver Cheers on Young Farmers

This Baseball Great Stared Down Rioters

Bill Maher Blasts Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for Being a Sexual Predator

Why We Should Decriminalize Prostitution

Why Being a Russian Superhacker Sucks

The Mystery of the $2.5 Million Rare Book Heist

Beast Fiction: Vaddey Ratner's Music of the Ghosts

Robots Are Stealing Your Concert Tickets

How Japanese Americans Survived Internment in WW2

Meet the Herveys, Britain’s Most Scandalous Aristocratic Family

Airlines Literally Squeeze You for Profit

Meet the Underground Puppeteer of Yangon

Martin Shkreli Locks Horns With His Own Company's Lawyer

Ex-Volunteer Cop Shoots Man at Gun Show

The Kids Take Over And Turn Trump Into Dubya

How India Embraces The ‘Third Gender’: Laxmi Narayan Tripathi at ‘Women in The World’

Rob Reiner on His ‘Idol’ Carl Reiner and the ‘Tragedy’ of Donald Trump

VIDEO: Brian Williams Makes Us Cringe By Calling Syrian Missiles ‘Beautiful’

Assad, Taunting Trump, Mounts New Attacks on the Town He Gassed

When Does the Jewish Holiday of Passover Begin?

Gassed Kids Trouble Trump Now That They’re Part of His Show

The Night Karlie Kloss Met Jane Goodall: Meeting The DVF Awards’ Winners

Pro-Trump PAC Raising Money Off Syria Strikes

You Can Now Legally Ship Your Enemy a 20-Foot, Man-Eating Python

Sweden Labels Assault a ‘Terrorist Attack’

Jeff Sessions Says Deal to Reform Police May ‘Result in More Crime’

Trump Pulls a Reagan, Buries Obama's 'Leading From Behind'

Truther Podcast: All Eyez On Elvis At Graceland

I Watched Dylann Roof Kill My Son: Race and Hatred Discussed at ‘Women in the World’

Moscow Reacts to Syria Strikes With Furious Words—But Few Actions So Far

Trump Just Discovered the Slaughter of Syria’s ‘Beautiful Babies’?

Pippa Middleton Bans Prince Harry’s Meghan Markle From Her Wedding to Avoid Being Upstaged

Russian UN Envoy Warns of ‘Negative Consequences’ of U.S. Syria Strike

Trump’s Policy May Send Reporter Back to Mexico, Where He Risks Being Killed

Hugh Hefner Doc ‘American Playboy’ Lionizes the Man Behind the Boobs

Far-Right, Trump-Loving Media Prep for War on Jared Kushner

Suitcase Murder Mystery Solved! The Killer: Anorexia

Don’t Get Fooled, Trump Is Winning

Yes, Sen. Warren Has a Gender Gap; Just Not the One You Read About

Why It Took Barry Manilow So Long to Come Out

Probation Officer Raped Her at Home

Late-Night’s Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon and Meyers Pay Tribute to Don Rickles

Stephen Colbert Mocks Steve Bannon’s ‘Total Cuck Move’

Donald Trump Is No Don Rickles. Not Even Close.

Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden’s Lipstick Battle: Review of ‘War Paint’

Trump Launches Tomahawk Missile Strikes After Syria Chemical Attack

Hillary Clinton Denounces Trump ‘Hurting So Many People,’ and Putin for Election Meddling

Alt-Right Turns on ‘Neo-Con Puppet’ Trump After Bombing Syria

Did Devin Nunes Spill Classified Information in Plain Sight?

Scarlett Johansson Calls Out Ivanka Trump: ‘You Can’t Have It Both Ways’

Portland Man Gives Mayor a Pepsi Can to Break Tension

The Boston Nerd Who Edited ISIS Magazine Is Dead

From Carson to Kimmel, Don Rickles Was Late-Night’s Greatest Guest of All Time

How Ambulance Drivers Hemingway and Dos Passos Rerouted the Course of American Literature

Justin Trudeau: Men Must Help Empower Women Too

All the Best Tweets Trolling Jared Kushner’s Trip to Iraq

Trump Team Gets on Warpath With Syria

Don’t Cry for the Filibuster, My Fellow Liberals

John Mayer Trolls Katy Perry With Bizarre New ‘Asian’ Music Video

Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a ‘Cuck’ and ‘Globalist’ Behind His Back

Gretchen Carlson Tells Women To ‘Stand Up’ On Sexual Harassment

LGBT Protesters Parody Putin on Parade

How to Watch the 81st PGA Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

O’Reilly Accuser Rebecca Diamond Breaks Silence to Slam Trump for Defending Bill

Gulliver's Gate: Miniaturists Lavish Big Love on Their Small World Recreations of Global Landmarks

Devin Nunes Steps Aside; Ethics Committee Investigating for Spilling Secrets

‘Entourage’ Blackmail Threat Against ‘Star Wars’ Screenwriter

Why Sheryl Crow Is Not Ready to Pen an Anti-Trump Tune

Will Fox News’s Silence Save Bill O’Reilly, Its Biggest Star?

The Revolution Will Be Monetized: Kendall Jenner, Ivanka Trump and Taylor Swift’s Faux-Feminism

Does Donald Trump Jr. Want to Be Governor of New York?

His Killer Thought He Was ‘Dexter’

Mosul Has Become History’s Greatest Hostage Crisis

All Mapped Out: How China’s Charting Its Course as a Superpower

Red State Republicans Ready to Take Aim at Gun Control

Trump’s ‘America First’ Approach Abandons the Monroe Doctrine and Puts China Ahead

Sessions’s Order Is Being Fought in California, New Jersey… and Alabama!

It’s Time to Debunk Rachel Dolezal’s Big Transgender Lie

Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai: Cooking Rules

Why Are More Muslim Civilians Dying Under Trump?

Samantha Bee Rips Ivanka Trump: Do You ‘Know What the F*ck’ You’re Doing?

Seth Meyers Tears Into Bill O’Reilly and His Biggest Defender, Donald Trump

House Intelligence Republicans Boycott Briefing From FBI’s Russian Double Agent

Stephen Colbert Destroys Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad: ‘Attractive People Matter’

Harvey Fierstein’s Epic Sweep of LGBT History: Review of ‘Gently Down The Stream’

Trump Admits: White House Looked the Other Way During Assad’s Gas Attacks

Kevin Kline Does His Best Noel Coward: Review of ‘Present Laughter’

Russian Spy Sent Home After Early Release From U.S. Prison

How Did an Admitted Child Molester Get a Job Busing School Kids?

How Ivanka Trump Says a Lot About Nothing at All

Russia: Syria Gas Attack Victims Faked It

Nikki Haley Steps Up in Syria Crisis

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly: ICE Agents Belong in Courtrooms

Before Faking a Protest With Kendall Jenner, Pepsi Ads Mocked Suicide, Domestic Violence & Eating Disorders

Of Course Donald Trump Is Defending Bill O'Reilly

Think You Know Everything About Obama? Guess Again, Says David Garrow

Why Rich Saudis Are Turning East

Erin Gloria Ryan Talks Ivanka on MSNBC

Big Changes Are Coming to The Daily Beast.

Why Gorsuch Would Likely Overrule Landmark LGBT Civil Rights Case

Latest Test Shows How North Korea Is Hiding Its Missiles From Us

Obama Was Right to Abandon ‘Red Line’ on Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Alec Baldwin Knew Nikki Reed Was Underage in Indie R-Movie, Producer Alleges

‘Archer’ Creator’s Season 8 Reveal: A Main Character Is Going to Die

Harry Speaks Out on Landmines, Continuing Diana’s Work

Did You Get Duped by This Mom’s Abduction Story?

The WhatsApp Chat That Nails Putin’s Mafia State

We Need ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ Now More Than Ever

Zombie Trumpcare Returns to Terrorize House Republicans

Tesla Lost in Utah Court, but It’s Winning the Bigger Battle

Donald Trump’s ‘Blind’ Trust Sees No Evil

Too Many Donald Trump Disasters to Count

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Single Mom Banned From Father-Daughter Dance in Georgia

Keep Calm, Alex Jones, the Queen Is Not Being Pressured to Convert to Islam

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Defiant Brexit Voters Ready for the Pain

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Explain Their ‘Crazy’ Beef with Trump to Seth Meyers

Ex-Writer: Breitbart Broke the Law

Bo Dietl’s Plan To Become New York Mayor Includes Eating Bill De Blasio’s ‘B*lls for Breakfast.’

Top California Winery Killed by Prohibition Is Reborn

Texas Football Players Accused of Sodomizing Teammates With Coke Bottles and Bats

Cabinet Ballers: Team Trump vs. Team Obama

Trumps Needs to Reinvent Himself a la Bill Clinton

Comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu on Staying ‘Politically Re-Active’ in the Trump Era

Remember When Republicans Cared About U.S. Allies?

U.S. Bombs Syrian Village—And Shrugs

Trump’s Personal Lawyer Wants to Grab Republicans by the Wallet

Top DOJ Official: Gov’t, Tech Need To Do More To Stop Terrorism

The War on Breitbart Now Goes Through Amazon

Stephen Colbert Sums Up Trump’s Climate Change Policy: ‘F*ck the Planet!’

TMZ Should Keep Its Mindless, Misogynist Coverage Out of Politics

Devin Nunes Could Be Facing an Ethics Probe for Spilling Secrets

Bill O’Reilly Laughs Through On-Air Apology as Maxine Waters Fires Back

Lawsuit: ‘Gay Whisperer’ Cop ‘Targeted’ Men at Port Authority Restrooms

Son of a Murderer Charged With Murder

Uber Coins Terms ‘Jewbers’ and ‘UberHUE’ in New Diversity Report

Jared Kushner Tempted by Russia’s Bank of Spies

Sean Spicer Tries to Shut Down April Ryan: ‘Stop Shaking Your Head’

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Teacher Suspended for ‘Inappropriate Relationship’ With Girl Before They Vanished

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Stephen Colbert Roasts ‘Totally Unqualified’ Jared Kushner

House Russia Probe Implodes as Top Dem Calls for Intel Chairman’s Recusal

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Jeff Sessions Threatens to Starve Sanctuary Cities If They Don’t Work With ICE

Scarlett Johansson on Her ‘Devastating’ Nude Photo Hacking: ‘It Was an Invasion’

Want to Raise Kids with Your BFF? Move to Canada

‘Putin’s Revenge’ Drags Protesters to Court and Into Jail

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Inks Reality-TV Deal

Tony Robbins Reveals His Thoughts on the President: ‘I’m Not Bullish About Trump’

Did Kim Kardashian’s Father’s Ghost Try to Warn Her About Paris Robbery?

U.S. Attorney’s Office Under Investigation After 700 Lawyers Were Spied On in Prison

Yes, Democrats Won a Big Health Care Battle, But the Health Care War Is Far From Over

Sanctuary City Starts GoFundMe After Gov Cuts Grants

Will the Senate Save the Russia Probe?

Truther Podcast: Is Trump Proof We Live in the Matrix?

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Los Angeles’ Ice Cream Moment

Undocumented Mom With Brain Tumor: I Came Seeking Safety & ICE Locked Me Up

How the Fox News of 1792 Took On John Adams

‘Poor Man’s Hugh Hefner’ Accused of Imprisoning Dancers

Complaint: Rikers Island Prison Guard Beat Inmate

Why We Need Black Satire More Than Ever in the Time of Trump

Review: How Lynn Nottage’s ‘Sweat’ Explains Trump’s America

Amid the Mosul Massacres, There is Also Mercy

Russian Youth From Moscow to Siberia Slam ‘Putin the Thief’

Trump Keeps Ripping Republicans as Priebus Says It’s Time to Move On

The Haunting Murder of a Jazz Legend in the Making

How Three American Women Translated One of the World’s Most Popular Qurans

The Anti-Vaxxer Illness Worse Than Zika

Why Humans Love Robots Like People

How Hitler Seized Power and Shocked His Opposition

What Finding Jesus’ Private Parts in the Turin Shroud Says About Faith

Hollywood Has No New Ideas and That’s OK

Mexican Immigrants Flee U.S. for Canada

Why Elite Colleges Aren't Always The Answer

Photography’s Eccentric Genius: Eadweard Muybridge

Inside Transgender Star Carmen Carrera’s Fight for Justice

Kaepernick’s Crime, to Trump: He Comes From Obama’s America

The Emotional Resonance of Lies—And What We Can Do To Defeat Them

How ‘Gong Show’ Creator and Fake CIA Assassin Chuck Barris Paved The Way for Trump

Lost ‘Mr. Rogers’ Episodes Mysteriously Resurface — And Might Be a Message to Trump

Lukashenko, Putin’s Dictatorship Mentor, Moves to Crush the Opposition

The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Life After Death’ at 20: A Jubilant, Paranoid Ode to a Legendary MC

How Islamic Terrorists Are Being Radicalized Online

Bill Maher Mocks Republicans’ Health Care Fail: ‘This Looks Bad for Trump’

Beast Fiction: The Needle & the Mother (You Know What)

Colorado’s War on Black Market Weed

How Did a NASA Scientist Get in Turkish Prison?

Prince’s Racial Revolution

What Happened to Frida Kahlo’s Missing Adultery Painting?

Who Leaked America’s Secret War Plans Into Hitler’s Hands?

Beast Fiction: The Devil and Webster by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Science Was Stalin’s ‘Enemy of the People’

When Nixon Floated—Then Gaslit—the First Female Supreme Court Candidate

Inside Big Tobacco’s Academy of Lies, the Inventor of ‘Alternative Facts’

Don’t Forget—Trump’s Biggest Problem Is Still Russia

Why The Public Loves Prince Harry, Not William

The Art of the Squeal—Donald Trump Fails To Sell Trumpcare

Devin Nunes Vanished the Night Before He Made Trump Surveillance Claims

The One Place TRUMP Is a Mark of Honor

The ‘Love Actually’ Reunion Skit Is Funny, Actually

Paul Manafort’s Business Partner Left Pro-Trump Group Because of Russia Ties, Sources Say

Republicans Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Two Health Care Wrongs Make Right for GOP

The Art of Bitcoin’s Millions, Via The Lower East Side

Republicans Pull the Plug on Trumpcare

Donald Trump Claims Credit for Creating 20,000 Jobs—That Were Actually Promised in 2015

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Pumps ‘Lego Batman,’ and Might Have Violated Ethics Rules

Russia’s Putin Picks Le Pen to Rule France

Bannon Tells Trump: ‘Keep a Shit List’ of Republicans Who Opposed You

Anti-LGBT Doc Paul McHugh: I Will Not Be Silenced

How Trumpcare Will Kill Me Before Cystic Fibrosis Can

Andrew Ridgley Attacks ‘Mucky’ Documentary on George Michael’s Final Days

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on ‘Game of Thrones,’ That Cersei Look, and His Darkest Role Yet

The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Queens Hope Trump Watches

The Self-Proclaimed ‘Publicity Whore’ and Fired Jezebel Intern Running Point on Pizzagate

Did Anti-LGBT Group Help Kidnap A Kid?

Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Corruption Case Outsourced to Feds

China’s Bailing Out Venezuela’s Corrupt Regime. That’s Got to Stop.

Patton Oswalt Bombs with Mike Huckabee’s Twitter Jokes on ‘Kimmel’

Amber Heard Implores Hollywood’s Famous Gay Men to Come Out of the Closet

Seth Meyers Burns GOP’s Trumpcare Fail: ‘Insane, Cruel, and Reckless’

‘Trumpcare’ Isn’t Just a Political Disaster—It Makes ‘War on Women’ Real

Sexism, Race and the Mess of ‘Miss Saigon’ on Broadway

James Jackson Liked Alt-Right Videos, Claimed He Was a Genius in Army Intelligence

The Controversial Painting of Emmett Till Stays on Show at The Whitney

President Trump to House GOP: It's My Way or Obamacare Stays

GSA: Trump Hotel Lease Is Fine Despite Our Own Contract

As Donald Trump Jr. Slams London’s Mayor, Donald Trump Sr. Endangers New York City

Sean Spicer Keeps Downgrading Manafort’s Role in Trump Campaign

London Terrorist Khalid Masood Was 52-Year-Old Family Man and English Teacher

The Slip-Up That Caught the Jewish Center Bomb Caller

Anti-Putin Exile Gunned Down in the Streets of Ukraine

Londoners Reject British ‘Traitors’ Peddling Terror Dystopia on Fox News

Donald Trump Jr. Insults London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter After Terror Attack

Emma Watson Will Be 2017’s Highest Earning Female Star

Can Lindsay Lohan Be Great Again?

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Defends Brawl With Her Mom as ‘Playfighting’

James Corden Pays Emotional Tribute to London Attack Victims

Samantha Bee: Trump’s Budget Proves He ‘Doesn’t Give a Sh*t’

Russian Lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov Thrown From Window Was a Witness for the U.S. Government

James Blunt Doesn’t Suck Anymore: From ‘You’re Beautiful’ Pansy to Twitter Hero

Could Justice Neil Gorsuch Become Conservatives’ Next Worst Nightmare?

Europe’s Failure to Stem Migration Is Costing More Than Lives

Democratic Senators: Filibuster Gorsuch—or Be Primaried

GOP Health Care Bill Is a Disaster for Tom Price’s Home Hospital

The Making of Robert Lepage’s Theatrical Genius

Did Vocativ Ban Journalist Evan Engel From Writing About Trump Demo Arrest?

Law Enforcement Struggles With New Opioid Craze: Elephant Tranquilizers

Donald Trump and the Republicans Shotgun Marriage Is Off to a Rocky Start

Jim Harrison’s Guide to Eating Vividly

Seth Meyers Goes Off on GOP’s Supreme Court Hypocrisy: ‘One of the Greatest Thefts in Modern Politics’

Nude Pics While Patients Were Passed Out

House Russia Probe Disintegrates Into Benghazi 2.0

Sofia Vergara’s Ex Nick Loeb Called Her ‘Classless’ for Speaking Spanish

Spicer Denies Trump Knew About Manafort’s Russian Sugar Daddy

Woman Left ‘Like a Piece of Garbage’ After Killer Butt Injection, Prosecutor Says

The Districts Where Health-Care Repeal Vote May Kill the GOP Majority

Top Republican Says U.S. ‘Incidentally’ Spied on Trump Team, But Not Over Russia

Congress Demands Info on Russia, Turkey Payments to Michael Flynn

Trump Nominee: Lax Deal for Billionaire Pedo Jeffrey Epstein Was ‘A Good Thing’

Rachel Maddow on ‘The View’: Trump ‘Totally Could Have’ Leaked His Own Tax Returns

Four Dead in Terror Attack on U.K. Parliament

Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle’s ‘Pet Peeve’ Is Having Her Skin Tone Changed

Demi Lovato Claps Back At Hackers Who Stole Her Private Pictures

The Marine Nude-Photo Scandal Is Growing and Adding New Victims

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Didn’t Sign Trump’s Ethics Pledge

Trevor Noah Defends Tomi Lahren Over Abortion Flip-Flop

Turkey’s Frightening Trifecta: ISIS, Erdogan & U.S. Nukes

Corrupt Leaders Thrust South Sudan Into Famine and Abject Ruin

Beware Trump’s Phony ‘Terror’ List

Judge Gorsuch: Do You Back the ‘One Person, One Vote’ Principle?

Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio: Cooking Rules

North Dakota’s Endless Parking Meter War Splits a Family

A Republican Explains Why Health Care Is a Right

Trump and House GOP’s Really Not Good Health Care Meeting

Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Evolution

‘Shots Fired’: Police Shootings Get the Primetime TV Treatment

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rips Ivanka Trump’s ‘Possible Conflicts of Incest’

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump Administration’s ‘Deep State’ Paranoia

U.S. Raid in Yemen Led to Laptop Ban on Flights, Officials Say

Utah Says No To ‘No Promo Homo’ Law, But Other States Lag Behind

Protesters Want This Painting of Emmett Till Destroyed—Because the Artist Is White

Freedom Caucus Vows Not to Blink on ‘Taking Down’ Trumpcare

Neil Gorsuch’s Charm Offensive Confuses Bias With Ideology

Enjoy Your Tomi Lahren Schadenfreude. It Won’t Last.

Erin McPike: Why I Broke With The Press Pack To Interview Tillerson

Peacemaker and Terrorist, Martin McGuinness Is Dead at 66

The Movie Paul Ryan Needs to See

Woody Harrelson Is Not Stoned (But He Doesn’t Mind If You Are)

Natalie Portman Talks ‘Song to Song,’ Tupac, and the ‘Absurdity’ of the Trump Administration

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Night At The Museum Intensifies Engagement Rumors

James Corden Presents ‘Donald: The Musical’ Featuring Trump, Bannon, Spicer, and Conway

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Forget Trump, Fox News Is the ‘Real President’

Democratic Donors Gather in D.C. to Plot the Resistance

The Moral Panic Around ‘Missing Richard Simmons’

How Not to Negotiate With North Korea

Should the Dems Filibuster Gorsuch?

After Coach Was Benched Over Gang Rape, His Substitute Allegedly Sexted Girl

How Marriage Equality Was Won—and What to Learn From It

FBI and NSA Grilling Proves There Is No ‘Deep State’

Italian TV: Asian Brides Want Your Man

How Eisenhower Triumphed Over Joe McCarthy

How the Department of Homeland Security Is Bullying Sanctuary Cities

Bringing Home the Bacon

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Colbert’ Persona Returns to Take Down Trump’s ‘Cruel’ Budget

‘The Most Hated Woman in America’: Melissa Leo on the Murder of Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Seth Meyers Rips Trump’s ‘Crazy’ False Tweets During Comey Hearing

Put Some Respect on Amal Clooney’s Name

Jimmy Breslin, the People’s Champion

Why YouTube Wants to Hide These LGBT Videos From Young People

White House and Republicans Admit Russia Isn’t ‘Fake News’ After FBI Bombshell

He’s a Real Man, Y’all: Donald Trump Jr.’s Adventures In Lumbersexual Chic

Family of Black Veteran Who Died in Jail Without Food & Water Gets $10 Million

John Avlon Talks Allies' Trust in Trump Administration

What I’ve Learned

Donald Trump and Neil Gorsuch Collect On Mitch McConnell’s Big Bet

Republican Behind Benghazi Probe Suggests Jailing Journalists Who Publish Secrets

FBI Director Bats Down President Trump’s ‘Wiretap’ Tweets

Comey: FBI Is Searching for ‘Coordination’ Between Trump and Russia

Glenn Beck Publicly Battles Tomi Lahren, His Most Famous Employee

Emily Ratajkowski’s Nude Attempt to Break the Internet

Thandie Newton: There’s No Work for Black Actors in the U.K.

Kanye West on Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbers: ‘I Wouldn’t Have Stopped Until They Were Dead’

John Oliver Goes Off on Sean Spicer: You Will Receive an ‘Inevitable Firing’ Soon

You Have the Alzheimer’s Gene? GOP Wants Your Boss to Know

Jimmy Breslin, the Greatest Deadline Artist

My Family’s Experience With Meals on Wheels Made Me Realize How Crucial It Is

A Goodbye to Jimmy Breslin, Teller of Truths

Are Physicians of Color Being Shut Out of Competitive Specialties?

What Neil Gorsuch Should Say About the Courts, and the Rule of Law

Where to Eat, Drink, and Think This Spring

Sen. Pat Toomey’s Serious Medicaid Idea

Devin Nunes: The Dairy Farmer Overseeing U.S. Spies and the Russia Hack Investigation

An Inside Look at Banksy’s New ‘Walled Off Hotel’ in Bethlehem

Neil Gorsuch Defended Columbia’s So-Called ‘Date-Rape Frat’

Trump Is Wrong: Germany Does Not Owe ‘Vast Sums of Money to NATO’

Police Chief: I Was Detained at JFK Airport Over My Name

Pope Francis Tells Priests to Have Exorcists on Call

‘Rogue One’ Director Gareth Edwards Discusses the Film’s Trump ‘Fake News’ Backlash

The Medicaid Expansion's Forgotten Flaw

The Woman Mark Twain Thought Was the ‘Most Interesting That Ever Lived’

‘G-Funk’: How Warren G Became the ‘Unsung Hero’ of Hip-Hop While Snoop Dogg Soared

Bernard-Henri Lévy’s Love Letter to Judaism

Terry Gilliam’s Long, Strange, (Not Yet) Doomed ‘Don Quixote’ Quest

One Trump Adviser Really Does Know All About Putin

10 Reasons to Love Chuck Berry

Remembering Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer Chuck Berry

How Russia Recruited Ernest Hemingway

Solange, Gosling, and Charlize: The Very Best of SXSW 2017

Rick Ross’s Slut-Shaming of Nicki Minaj

Bill Maher Blasts Trump’s Sexism Toward Angela Merkel: ‘He Obviously Hates Her’

Does Donald Trump Make for Good Art?

The Liar-In-Chief & The Dangers of Post-Truth Politics

Trump vs. the Cartels: Whose Team is He On?

New York’s Great Big City Book Club Gets on the Same Page with ‘Americanah’

When It Comes To The Media, Can Prince William Dance To His Own Beat?

Why Do Cannibals Eat People?

When the US Embraced the Wrong Russians

Denis Hamill, ‘The Assignment’ Screenwriter: I’m Not Transphobic

War On Science: Gluten-Free Madness Needs to End

Monster Machines: ISIS’s Armored War Jeeps Are Professional Grade

Why Lenin’s Grand ‘Tatlin Tower’ Never Got Built

A Viral Sex Crime Saga of Perverts, Pranksters, and Prosecutors

Wonder Woman vs. Optimus Prime: 'Girl' Toys Take On the Patriarchy

Fear of Flying—or at Least the TSA—While Intersex

Can Tech Oligarchs Thrive Under Trump?

Virginia Woolf Teaches How to Fight Fascism

Neil Gorsuch Is No Originalist: The Founders Loathed Corporate Power, He Favors It

Will VW Bosses Go to Jail for Emissions Scandal? The Net Is Tightening

Could You Be a Droid Elon Musk’s Looking For?

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Trump’s Budget Hits Trump’s Voters Hard

Kelly Herron, Seattle Sex Assault Survivor, Slams Anti-Trans Group

Trump Backer Allegedly Texted Teen Boy: ‘Interested in Some Sexual Stuff?’

Is Trump Trying to Kill the EPA, or Just Starve It?

Michael Brown’s Father Opens Up About New Tape: ‘Mike Is Still Working from the Grave’

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‘Shrink’: How a $211 Improvised Pilot Became Seeso’s Next Big Thing

Hip-Hop’s Love Affair With Donald Trump Is Officially Over

‘We Broke the Story Correctly’: Rachel Maddow Returns Fire on Her Trump Tax Scoop

John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’

Texas Won’t Pay to Test 20,000 Rape Kits, So It Might Crowdfund the Effort Instead

Lebanese Pop Star Myriam Klink in Hot Water for Music Video

The Reason Donald Trump’s 2005 Tax Return Was So Yuge? Chinese Investors.

How Rum Became an Irish Drink

Taylor Swift Reportedly Planning to Launch Her Own Music Streaming Service

Stephen Colbert: Trump Apologist Paul Ryan Had ‘His Sack Removed’

The ‘Iron Fist’ White Savior Controversy: Creator and Stars Discuss the Mounting Backlash

José Reyes ‘Cruelly Abandoned’ His Secret Daughter, Says Ex-Lover

Seth Meyers Blasts Rep. Steve King’s ‘Overtly Racist’ Tweet About ‘Somebody Else’s Babies’

SNL Star Sasheer Zamata: We’re Not Casting Women to ‘Piss Off’ Trump

Off-Broadway Reaches for the Stars: Reviews of ‘The Light Years’ and ‘The Outer Space’

Stephen Miller May Have Made It Easier to Sue Trump’s Travel Ban

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Wisconsin Court: It’s Legal to Kick Out a Black Roommate

Why Marines Might Get Away With Sharing Nude Photos

White House in Search of Artful Health Care Deal on Hill

What Makes a ‘Real’ Woman? Welcome to the New Liberal Transphobia

The Republicans Want to Give You Freedom to Die

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Fox News’ Latest Trump Nemesis: Pro-Journalism T-Shirts

The Trans Activists Standing Up to the Brutal Gangs of El Salvador

Ian McKellen Salutes ‘Gay Extravaganza’ of New ‘Beauty and the Beast’

William Skips Church for Glamorous Ski Trip to Swiss Alps

Seth Rogen on Calling Out Trump: ‘It’s Very Important to Normalize Dissent’

‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Nick Viall No Longer Reality TV’s Biggest Loser

Former Princeton Student: I Was Raped, Expelled, and Forced to Leave U.S.

‘Hurricane Katrina’ Pierson Turned Down White House Gig

The Web Nailed the Wrong Man for My Sex Assault in Mexico

Secrets to Making the Perfect Pie Crust

Trump Signs Rule Making His Agriculture Nominee Rich

It’s Official—Trumpcare Will Be a Nightmare for Women

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Trump’s Win, Her Muslim Ban Speech, and the Dave Letterman ‘Veep’ Cameo That Never Was

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Inside the Collapse of the Mark Steyn Show

She May Be ‘Complicit,’ But Ivanka Trump’s Brand Stays Strong

Breitbart Leaks Audio of Paul Ryan Dumping Donald Trump

Facebook Still Hasn’t Shut Down Marines’ Nude Photo Pages

DOJ Blows Wiretap Deadline, Asks Intelligence Committee for More Time

There’s Nothing ‘Nice’ About President Trump’s War on the Media

Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ Is the Perfect ‘Clap Back’ Against Trumpism

SXSW: Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs Relives the Oscar-Night Disaster

Donald Trump’s Big Health-Care Lie Puts Barack Obama’s Weak One to Shame

Trump Promised ‘Insurance for Everyone.’ Trumpcare Would Leave 52 Million Without It, CBO Says.

Snoop Dogg Mock-Assassinates ‘Clown’ President Trump in New Music Video

Charlize Theron Is the Kickass Action Queen We Need in ‘Atomic Blonde’

Winter Storm Stella Will Be One of the Biggest Blizzards on Record

Steve King: The European Far-Right’s Best Friend in Washington

Fact-Checking the Chatter Around the GOP Health Bill

The Naughtiest Bond: A Glimpse Into George Lazenby’s Dirty Mind

Angelina Jolie’s Magical Tattoos Failed to Save Her Marriage with Brad Pitt

‘Donald Trump…We Are Not Terrorists’: A Syrian Girl’s Tearful Message to President Trump

James Hewitt: Why People Keep Saying I Am Prince Harry’s Father

What It Was Like Watching James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ with ‘The Room’s’ Tommy Wiseau

How I Hunted My Sex-Assault Suspect Online and on Mexico Streets

Psychologist Says His Wife Committed Suicide. Cops Say He Killed Her.

Trump Making ‘Nativist’ Group’s Wish List a Reality

Preet Bharara’s Next Gig—How About Governor of New York?

Donald Trump, Stick in Hand, Offers Republicans Carrots and Charm

Food Network's Guy Fieri: Drinking Rules

Drawing the Line Against ‘Footloose’ Fatwas in the U.K.

Trump Never Needed a Trump TV—He’s Got the Fox Business Network

The Invention of Georgia O’Keeffe (Photos)

‘Get Out of America’: Middle Eastern Restaurant Attacked in Potential Hate Crime

‘Game of Thrones’ Creators Discuss Season 7: Expect Fire, Ice, and Ed Sheeran

Review: How ‘Come From Away’ Makes a Broadway Musical Out of 9/11

Ex-Baylor Coach Caught Lying Again About Murdered Player

Joe Biden at SXSW: How Cancer Kept Me from Being President

Fact-Checking GOP Claims on Health Care Reform

Rep. Steve King Endorses ‘Dutch Trump’ in Battle Over ‘Civilization’

Jake Johnson: ‘New Girl’ Almost Definitely Ending After Season 6

50 Years Later, ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’ Still Sounds Like the Future

SNL: Scarlett Johansson Savages Ivanka Trump with ‘Complicit’ Perfume Ad

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Fails to Stop Alien Invasion

The Fascinating Tale of Ronald Reagan’s Ugandan Granddaughter

Michelle Howard, The Admiral Staring Down Putin’s Subs

Pope Says Maybe to Married Priests

A Viral Sex Crime That Shocked a Nation: The Victim’s Story

Sex, Strength, and Salvation: Inside NYC’s LGBT Art Museum

Did the Nazis Make Us Meth Heads?

James Gunn on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’: ‘It’s a Richer, More Emotional Film’

Why Are We Still Getting Mumps? Maybe We Need Another MMR Vaccine Dose

‘This Is Your Death’ Shocks SXSW With Reality TV Suicide

What Will Trump Administration Do If U.S. Catches ISIS Leader Baghdadi?

The Man Who Should Have Stopped Flynn Mess

Will a South Korea in Chaos Cozy Up to Beijing and Pyongyang?

Six Years After Fukushima

Suicidally Stupid Selfies Are Killing Young People Around the World

Nicki Minaj Finally Comes for Remy Ma, With Help from Drake and Lil Wayne

Why Porn Has Gotten So Rough

Ryan Gosling Serenades SXSW in ‘Song to Song’

A Pregnant Mom-to-Be Goes on a Crazy Killing Spree

The Biggest Drug Bust in History

Anatomy of a North Korean Assassination

Trump and the Philistines Have Sacked Washington

The Big Short Gets Its Day in Court

The Race to Find ‘Viagra for the Brain’

The Haunted Ruins of San Francisco’s Water Wonderland

The Jew Who Changed Football Forever

‘Being There’ Is the Trump Era’s Bible

C’mon, President Obama—Time to Start Returning Fire

Nude Photo Scandal Is ‘No Surprise’ to These Female Troops

Inside William and Kate’s Staff Soap Opera

Do Shy People Make the Best Writers?

Trump to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara: You're Fired

The ACLU’s Class on How to Resist President Trump

Alleged Texas Mosque Arsonist Thought Mosque Was ISIS, Feds Say

White House: Flynn Made a ‘Personal Decision’ Not to Follow the Law, Don’t Blame Us

Marines Keep Sharing Women’s Nude Photos in Secret Groups After Getting Busted

Rex Tillerson vs. The Enemy of The People: Inside The Media War At The State Department

The Daily Beast Presents Truther - Episode 2 - March 10, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Sums Up the Problem with Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Replacement

CNN Calls B.S. on Monica Crowley Claiming Her Plagiarism Was ‘Debunked’

The Photo Ark: One Man’s Quest to Document the World’s Animals

Megyn Kelly Wants to be the New Oprah

Why Kate McKinnon Is the Only Choice to Play SNL’s Trump After Alec Baldwin Quits

U.S. Spies Live in Fear of Trump’s Next Tweet

You Need to Watch ‘American Crime,’ the Show That Makes You Question Everything

Pastor Arrested for Chopping Up Teen Kept Counseling Kids for 23 Years

Donald Trump Joins Paul Ryan’s ‘Health-Care’ Crusade—Sad!

Zac Posen on Fashion, Fame, and Why He Won’t Design Clothes For Ivanka and Melania Trump

Donald Trump’s First Test Could Define His Term

Jerrod Carmichael, The Brutally Honest Comedian Who Called Trump’s Election Win

Teaching Immigrant Kids in Sweden Was an Eye-Opening Education

SXSW 2017’s Must-See Events: ‘Game of Thrones,’ Joe Biden, and More

Ex-Gay Therapy Should Die With Its Pioneer, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi

20 Years Later, Biggie Smalls’ Mom Has a ‘Very Good Idea’ Who Killed Him

Review: A Radical and Shattering ‘Glass Menagerie,’ Starring Sally Field, Storms Broadway

Ethics Watchdog to White House: You’re Not Above the Law

Daylight Saving 2017 Starts Sunday: When Does Time Change?

Wisconsin Trans Employee Faces ‘Detransition’ Catch-22

Cartman and the Cost of Health Insurance

LGBT Veterans Fight Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade Ban

Justin Bieber Impersonator Met Kids for Sex, Cops Say

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: The Making of a Political Princess

Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Dating Alex Rodriguez

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Isn’t the Celebrity We Need Right Now

Samantha Bee: Trump Shot ‘Himself in the Dick’ with Bogus Wiretapping Claim

Trevor Noah Agrees with Van Jones on Trump: He Did ‘Become Presidential’

Muslims Claim Homeland Security Pulled Their Travel Documents

Prison Guards Bet a Sandwich That Inmate Would Kill Herself

Dan Stevens: ‘Beauty and the Beast’s’ Woke, Feminist Beast

The Kremlin’s Oil Company Has a Man in Trumpland

The Vigilantes Fighting Boko Haram With Magic Amulets

Why Do Republicans Love Tax Credits? Because They Mostly Benefit Higher Earners

Why Kristen Stewart’s Buzz Cut Is Liberating for Women

President Trump Accused of Ignoring Veterans—and Sending Omarosa in His Place

ISIS Hunter: Time to Wake Up to the White Nationalist Terror Threat

Fire Reince Priebus, Seriously? He’s the Only Grown-Up There

Popeyes’ Recent Sale Is Scaring Its Celebrity Chef Fans

Is Conspiracy Queen Louise Mensch Right About Donald Trump?

Ex-Trump Foe Jon Huntsman Will Be His Ambassador to Russia

The Poaching Plague Costs a Rhino’s Life in... France!

What Jimmy Fallon Can Learn From Stephen Colbert

It Sure Looks Like Paul Ryan Wants Ryancare To Fail

What a Successful Women’s Strike Looks Like

James Comey Says FBI Couldn’t Crack 1,200 Encrypted Devices

Jimmy Fallon to Deliver ‘More Political’ ‘Tonight Show’ to Win Back Ratings Crown From Colbert

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Hacked

Fake ICE Agent Told Immigrants: Pay Me or Get Deported

CNN’s Van Jones: No Regrets About Calling Trump ‘Presidential’

Russia Turns WikiLeaks CIA Dump Into Disinformation

The GOP’s Cruel, Costly, Corporate Obamacare Replacement

The Madness of President Donald

On This ‘Day Without a Woman,’ Don’t Leave Women Oppressed by Sharia Law Behind

Discovering the Joys of Armagnac

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Calls Out Obama for Also Calling Slaves ‘Immigrants’

Confessions of a Former Scientologist: David Miscavige and Donald Trump Are Eerily Similar

How the Election Made Slavery Drama ‘Underground’ So Painfully Relevant

Trump Embraces Health-Care Bill His Party Already Hates

Stephen Colbert Torches Republicans’ ‘Obamacare Lite’: ‘Great Taste, Less Coverage’

New Hampshire Trans Rights Bill in Danger

Top Trump Ally Met With Putin’s Deputy in Moscow

How Gilbert Adrian Made Hollywood Look Its Most Glamorous

The GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Is Just a Gigantic Tax on Women

Green Berets ‘Murdered by an Ally,’ Families Charge

British Backpacker Held as Sex Hostage in Australia

White House Won’t Say If It Will Release Names of Visitors

Obamacare Cure Is Worse Than the Disease

Chance the Rapper, Chicago Hero, Donates $1 Million to Public Schools

The Daily Beast Wants To Hear From You

Whoopi Goldberg Burns Ben Carson’s ‘Immigrants’ on ‘Slave Ships’ Comments

‘Lip Sync Battle’ Presenter Chrissy Teigen’s Toughest Fight Is With Postpartum Depression

Princess Diana’s Butler, Paul Burrell: Only Diana Knew I Was Gay

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rips Trump: A ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ and ‘Proven Troll’

Black Guards Marked with ‘N’ In the Same Jail Where Black Inmate Died

‘The Americans’ Creators Talk Trump-Russia Parallels in Season 5

Ivanka Is Where Feminism Goes to Die

The GOP Unveils Its Latest Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood

Charleston in Three Drinks

Republicans Just Watch as Donald Trump Goes Wild

How Trump Screwed His Own Super PACs

No, Living Off-World Isn’t a Feasible Escape Plan

The Controversial Film Giving Israeli Zealots a Voice

How Donald Trump’s New Ban Will Make Airports Even Worse

Trump's Extreme Vetting in Action: Asking Muslims, ‘Do You Beat Your Wife?’

The Right Wing’s Xenophobic Feminism

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Obama Wiretap Tweetstorm: ‘Somebody Get This Guy a Xanax’

Inside the Khizr Khan ‘Travel Privilege’ Mystery

Secretary Kelly: Undocumented Children and Mothers May Be Separated at Border

Spicer: Trump May Not Accept Wiretap Investigation Results

It’s Ridiculous to Accuse Emma Watson of Feminist Hypocrisy

Mark Levin, Who Compared Obamacare Fans to Nazis, Is Behind Trump’s Obama-Wiretap Meltdown

David Duke’s Twitter Account Restored, Including Tweet Threatening Synagogues

Italy Needs Abortion Doctors

Trump Administration’s First Supreme Court Win Is Against Trans Kids

A Muslim Ban By Any Other Name Smells Just the Same

Editor’s Note

The ‘Morning Joe’-Donald Trump Bromance Is Over

President Trump’s Travel Ban Is Back and May Get Bigger

Now the Beyhive Comes After Emma Watson for Hypocrisy

The Best Bits From David Letterman’s Epic ‘New York Magazine' Interview

‘Burning Sands’ Explores the Terrors of Hazing and the Legacy of Slavery

Why Politicians Can’t Stand James Comey

Kim’s Killer Chemicals, Spread Far and Wide, Could Target the U.S.

David Bossie: The Man the Trump Train Left Behind

This Is How to Display the Power of Black Fashion

New York’s First Irish Bar

David Mamet’s ‘The Penitent’ and Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s ‘Everybody’: So, This Is How We Will Die

Liberal Intolerance Revives as Charles Murray Is Chased From Middlebury College

Why Trump Has So Few Justice Dept. Allies

The Private Prison Industry Backed Trump—Now He’s Paying It Back

Barack Obama’s Politically Active Post-Presidency Isn’t Normal, or Good

Amy Schumer Takes on ‘Gun Nuts’ in First Netflix Special

‘Stupid Watergate’: John Oliver Breaks Down Trump’s Russia Scandal

U.S. Warned of Foreign Intel Operations After Russian Met With Team Trump at RNC

Cop Allegedly Sent Ex Tutorials on How to Commit Suicide

Donald Trump Reads, Once Again, From Roy Cohn’s McCarthyite Playbook

Media Didn't Make The Obama Wiretapping Claim. Trump Did.

With No Evidence, Trump Team Doubles Down on Wiretap Claims

Amos Mac’s Fresh Lens for the Trans Community

SNL’s Weekend Update Mocks Trump’s Baseless Wiretapping Claims Against Obama

SNL’s Kate McKinnon Nails Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump

SNL Trolls Spineless Republicans Who Won’t Stand Up to Trump in ‘The TBD Story’

He Livestreamed About the Cartels—Until He Was Shot Dead

Milo Yiannopoulos, Donald Trump and the Rise of Reactionary Camp

Is Ronald Reagan's Vision For America Dead?

My Open Letter To A Jailed Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Farewell to Ringling's Sad Spectacle

How W.E.B. Du Bois Found His Final Resting Place in Ghana

Who Stole Erica Morini’s $3.5 Million Stradivarius Violin?

Beast Fiction: Behind the Scenes With Congressman Jim in a Panic

When Prince Made a Chambermaid His Queen For a Day

When Teachers Can’t Be Trusted

Is There a Christian Double Standard on Religious Violence?

The Aaron Burr Playbook Could Beat Trump

A Guest of the County

How Syrian Musician Kinan Azmeh Confronted Trump’s Travel Ban

How I Dreamt Up Joan Crawford and Bette Davis Legendary ‘Feud’

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Uncensored: ‘David Bowie Died. Why Didn’t Trump Die?’

In Trump’s Terrifying New Normal, Obama Is Nixon and Up Is Down

Is Russia Preparing to Cut Losses on Trump?

The Amateur Historian Who Uncovered Ireland’s Mass Grave of Babies

The Daily Beast Presents Truther - Episode 1 - March 3, 2017

Jenna Jameson’s Shocking Alt-Right Transformation

Bill Maher Completely Owns CNN Trumpkin Jeffrey Lord

Inside DARPA’s Top-Secret Program to Protect the President

The Kennedy Pushing His Own Fake News

When Nasty Men Make Great Statesmen

Bite My Buns!

The Butchering of the Age of Reason

U.S. to Europe for $100? Enter the Battle of the Atlantic Airlines

How Broadway Created Trump’s Favorite Phrase: Bigly

The Sugar High of Political Rhetoric

Tijuana, Cheap Drugs, and Trump-Bashing

Native Americans Invented Our Gun Culture—and Yes, We Stole That, Too

What the Queen Really Thinks of Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions, Flying Cow, Saw No Evil When He Met Sergey Kislyak

Why Have There Been So Many Trans Murders This Year?

Trump’s Lament That He ‘Inherited A Mess’ of an Economy? False! Sad!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Ditches NBC’s ‘Apprentice,’ Blames Donald Trump

Baylor’s Rape Scandal May Just Be Getting Started

‘Buy American’ Rule for Keystone Pipeline Dropped After Ex-Foreign Steel Exec Became Commerce Secretary

How a Drag Queen Launched The ‘This Is The Future Liberals Want’ Meme

Drudge Powers Trump Counter-Attack on Russia

Betsy Woodruff on MSNBC

Journalist Went From Making Fake News to Allegedly Making Bomb Threats to Frame His Ex

Shady Sheriff Takes The Stand In Army Vet’s Jail Death

Senator Angus King: Trump Administration’s Denials About Russia Remind Me of Star Wars

In ‘Logan,’ Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Battles a Trump-esque Deportation Force

Decision Time for Prince Harry as Meghan Markle Joins Him at Jamaican Wedding

Seth Meyers to Trump: Settle the Russia Debate by Releasing Your Tax Returns

Jimmy Kimmel Fails to Press George W. Bush on Trump

It’s Not Just Jeff Sessions: The FBI Must Investigate Scott Pruitt for Lying to Congress

Russia Heats Up Its Infowar With the West

The Man Who Robbed a Bank to Get Away From His Wife

Why Does Everybody Seem to Hate Omarosa Manigault?

Trump May Make a Very Dangerous Place to Be Trans Even Worse

Can Breitbart News Go Legit on Capitol Hill?

White House Destroys Its Own Justification for the Travel Ban

Guns Stolen From Luggage To Buy Drugs

Get Ready, America, for a Muslim Talking Religion on Trump’s Favorite ‘Fake News’ Channel

Former ‘Presidential Candidate’ Deez Nuts Is Now a Pollster

‘Casablanca’s’ Refugee Tale Is Shockingly Relevant For 2017

Art at the Armory Show

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Blasts Jeff Sessions: ‘He Lied Under Oath’

Stephen Colbert: Jeff Sessions Can Recuse Himself, But He Already ‘F*cked Himself’

The Modern Gay Way to Lose Out in Love: Review of ‘Significant Other’ on Broadway

Team Trump Took Illegal Cash, Watchdogs Say

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Investigations Into Russian Election Interference

With ‘Green Light,’ Lorde Falls Victim to the Taylor Swift Effect

Why Aren’t Facebook, Google, and Uber Supporting Landmark Trans SCOTUS Case?

Did Sessions Meet With a Spymaster? Questions Swirl Around Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Sessions on Prosecuting Clinton Perjury

Jeff Sessions Has a Long History of Telling Democrats to Recuse Themselves

Jeff Sessions Is Losing Republican Support Fast

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats’ Plan to Trap Jeff Sessions

Democrats Call Sessions a ‘Liar’ Who Should Resign

Trump State Visit To U.K. Delayed in Bid to Quell Protests

Brad Pitt Reportedly Seeking Solace in Ex-Texts With Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt Reportedly Seeking Solace in Ex-Texts With Jennifer Aniston

Why the FBI and a Special Prosecutor Must Immediately Investigate Attorney General Jeff Sessions

NAVY Seal Ryan Owens’s Widow Is America’s Moral Compass

Meet the Cavaliers Conspiracy Stars: Andrew ‘Pizzagate’ Bogut and Kyrie ‘Flat Earth’ Irving

Big Steel Sees Gold in Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Why A Seattle-Area Mosque Barred Anti-Trans Activists

Inside Steve Bannon’s Failed Breitbart India Scheme

The Chew’s Carla Hall: Cooking Rules

Will Nigel Farage Win UKIP’s Civil War?

Is ‘The Arrangement’ Really About Tom Cruise’s Alleged Contract Marriage to Katie Holmes?

Jake Tapper on ‘Daily Show’: CNN’s ‘Kicking Ass’ and Doesn’t Need Access to Trump

Seth Meyers Savages Media’s Trump Praise: Don’t ‘Get Fooled Again’

Review: Treat Yourself To Sweeney Todd’s Brilliant Feast of Blood, Pie and Mash

Undocumented Woman With a Brain Tumor Remains in ICE Detention

Van Jones Defends ‘Presidential’ Trump Praise: ‘Not Saying He’s George Washington’

Ivanka Trump’s Presidential Clothes Crisis Is More Than a ‘Bra Strap’

UN Details Assad and Putin’s War Crimes in Aleppo

François Fillon, Le Pen’s Toughest Rival, is Flaming Out

Cliven Bundy ‘Protesters’ Allegedly Pointed Rifles at Feds

White House Says Kellyanne Conway Won’t Be Disciplined for Ivanka Infomercial

The Russian Opposition Is Under Siege by Putin’s Investigators

Generals May Launch New ISIS Raids Without Trump’s OK

Revisiting Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Attacks Against Jon Stewart

Disney Movies’ First Ever ‘Exclusively Gay Moment’ in New ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Naked Paddle-Boarding No More: Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Split

In His First Address to Congress, Trump Demonizes Immigrants—With a Smile

Trump, So Presidential You Won’t Believe It, Delivers a Kinder, Gentler Bannonism

For a Second, a Hero’s Widow Unites D.C.

Couple Postpones Wedding to Find Their Missing Dog

Can the Once Avant Garde and Erotic Evergreen Magazine Still Excite Modern Readers?

How ‘The Source’ Makes a Musical Out of Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks

Donald Trump’s Fake Math

My Essential Cooking Equipment: Patricia Wells

Donald Trump Finally Sounds Presidential. For 60 Minutes.

Ryan Murphy’s ‘Feud’ Shoves Hollywood’s Ageism and Sexism Into the Lilypond

President Trump’s War on the Media Goes Nuclear

Bill Maher, Michael Moore Blast Trump for ‘Using’ Navy SEAL Widow as a ‘Prop’

Stephen Colbert Was Not Impressed with Trump’s First Address to Congress

Trump’s Campaign Can’t Even Get His Fundraising Emails Right

Can the Pentagon Get By on Just $603 Billion?

Don’t Be Fooled by ‘Optimistic Trump’

Betsy DeVos Whitewashes the History of Black Colleges

Cows Have a New Enemy: Drones

Trump Appears to Suggest Bomb Threats Against Jews Are False Flags

What Was Trump’s Air Force Pick Doing For All That Cash?

Mack Beggs, The Teenage Trans Wrestler Facing His Biggest Fight

Oscar Envelope Handler Was Busy Tweeting Pictures of Celebs When Disaster Struck

As ISIS Prepares Its Terror Resurrection, Watch Out for Drone ‘Swarms’

Finally, an Online Safe Space For Trump Fans

Governors to Trump: Chill Out on the Weed

From Trump Economist to Partners With Obama's Pal

How Trump Can Save Almost $1 Trillion in 10 Easy Steps

How ‘The View UpStairs’ Recalls the Forgotten Gay Disco Inferno That Killed 32

Hey Democrats: Don’t let the DNC Race Distract From the Real Fight

How to Watch Trump Address Joint Congress Live Stream State of the Union

Dutch Trump Even Scares His Own Brother

How Trump Could Really Shock Us Tonight

The Secrets to Making Homemade Liqueurs

Jon Stewart Dresses Down the Media: ‘Stop Your Whining’ and Hold Trump Accountable

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Celebrates ‘Moonlight’s’ Oscars ‘Reparations’

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Oscars Fiasco: ‘Clyde Threw Bonnie Under the Bus’

The Meaning of Life, Plus Bubble Machine: Review of ‘Wakey, Wakey’

Her Great-Grandparents’ Graves Were Desecrated, Now It’s Happened Again—in America

House Trump-Russia Probe Kneecapped Before It Gets Started

Who Invented Trump’s ISIS Plan? Obama.

Detainees Sue Private Prison for ‘Forced Labor'

Why I Would Never Take Propecia, President Trump’s Hair Growth Drug

From Oscars To Trump, Chaos Is The New Normal

‘Moonlight’ Is the Greatest Oscars Underdog in History

Wilbur Ross Is Another Trump Cabinet Pick With Underexamined Russian Ties

Remembering Ren Hang: A Subversive to China's Censorship

The Particularly LGBT Drama of the ‘Moonlight’ Best Picture Oscar Victory

My Out-of-Bounds Email to Tom Perez

Here’s How We Lose Our Birth Control Under Trump

Revealed Near Mosul: An Enormous ISIS Mass Grave

‘Fox & Friends’ Gives Laughably Bad Analysis of ‘La La Land’ vs. ‘Moonlight’ Oscar Flub

Could The Resistance Start With Georgia’s Special Election?

Warren Beatty Opens Up About Oscar Blunder: It Wasn’t Our Fault

John Oliver: Trump Is the Real Bathroom Predator, Not Transgender Kids

‘Moonlight’ and the Oscars’ Middle Finger to Trumpism

Is This Brooklyn’s Jack the Ripper?

Why Trump’s Anti-Trans ‘States’ Rights’ Claim Will Backfire

How ‘La La Land’ Was Accidentally Named Best Picture Over ‘Moonlight’ at the Oscars

How Trump Should Sell His Tax Cuts

German Alt-Right Loves This Fake ‘Refugee Crime’ Map

Arizona GOP Wants To Treat Protesters Like Organized Criminals

The Cocktail Cure for Spring Fever

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Sandusky’s Son Arrested for Allegedly Sexting His Stepdaughters

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Wife of KKK Leader Frank Ancona—Who Married Him in Full Klan Costume—Arrested for His Murder

“You Can Fool Some of the People All The Time”

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Dems: Suspend or Fire Michael Flynn for Secret Russia Talks

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Is Dr. Phil’s Latest Victim

Principal Charged With Harassing Her Boyfriend’s Rape Victim

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry

Give Me A Break, Kellyanne Conway

The Stars Flock To Calvin Klein: Raf Simons’ Debut Collection at NYFW

Lena Dunham Calls Out White Women Who Voted Trump on ‘The View’

Alleged French Police Rape of a Man Could Set the Country on Fire

Hey Tom Price, Don’t Block My Patients’ Access to Routine Health Care

The Fashion Show With Burgers and Tacos: Reviews of Rag & Bone, Noon By Noor, and Thakoon at New York Fashion Week

Trump Capitulates to China

Ice Cube on Donald ‘Easy D’ Trump: ‘Everybody Is Getting What They Deserve’

Seth Meyers Calls Out Kellyanne Conway: ‘The Only Network Kellyanne Conway Should Be Allowed on Is QVC’

Feds Bust Alleged Russian Bank Hacker in Los Angeles

Ricky Gervais: Donald Trump Is ‘Dangerous’

It’s ACLU 1, Trump 0—and They’re Just Getting Started

Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon Perform Dueling Trump Impressions on ‘Tonight Show’

ISIS Can Buy U.K. Passports on the Deep Web to Thwart Brexit Security

One of These Paid-Leave Policies Is Not Like the Other

The American Cocktail That Changed Italy

Immigrant Heroes Get Relief From DHS

Donald Trump Hallucinates Crime Wave, Can’t See Cop Triumph Outside His Window

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Celebrates Trump’s Loss in Court

Kendall Jenner’s NYFW Show-Stopper: Reviews of La Perla, Cinq à Sept, Adam Selman, and Tadashi Shoji at New York Fashion Week

Trump Travel Ban Loss Is Huge—but Temporary

Ninth Circuit Rejects Trumpism and Affirms the Rule of Law in Immigration Ban Case

Trial For Mom Accused of Killing Her Husband—and a Neighborhood Dog

Kellyanne Conway Torched for Ivanka Infomercial

Langdon Clay's Manhattan: Then and Now

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Fires Back at Provably False Trump Tweet

Will Oilmen Ride to Climate Rescue?

Priscilla Presley ‘Dating’ Sir Tom Jones

Steve Bannon Wanted Mel Gibson for His Movie About Nazis, Abortion, ‘Mutants’

Republican Wants to Lock Up Lawmakers Who Protect Sanctuary Cities

Inside ‘Inside the Actors Studio’: Backstage With James Lipton and the ‘Girls’ Cast

Trump’s a Sucker if He Thinks He Can Split Up Putin and the Ayatollahs

Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Evan Rachel Wood’s Big Bisexual Moment

ISIS’s Drone Papers Revealed

The Curious Case of ‘Big Luther’ Strange

Inside Renaissance-Era Rome’s Gay Marriage

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Thanks Nordstrom for Dumping Ivanka Trump

Samantha Bee Praises Jake Tapper for Taking Down ‘Fountain of Lies’ Kellyanne Conway

Jeff Sessions’s Redemption Story

Stephen Colbert Condemns GOP for ‘Silencing’ Elizabeth Warren

The Senate’s Anti-Immigration Warrior Heads to DOJ

Jake Tapper, CNN’s Resident BS Detector, on How to Hold President Trump to Account

More Girly Than Grandma: PH5’s Colorful Knitwear at NYFW

Government Watchdog: Trump Border Protection May Have Broken Law

Senators to President Donald Trump: Not So Fast on Russia Sanctions Relief

White House’s War on Nordstrom Is So Unhip, Ethics Experts Say

Take a Bow, Elizabeth Warren

Farewell, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, the Original London ‘It Girl’

Ted Cruz Gets the Facts Wrong on C-Sections

Keith Ellison: Trump Sounds Like ‘Dictator’ with Anti-Judge Comments

President Trump to Judges: Drop Dead

Elizabeth Warren Is Having a Moment—and Donald Trump’s GOP Is Fine With That

Inside ‘Legion’: How the Trippy, Thrilling ‘X-Men’ Spinoff Is Changing the Superhero Game

America’s ‘Resistance’ Has a Lot to Learn From Russia’s Opposition

The Case for Rosie O’Donnell as SNL’s Donald Trump

Lady Gaga Fires Back at Super Bowl Body Shamers: ‘I’m Proud of My Body’

Appeals Court Judges Play Hardball Over Trump Ban

Ex-Lover: We Poisoned a Dog, Then Killed Her Husband

Get Ready for New York Fashion Week—With Added President Trump

The Left’s Lame Tea Party Play

Big Game: U.S. Soldiers’ Secret Hunt for Jihadists in a Kenyan Forest

Lawsuit: Girl Says High School Expelled Her After ‘Star Athlete’ Raped Her

Sean Spicer Makes Up Atlanta Islamist Terror Attack

Transgender YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Is Ready for Her Close-Up. But Are We?

Let’s Keep the ‘Special Relationship’ Special—Despite Trump

Barcelona’s Resilient Bar Culture

The Profit North Carolina Sees in LGBT Prejudice

John Oliver to Colbert: I’m ‘Concerned’ About My Green-Card Status Under President Trump

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Calls Out Trump for Ignoring ‘White’ Terrorism

Tulsi Gabbard in New Trouble Over Her Syria Jaunt

Homeland Security Secretary Says Passwords May Be Required to Enter U.S.

Jake Tapper Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump Lies, ‘Fake News,’ and ‘Ignoring Terrorism’

She’s Back: The Queen, Wearing Glorious Green, Is Very Much Alive

Donald Trump Threatens to ‘Destroy’ Texas Senator

The Freedom To Be Fleeced—How Donald Trump Made Financial Hustles Great Again

Gigi Hadid Mimics Asian Eyes on Instagram, Sparks Racism Accusations

Assad Hanged Thousands in Syrian Dungeons

Pickup Artists’ Rape Survivor: ‘I Had to Do My Part to Break the Cycle’

Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Donald Trump’s Education Secretary

Russia’s Not-So-Hot Euro-Election Subversion Strategy Is Failing in France

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Attacks Airline Passenger, Claps Back in New Video

Betsy DeVos-Backed Doctor, an Iranian Refugee, Says TV Can Remedy Attention Deficit Disorder

FBI Reports Show Terror Suspects Coming From Canada While Trump Stares at Mexico

Trump’s Lies Boost PolitiFact’s Fundraising Big-League

Wisconsin Pulls Plug on Trans Health Care

The Rise of Southern Fusion Cooking

Why Media Organizations Shouldn’t Boycott the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

How Many More Will Die in Private Prisons Under President Trump?

Lawsuit: VIP Company Sold Bogus Tickets to ‘SNL,’ Jimmy Fallon, and ‘Hamilton’

The Civil Service Helped Make America Great. Donald Trump Wants To Change That.

Trump Is Proving the Bad Guys’ Point With His Terrorism Executive Order

Ex-Customs Boss: Trump Is Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Is an Action Movie Fan’s Wet Dream

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Steve Bannon Is the ‘Real President,’ Not Trump

Seth Meyers: Trump’s Defending ‘Killer’ Putin Like ‘He’s About to Get Caught’ for the Same Thing

Stephen Colbert Mocks Kellyanne Conway Over Fake ‘Bowling Green Massacre’

Bill O’Reilly to ‘Killer’ Vladimir Putin: Don’t Hold Your Breath for Apology

Hey Bernie Sanders: Call Out the Republicans’ Obamacare Crazy Talk

Girls in Afghanistan Practice Shaolin Wushu

Why Is Someone Attacking Pope Francis With Nasty Posters?

Turkey: The Crucial Anti-ISIS Ally That Trump … Forgot?

Kellyanne Conway Referenced ‘Bowling Green Attack’ in TMZ Interview

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‘The Lure’: Forget ‘La La Land,’ This Sexy Cannibal Mermaid Musical Is Tops

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These Florida LGBT Elders Will Give You Life

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Cocktail Bars vs. Dive Bars

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Florida Priest Wanted His Future Killer’s Life Spared

Trump Says He’ll Nominate Someone ‘Like Justice Scalia’—Watch Out

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Trump Elevates Bannon, Sabotages Himself

Mitch McConnell Shrugs Off Refugee Ban Mess

Iranian Jews, Christians, and Baha’i Stuck in Iran

The Galleries that Made Manhattan Cool

One Dead, Four Wounded in First Manned Raid of Trump Presidency

Trump’s Border Agents Defy Judge, U.S. Senator at Dulles Airport as His First Constitutional Crisis Unfolds

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Under President Trump, Deportations Are ‘Full Steam Ahead’

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Judge Blocks Part of Trump’s Immigration Ban After His Own Lawyers Can’t Justify It

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Soldier's Aunt Barred from U.S. Soil, Border Patrol Tells Him to 'Talk to Mr. Trump'

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Refugee Family’s Grandmother Detained on Trump’s Orders

JFK Airport’s Namesake Would Be Sickened

A Man Without Grace Meets a Party Without Conscience

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DHS Top Leaders ‘In Hiding,’ Staffers Say

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Mike Pence at March for Life: Bye, Planned Parenthood!

The Trump-Shaming Twitter Account Naming Refugees Turned Away by the U.S and Killed in the Holocaust

Omarosa Battles Joy Behar on ‘The View’: Must Be ‘Really Hard’ to See Trump as President

Will a Celebrity Get the Vatican Ambassador Job?

Taylor Swift And Zayn Drop New Video For 50 Shades Sequel

Donald Trump Didn’t Think Madonna Was ‘Disgusting’ When He Lied About Her Wanting to Date Him

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Shondaland Is Back to Take on Trumpism

Seth Meyers Takes Down Trump’s ‘Bizarre’ Voter Fraud Lies

The Secret Witnesses Against El Chapo May Be Cartel Leaders

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The March for Life Prepares for Its Victory Lap

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How the Nazis Took Control of Germany

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President Trump Delivers Word Salad of a Speech to GOP Retreat

Tulsi Gabbard’s Fascist Escorts to Syria

Lena Dunham Comes for Mel Gibson, Avowed Anti-Semite and Oscar Nominee

Donald Trump Is Determined to Spite Every Woman

Chicago Wants ‘the Feds’ to Help, Not Trump’s Troops

Trump Draft Executive Order: No Funding for UN Abortions

Peyton Manning Boards the Trump Train

Donald Trump Woos Organized Labor, and Hardhats Are Swooning

2017 Winter X Games Watch Live Stream Online Full Schedule

Obviously Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested at the Trump Protests

Peter Dinklage Would Like to Delete President Trump from His Memory, Please

Science Is the Latest Casualty of Trump’s War on Truth

The 86-Year-Old Breakout Star of Sundance

Donald Trump Just Keeps Repeating His Ridiculous Voter Fraud Lie

Dems to David Brock: Stop Helping, You Are Killing Us

Austrian Extremists Partied at Trump Tower on Election Night

In Trump’s America, Jeff Sessions Is a ‘Civil Rights Champion’ and Truth Is Dying

This Show Is for My Friend David, Who Died of AIDS

Craft Beer’s Answer to Light Beer

Samantha Bee Unloads on Trump’s ‘Surreal’ Inaugural: ‘Morning in Dystopia’

Jay Z Backs the Women’s March and the Resistance: ‘We Are the People That’s in Power’

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Bill O’Reilly-Inspired Tweet: ‘This Is Insane’

With Donald Trump in Charge, GOP Warms to Torture Again

Private Prisons Cheer Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

New Yorkers Protest Trump’s Impending Ban on Muslims and Refugees (Photos)

Who Will Really End Up Paying for Trump’s Mexico Wall?

With Impending Muslim Ban, Trump to Turn Hate Into Policy

Why ‘The Assignment’ Stinks of Sensationalist Transphobia

How Mary Tyler Moore Changed America With Feminism, TV, and Comedy

Mary Tyler Moore’s Most Iconic Roles (Photos)

Mary Tyler Moore’s Greatest Performance

Heads Roll at the Vatican Over Missionary Condom Scandal

‘Bad Lip Reading’ from Inauguration Day Reveals What Trump and Obama Really Said

CIA Veterans to Trump: Don’t Bring Back ‘Black Sites’

Department of Defense Launches Stealth Subtweet War on Trump

2017 Australian Open Watch Live Stream Online Semifinals Finals Full Schedule AO

The Beastie Boys’ Adam Horovitz Sounds Off on Trump, Neo-Nazis, and ‘Alternative Facts’

Tim Daly Breaks Both His Legs in Sundance Ski Accident, But The (CBS) Show Must Go On

Meet Gregg Phillips, the Granddad Trump Is Citing for His 3M 'Illegal' Voters Claim, Who Hasn't Released Any Proof

Dr. Feelgood Got Busted, Got Free, and Gave Woman 300 Pills Before She Died

Boko Haram Suicide Squads Include Little Boys, Girls, and Now Babies

The High-Stakes Name Game for Transgender Job-Hunters

Where Pope Francis Sees Hitler Rising Today

Adult Candy: Scotch & Chocolate for Burns Night

Maybe, on Obamacare, Republicans Should Just Punt

John McCain Pledges to Fight Donald Trump on Torture

With Trump in the White House, GOP Feels a Heartbeat From Abortion Ban

Black Sails: The Legends of Treasure Island

Sundance Finally Shows Some Hot Gay Sex

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Burns Sean Spicer’s ‘Alternative Facts’

These Reporters Were Jailed After Covering a Trump-Related Riot

Badlands National Park Defies Donald Trump to Tweet Science

Trumpcare’s Cruel Magic Thinking

Ex-Gang Member Freed by Obama Was ‘Executed’ by Masked Men

Billy Eichner and Stephen Colbert Love Their ‘New York Bubble’

The Avalanche Hotel’s Miracle Puppies Keep Hope Alive

15 Craziest Oscars Snubs & Surprises: Amy Adams, ‘Finding Dory,’ and the Insane Mel Gibson Nod

The Sheriff Who Taught Jeff Bridges How to Be a Texas Lawman

The New Edition Story: How R&B’s Infamous Boy Band Became the Defining Act of a Generation

The 2017 Oscar Nominees: Black Stories Matter, Plus ‘La La Land’ Leads With 14 Nods

Ewan McGregor Calls Out Piers Morgan for His Women’s March Misogyny

Was Kate Middleton Warned Off Attending Film Awards to Protect Actors' Egos?

Porn in the Age of Trump: Fear and Loathing at AVN in Las Vegas

The Switch Finally Perfects What Nintendo Tried for Years—But Is It Too Late?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Poops All Over Trump’s Inauguration

Seth Meyers Tears Apart Trump Administration’s ‘Brazen’ Lies

CIA Starts Recruiting Its Newest Asset: Donald Trump

The DOJ Accidentally Doxxed These Immigration Judges

Happy Birthday to The Beer Can

Trump Will Pick a ‘Truly Great’ Supreme Court Justice Next Week, and They’re All Arch Conservatives

Another Knockout in Richard Spencer’s Backyard

Putin May Brag About Russian Sex Workers, but He’s Killing Them

Ajit Pai, Donald Trump’s FCC Pick, Hates Net Neutrality

Trump HHS Pick’s Medicare Letter Was Followed by a Big Campaign Contribution

Protectionist U.S.? Free-Market China? Not So Fast.

How August Wilson Heard Black America: The Brilliance of ‘Jitney’ on Broadway

Restaurant Used Federal Agent to Harass Rival, Lawsuit Claims

‘Mudbound’: How Dee Rees Made One of the Most Gripping Films in Sundance History

Donald Trump Has Already Broken Promises on Immigration

Newt Gingrich and Piers Morgan’s War on Madonna

Sean Spicer Needs a Hug: A White House Press Briefing of Whine and Poses

For One Day, At Least, Team Bernie Is Okay With Trump

The Trump Administration’s First 100 Lies Aren’t Accidents But a Deliberate Counter-Reality

Pentagon Denies Claim of a Joint U.S.-Russian Airstrike on Syria

Taylor Swift’s Spineless Feminism

Here’s How NY Protects Incumbents From Citizens — And How To Change That

How Did Trump Play in Deutschland? Uber Alles

Donald Trump Celebrates Himself, Proclaims His Inaugural Day a National One of ‘Patriotic Devotion’

‘Call Me by Your Name’: The Sexy, Poignant Gay Love Story Turning All of Sundance On

Meghan Markle’s Brother Pleads ‘Harry Defence’ After Gun Charge

James Franco on the Election of Trump: ‘I’ve Spiraled Into a Depression’

Bill Maher: The ‘Indisputable’ Godfather of Political Late-Night

Three Horny Nuns Storm Sundance

The Daring DNA Hunt That Cracked France’s Gruesome Cold Case

Trump’s Health Czar Tom Price Was a Pal to Big Pharma

A Last Soldier Buried Under Obama

The Perfect Excuse to Drink Scotch: Burns Night

Mixed on Trump, Down on War, but Still Ready to Serve

How the ‘Slenderman’ Meme Drove Two Teenage Girls to Try to Kill

Trump’s EPA Pick Blends Conservative Christianity With Anti-Environmental Activism

Celebs Threatening Trump Doesn’t Help

Will Donald Trump Be America’s Own Juan Perón?

‘The Affair’ Reveals Its Big Killer Secrets: Recap of Season 3, Episode 9

Fact-Checking Sean Spicer’s ‘Alternative Facts’

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Administration Used ‘Alternative Facts’

Anti-Abortion and on the Washington Women’s March

Women's Marches in Red States

Trump Administration Starts With Big Lie Over Small Thing

Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson Takes on Trump: Our Comedy Matters Now More Than Ever

A Prelude to President Trump’s War on the Free Press

The Press’s Enemies Within

Can the Michelin Model Fix Fake News?

My President Wasn’t Black Enough

2017 NFL Playoffs Watch Live Stream Online AFC NFC Championship Schedule

Beast Fiction: Elliot Ackerman’s ‘Dark at the Crossing’

Is the New Star Really a Sign of a Messiah for Israel?

You May Not Like Technology But It Likes You

The Best and Worst Presidential Memoirs

The World’s Top Hospitals Have Been Enabling Quack Medicine

‘The Big Sick,’ a Race Relations Romcom, Is Sundance’s First Big Hit

Aziz Ansari Lays Into Donald Trump Supporters’ ‘Casual White Supremacy’ on SNL

Live Stream the 2017 Oscars Academy Awards Nominations How to Watch

Where Were All The Women's March Protesters in November?

Children Rescued from Italy Avalanche, Faces Smeared with Nutella Eaten While Trying to Survive

How White Supremacists Birthed the Worst Act of Domestic Terrorism in U.S. History

Why Wayne Barrett is Irreplaceable

Jessica Drake, President Trump’s Porn Star Accuser, Is Worried About America’s Future

The Incredible Jessica Williams Saves Sundance from Trump Depression

I’m Proud to be Queer in Trump’s America

The Greatest Drinking Song in the World?

The Glorious Birth and Blazing End of London’s Crystal Palace

Nat Hentoff Celebrated Jazz and Freedom

When Nixon’s Henchmen Plotted to Assassinate a Journalist with LSD

Bill Maher Denounces Trump’s ‘Joyless, Ugly, Divisive’ Inauguration

Trump CIA Pick Leaves Door Open to Waterboarding, More Spying on Americans

Stephen Colbert Reacts to Trump’s Inaugural Address: ‘We Get It!’

Donald Trump’s Dark Forecast for America

‘Antifascists’ Vandalized D.C. to Show Trump They Hate Him

Putin Will Have Loved RT’s Coverage of Trump’s Inauguration

El Chapo Brought Down to Size in a Brooklyn Courtroom

Protesters Clash With Police on Inauguration Day

Melania as Jackie and Trump’s Angry Red Tie: The Politics of Inauguration Fashion

No, Donald Trump Can Never Be Made Normal

The Birther, The Shady Preacher, and President Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s ‘American Carnage’ Inaugural

The Scene at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Trump’s WhiteHouse.Gov Disappears Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBT Rights

This Man Moved to Across the World to Avoid President Trump

March Organizers Must Welcome Pro-Lifers

Why Mexico Sent ‘El Chapo’ to the U.S. Now

Rapper Makonnen Comes Out: ‘I’m Gay… I’ve Come Out.’

New York Gives Trump a Fiery Farewell

Sundance Film Festival 2017’s Buzziest Movies: Al Gore’s Return, Hulk Hogan’s Gawker War, and More

America’s Trial by Fire Begins Today

She Met Donald Trump at the Moscow Ritz (Not That Way!)

Bill Maher: Trump Is Not ‘Legitimate’ But He’s Still Our President

Here’s How China Will Test Trump With North Korean Nukes

‘I March for My 13-Year-Old Daughters’: Women Tell Us Why They’re Protesting in D.C.

Muslim Americans Ready to Resist Trump Bigly!

‘Why We March’: Women Share Their Protest Stories

Why Trump’s Inaugural May Look a Lot Like Nixon’s

The Dead Patriots and the Commander in Chief

George Washington and the Story of the First Inaugural Address

Anti-Fascists Crash Alt-Right Deploraball

Madonna on the Trump Inauguration: ‘I Do Believe That Trump Was Elected for a Reason’

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Previews Trump’s Inauguration: ‘We’re So F*cked’

‘Stephen Colbert’ Returns to Send Off Obama, America’s ‘Hopey-Changy Apologist-in-Chief’

Dennis Hastert to the James Doe He Molested: Gimme My Money Back

Trump Inauguration Parade How to Watch Live Stream Online

Trump’s Inauguration Welcome Concert Was a Total Disaster

Italian Hotel’s Too-True Earthquake Avalanche Horror Story

TSA Head Refuses to Stay on for Trump

Why Obama Is Wrong: LGBT Rights Are All Too Easily ‘Reversible’

Alt-Right Podcaster ‘Understands’ He Can’t Be a Leader After Revelation He Married Jewish Woman

Will Trump Turn His White House Gold?

Pay Attention, Liberals. Here’s How You Fight Back Under Trump.

Watch: Rick Perry and Al Franken Share Awkward ‘Saturday Night Live Soundbite’

Inside the French Over-The-Hill-Gang That Ripped Off Kim Kardashian

Secret CIA Tests Found TV Psychic Uri Geller Really Did Have Special Powers

The Troublemaker Behind Donald Trump’s Words

Police Body-Cams Shut Down for Inauguration and Women’s March

We Watched the New ‘Beaches’: We Argued. We Cried. We Missed Bette.

Trump Transition Team on Reports of Chaos: We Got This

Gamergate’s New Army of Bad Bitches

Dark Days Ahead—What to Expect From President Trump

Detroit In Three Drinks

Inside ‘Baskets’ Season 2: The ‘Dark and Twisted’ Story of a Clown on the Run

Jackie Evancho Wants to Sing at the Inaugural? So Let Her, Good for Her!

What Science Can Tell Us About Trans People’s Brains—And What It Cannot

Emma Sulkowicz: From Mattress to Therapist’s Couch

Lawmaker to Rape Victims: ‘Prove It’

Hard-Luck Hillary Clinton’s Second Case of the Inaugural Blues

Trump Inauguration Welcome Concert How to Watch Live Stream

Meet Ben Swann, the Republican Pizzagate Truther Hosting Atlanta’s CBS Nightly News

Samantha Bee Tears Apart Kellyanne Conway: ‘The Soulless, Machiavellian Despot America Deserves’

The Tao of Tiffany Trump: Donald Trump’s Polarizing, Celebrity-Friendly Other Daughter

Barack Obama, Leaving on Top, Meets the Press One Last Time as President

National Guard Pulls Missile Launchers Away From Standing Rock Protesters

The Supreme Court Will Likely Let Slurs Like ‘Redskins’ Get Trademarks

Not Always an Ally, President Barack Obama Defends Media in Last Press Conference

Dead ISIS Terrorist Tries to Clear His Pal on Trial

Obama Tapped His Inner Krazy Kat When He Taught Us to Embrace Mutts

I Have a Special-Needs Son and Betsy DeVos Scares Me to Death

2017 People’s Choice Awards Live Stream Online How to Watch

How Nina Dobrev, ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star, Accidentally Flashed Photoshoot Crew

As ‘The Black Time’ of Barack Obama Ends, Russia Celebrates Trump’s Inaugural

The Art of Throwing a Presidential Inauguration Kegger

Hillary Clinton’s Would-Be West Wingers Have Nothing to Lose

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Obama ‘Baby-Proofing’ America for Trump

Donald Trump Can Build His Wall—But Will It Work?

Betsy DeVos Fight Demonstrates Donald Trump’s Serious About Changing Washington

Obama Farewell Presser Live Stream Watch Online Final News Conference Trump Inauguration

Talk About Timely: New, Probing Play About Roe v. Wade Opens in Washington

Bidders Pay $8.5K for Wax Lincoln—But Only $675 for Wax Hillary

Chelsea Manning’s Liberation, and Ours

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Trump Could Address These Legitimacy Questions—But He Won’t

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Compared Vaccines to a Holocaust—and Now Trump Wants Him to Investigate Their ‘Safety’

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GOP’s Rush to Rubber-Stamp Trump Nominees: Destroy What We Can, While We Can

The Attack on Planned Parenthood Hurts Transgender People, Too

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Slams Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Speech as ‘Tone-Deaf’

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Wife Frames Rival With Rape-Fantasy Ads

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Jimmy Fallon Awkwardly Roasts Trump at Golden Globes, Despite Their Hair-Raising Past

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Who Won and Lost the Golden Globes Red Carpet?

Pennsylvania Couple Raped, Killed, and Chopped Up Disabled Adopted Daughter, Police Say

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ISIS Has a New Weapon: Fire

MH370 Found? Searchers Race to New Sites

Top Trump Advisors Struggle to Explain His Response to Russia Report

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Ft. Lauderdale Gunman Esteban Santiago Was Being Prosecuted for Strangling His Girlfriend

Watch Live Stream Online 2017 NFL Playoffs Full Schedule

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The D.E.A. Nabs Haiti’s Guy Philippe: Rebel, Drug Runner, and Politician.

The Millionaire Who Took on McCarthy

Why Do Robots Always Turn Out Sexist? People Make Them.

Cuba Is the Missing Link in Jazz History

Left and Right Do Find Common Ground … on World War I

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Robert Coover’s ’70s Novel ‘The Public Burning’ Eerily Anticipates Trump

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U.S. Spy Report Blames Putin for Hacks, But Doesn’t Back It Up

Alt-Right Frames Wrong Esteban Santiago for Shooting, Kickstarts Racist Conspiracy Theory

Dylann Roof Has Been Wearing Racist Shoes to Court

Ari Fleischer on Breaking the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting News

Multiple Dead at FL Airport Shooting

Why Amber Rose Won’t Date Bisexual Men—And Why She’s Wrong

Sean Hannity Wars With Joe Scarborough Over Who’s More ‘Repulsive’

France’s Far Right is Wary of Trump, But Head-Over-Heels for Putin

John Avlon: Trump Years will be the Best Time to be a Journalist

John Avlon Discusses George Washington’s Farewell Speech and it’s Relevance Today

Trump Stabs NBC in the Back Again Over ‘The Apprentice’

George Michael Overdose Fears as Police Investigate Drugs Link

New Year Sex Assaults in Austria Heighten Fears a Year After Cologne

Meet Charlie Brotman, Voice of Every Presidential Inauguration Since Truman, Dumped by Trump

Key & Peele’s Obama and Luther Roast ‘Pussy-Grabber’ Trump

Spain Sent America Its Best in José Andrés. Now Donald Trump’s Suing Him.

How the U.S. Hobbled Its Hacking Case Against Russia and Enabled Truthers

Trump’s Sad Crew of C-Listers: How Hollywood Stars Have Always Shunned The Donald

‘Emerald City’: Enough F***ing ‘Wizard of Oz’ Reboots Already

New Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bills’ Could Require Original Birth Certificates to Pee

He Didn’t Believe in Showing ID—and Cops Shot Him

Tech Bros Don’t See Women in the Future

The Seven Tough Questions the Democrats Must Ask Jeff Sessions

How Trump Voters Who Say They Aren’t Racist Can Prove It

Chuck Schumer Rising Above ‘Babyish Street Fight of Name-Calling’

A Drinker’s Wish List for 2017

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Dylann Roof Didn’t Want to Hear Heartbreaking Stories From His Victims’ Families. Here They Are.

CES 2017’s Best Gear and Gadgets (Photos)

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Bryan Cranston Hopes Trump Is ‘Unbelievably Successful’ as President

How to Wear a Choker Like a Man’s Man

Spy Chiefs Tell Trump: You’re Wrong About Assange and the Russian Hacks

Assad’s Newest War Tactic: Dehydration

U.S. Blacklists Osama’s Favorite Son

Nicki Minaj Drops Meek Mill, No Longer Has to Pay Allowance

When Will We Next See The Queen?

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Tangled Over Hair, ‘P*ssy’

Newt Gingrich Blames Obama for Chicago Attack: Only ‘Heightened’ Racial Tension

How the Queen Was ‘Nearly Shot’ by One of Her Guards

Prince Harry Meets Meghan Markle’s Dad

Vivica A. Fox on Her ‘Apprentice’ Stint with Trump: ‘Nothing Like the Jerk Who Conned America’

Pastor Kim Burrell’s Homophobic Tirade Is Nothing New—Just Ask Mike Pence

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Takes on White Privilege in Trump’s America

Stephen Colbert Can’t Believe Trump Trusts Julian Assange More Than American Intelligence

Judge Swapped Sex and Pills for Freedom

Dan Nainan, The Media’s Favorite ‘Millennial,’ Is 55 Years Old

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Eulogize Themselves: The ‘Bright Lights’ Love Story

House Republicans Catch a Bad Case of Victory Disease

Scientists Say They Know Where MH370 Is—Just as Money Runs Out to Find It

Philadelphia in Three Drinks

Germany’s Far Right Tries to Brand Merkel with “Bloodguilt” For Terror

U.S. Diplomat’s Husband Sexually Abused Staff, Until an Anonymous Tip Stopped Him

What the Pastor’s Widow Heard During Dylann Roof’s Church Rampage

The Next Kanye West Mystery: Will ‘Yeezy Season 5’ Debut at New York Fashion Week?

Rockettes Owner James Dolan Was a Donald Trump Donor

Vladimir Putin’s Newest Export: Terrorists

At CES 2017, a Robot for Every Kind of Loneliness

Will Megyn Kelly Survive the Perils of Daytime TV?

Whoopi Goldberg Goes to War with Bill O’Reilly Over ‘Reverse McCarthyism’ Charge

In ‘Hwages,’ a Saudi Music Video’s Sick Trump Burn

Dylann Roof Said He ‘Shed a Tear’ for Himself, But Not the ‘Innocent People I Killed’

Why Chuck Schumer Will Lead the Party of Mostly No

Smog Vortex Takes Over Beijing (PHOTOS)

Jason Beghe’s Life After Scientology: ‘I Was in a Cult’

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Is ‘Terrified’ That the Truth Will Come Out

Oprah to Colbert: I Am ‘Never’ Running for Political Office, But Will Miss the Obamas

Donald Trump Kisses the Feet of Convicted Art Thief ‘Joey No Socks’

Sean Hannity and and Julian Assange’s Ecuadorean Embassy Love-In

Congress Seeing Red After Russia Hack

The Brazilian Bombshell Who Drove a Cop to Kill Her Ambassador Husband

Why Brooklyn’s Luxury Hotel Boom Is Focused on One Small Area in Williamsburg

I’m the Person Who Will Miss ‘Jersey Boys’

Drink Local: Farm-to-Glass Distilleries

The ‘One Day at a Time’ We So Badly Need: Inside Norman Lear’s Latino Sitcom Remake

Did Donald Trump Tweet the House GOP Into Submission?

Megyn Kelly: I’m Looking Forward to Joining ‘Journalists’ at NBC News

Meet Rebecca Ferguson, the Singer Who Wants to Perform ‘Strange Fruit’ at Trump’s Inauguration

Russians Who Hit DNC Are Using Fake News to Hack U.S.

Omarosa, Reality TV Super-Villain and Obama and Hillary Super Fan, Joins Trump White House

White Separatists Turn on Bill Mitchell, the Trump Train’s Psychic Pollster

Customers: Pro-Trump Pillows Are a Nightmare

2016: Year in Photos

Soulja Boy Claims Chris Brown Threatened Him for Lusting After His Ex on Instagram

Billy Eichner Proves Gay People Don’t ‘Care’ About John Oliver

Megyn Kelly Bails on Fox News After Helping Take Down Roger Ailes

McCain & Co.’s Magical Mystery Tour of Russia’s Front Line

House Republicans’ Twisted ‘Reform’ Plan: Gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics

Carrie Fisher’s Family Seeks Out Her In-Flight Angels, Mark Hamill Pays Tribute

Nick Viall’s ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere Was Even Crazier Than Expected

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Fail: ‘The Perfect Ending to 2016’

Why More Convicts Are Studying Criminology

How to Drink Like a Celebrity

Bride-to-Be Crushed to Death by Car-Factory Robot

Goodbye Tree, Goodbye Lights, Goodbye Christmas—Until Next Year

The Smart Set Sneers as Donald Trump Taps Republicans to Serve in His Administration

The Letter in the Tree to Baby Ava, in Heaven

Frenemies Donald Trump and Steve Wynn’s Long History of ‘Outrageous Conduct’

Is Sugar the New Smoking?

Russia’s New Favorite Jihadis: The Taliban

Fatal Attraction: ISIS Just Can’t Resist Social Media

The Sexist ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Premiere: Arnold Schwarzenegger Berates Famous Women

ISIS’s Jihad on Turkey

Police Grill Benjamin Netanyahu on Corruption Charges

Get Ready for Trump’s Vindictive Side: Golf Course Tiff With Biographer Is Just the Start

Watch the 2017 NHL Winter Classic

The Many Armies of Iraq: If ISIS Goes, Do They Turn on Each Other?

Hillary Clinton Is Not Done Making History Yet

The Most Morbid Home Collections Ever (Photos)

In America, She Designs Swimwear. In Iran, She Got 40 Lashes for Being at a Party

Will China Fill the Skies With Stealth Jets?

Blame Horror-Film Legend Vincent Price for the Rise of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands.

Jealous Lover Killed Rival and Posed as Her on Facebook, Cops Say

The Explosive Secrets of Egypt’s Desert

The Ghosts Are Very Real In ‘The Affair’: Review of S3 E6

Drake Disses Rihanna on New Year’s Eve: ‘That Was an Old Vibe’

Leave Mariah Carey Alone: Inside Her Disastrous New Year’s Eve Performance

The Art of the Blues

Inside Turkey’s Terror ‘Santa’ Attack

A-List’s Trump Snub Hits Him Where It Hurts

The Villain Who Gave Us ‘Mother of God’

Take It From A German: Americans Are Too Timid In Confronting Hate

How Mexico’s Scumbag Pols Exploited a 15-Year-Old Farm Girl’s Fiesta

2016: A Year in Drinks

How Nomads Can Save North Africa

The Man Whose Dream Became Israel

Hank Williams' Tragic New Year's Day

Beast Fiction: Lea Carpenter’s ‘Clean’

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s ‘Screwarch’: The Pop Art Bridge That Never Was

The Time That Abraham Lincoln’s White House Tried To Throw Out Frederick Douglass

Kelly Clarkson’s Epic ‘Hamilton’ Cover Sums Up 2016 on Seth Meyers’ New Year’s Eve Special

In ‘Bright Lights,’ Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Share Their Beautiful, Messy Love with the World

The Loud, Empty Word That Defines President-Elect Trump

xoJane: My Former Website’s Death Was A Blessing

China Taunts a U.S. Distracted by Putin

How to Watch the 2017 New Year's Eve Ball Drop Live Stream Online

Russian Spies, Mission Accomplished, Get the Boot From Their Long Island Estate

Our Murrow Moment

The Best Music Albums of 2016: Kanye West, Angel Olsen, and Much More

The GRU: Putin’s No-Longer-So-Secret Weapon

Hunting the Berlin Terrorist in Mafia Country

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Whitewashes the Nazi-Loving Royal

16 Biggest Breakout Stars of 2016: Issa Rae, Sterling K. Brown, Millie Bobby Brown & More

Here’s Why It Took a Century and $4.5 Billion to Add Just Three Subway Stops in New York City

The Sixth Great Mass Extinction Is Your Fault

New York’s Best New Restaurants of 2016

Sandra Bernhard Is Still Here, Damn It: Review of ‘Sandra Monica Boulevard: Coast To Coast’

Black America Steels Itself for Obama’s Departure and a Future Under Trump

Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes

William and Kate’s London Return, and the Making of a New Royal Order

Biggest Parenting Trend of 2016: F**k It! Don't Worry, Be Happy

The Iconic Celebrities We Lost in 2016: Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali and More

Donald Trump: Putin Move ‘Very Smart’

Did This Mysterious Female Hacker Help Crack the DNC?

‘Black Mirror’ Creator Charlie Brooker on Trump’s ‘Nightmarish Dystopia’

The Alt-Right’s New Pizzagate Conspiracy? An NBA Player’s Knee

How Margaret Thatcher Took On Acid House

Putin Outfoxes Obama, Lies in Wait for Trump

Lindsay Lohan Knows What It Feels Like to Be a Refugee

Inside an ISIS Bunker

Celebrity Designer Dennis Basso on His $1 Million Fur Boutique Robbery, and Why He’s Proud to Dress Melania Trump

Cop Went to Hooters to ‘Decompress’ After Killing Teen Girl

Are We Doomed to Repeat 2016?

Philippines President Duterte Says U.S. Special Forces Should GTFO

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Host Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Disturbing Trump-like History of Sexual Misconduct

Lin-Manuel Miranda, ‘Moonlight,’ ‘This Is Us’ & Everything That Made Me Cry in 2016

New Year’s Resolution for the Left: Make Sure ‘Multiculturalism’ Includes White People

Why Did Obama Pander to the UN’s Stunning Anti-Israel Bias?

The Changing Value of College Bowls

Trump Ally: Obama’s New Russia Sanctions Are ‘Kind of Stupid’

Did Carrie Fisher’s Death Lead Debbie Reynolds to Die of a Broken Heart?

Milo Yiannopoulos Is Getting Paid Big, So Will He Give Away the Money He Promised?

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‘Do It Debbie’s Way’: Debbie Reynolds’ 1983 Exercise Video Will Bring You Joy

Obama Targets Putin’s Spies Over DNC Hack

So Gwyneth Paltrow Has the Perfect Divorce, Too

Kerry on Israel: An Alternate Universe

Soccer Mom’s Secret Escort Life Revealed After Her Murder

George Takei: I Lost Family in Hiroshima. Mr. Trump, Nuclear Weapons Are No Game.

2016’s Biggest Fails: Trump on Jimmy Fallon, Kanye West, The Walking Dead & More

Uber Driver Saves Girl From Sex Slavery

Why Donald Trump Keeps Dissing America’s Allies in Europe and Asia

NCAA Coach: I Was Fired for Being Gay

Science Can’t Save the Earth This Time

The Golden-Age of Airport Restaurants & Bars

Will John Kerry’s Israel Speech Tear the Democrats Apart?

Could ‘Hygge’ Help Cure Your Trump Anxiety? The Calming Lifestyle Trends for 2017

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Shady Pastor to Pray With Trump at Inauguration

Is Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s New ‘Romance’ a Thirsty Ploy for Revenge?

John Kerry Gives a Final Warning to Israel and Netanyahu

The Ballad of Gary Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s Beloved French Bulldog

Canadian ‘Kardashians’ Accused of Filming Sex With Nigerian Elites, Using Tapes for Blackmail

Carrie Fisher’s Beloved Dog Gary to Live With Her Daughter

Face to Face With an ISIS Killer

Late-Night’s 10 Greatest Trump Takedowns of 2016—and Why They Failed to Take Him Down

Putin TV: Aleppo Slaughter Is Fake News

Beaten to Death on His Own Snapchat

Amish Say Horse Diapers Violate Their Religious Freedom

Uber Driver Needed a Nap, So Passenger Took the Wheel, Hit the Gas and Outraced the Cops

Capote’s Masterpiece ‘In Cold Blood’ Still Vivid at 50

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Rex Tillerson Might Be Trump’s Best Pick—but Will He Last?

Study: Abortion Doesn’t Harm Women’s Mental Health, but Denying One Does

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Johnny Depp Refusing to Pay Amber Heard $6.8M Settlement After Public Abuse Comments

Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump’s Cabinet of ‘Billionaires and Millionaires’

With Rex Tillerson Pick, Trump Crams Russia Down NeoCon Throats

Goldie Taylor: Why Many African Americans Don’t Want Dylann Roof Executed

‘Star’ Is Not the Next ‘Empire’

Two Bad-Ass Old Ladies Take Down Carjacking Gang

Jill Stein & Green Party Help Elect Climate Denier, Regret Nothing

Lawsuit: Football Coach Slut-Shamed My Daughter

Did Private Prison Contractor Illegally Boost Trump?

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CNN Media Cop Brian Stelter: ‘Cable News War Seems So Petty’ Now

Oops! Jared Kushner Forgot to Pay Electric Bill

‘The Daily Show’ Rips Kanye West’s Meeting With Trump

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After ‘Sleep No More’ Comes a Sexy Scottish Devil: Review of ‘The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart’

Rick Perry Will Really Run the Department of Nukes, Not Energy

Aleppo Ceasefire Reached to Evacuate Civilians

Donald Trump, America’s Ultimate Crony Capitalist

The Row Over British PM Theresa May’s Pricey Leather Pants Is Really About Brexit

Women in Aleppo Choose Suicide Over Rape, Rebels Report

Pizzagate Gunman Said He Would Sacrifice the ‘Lives of a Few for the Lives of Many’

‘Rogue One’ Kicks Ass: The Best ‘Star Wars’ Movie Since ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

Donald Trump Meets His Alter Ego: Kanye West

The Last Chance To Stop Trump? Hamilton Electors’ Grand Compromise

Four Reasons Tapping Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State Is a Terrible Idea

Pope Francis Pens Letter to Assad in Plea for Peace in Syria

Brad Pitt Accuses Angelina Jolie of Violating Kids’ Privacy in Messy Custody Battle

Report: Trump Courting Italian Tenor Andrea Bocelli for Inauguration Performance

Seth Meyers on Russian Hacking Reports: Trump ‘Has a Bizarre Affection’ for Putin

Trump Is Using Our Old Putin TV Propaganda Playbook

Hollywood Officially Pardons Mel Gibson. For Shame.

The Anti-Brock Turner: Hero Judge Puts Pickup Artist Rapist Away for 8 Years

Where Robot Gladiators Fight to the Death

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On the Trail of Germany’s Right-Wing Terrorists—Are Cops Complicit?

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Kim Kardashian Resumes Publicity in a Bra, Panties, Silver High Heels and a Fur Coat

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‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale: All Out War Is Coming

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Football Star on Trial for Murder Was Protecting His Mom, Dad Says

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Reince Priebus Lies About Russian Hacking on TV

VA Hospital Left Dead Vet in Shower for 9 Hours

Donald Trump Keeps Blaming Everybody but Russia for Election Hacking

SNL Trolls Trump, Imagining the World ‘Through Donald’s Eyes’

‘Hidden Figures’: The Movie Trump’s America Needs to See

SNL’s Trump Appoints Walter White as DEA Chief: ‘It’s Time to Make America Cook Again’

Italy’s Muslims Celebrate Christmas to Calm Integration Fears

Silicon Valley, Wake Up! Trump Matters.

The High Art Wilson-Nabokov Cage Match

Pete Dexter on How Larry and his Lexus Ended Up Beside Highway 1

ISIS Retakes UNESCO Heritage Site Palmyra—So Where Is Putin’s Army Now?

Angels of the Resistance (and a Serial Killer) in Nazi-Occupied Paris

The Hasidic Boy Who Learned English by Secretly Listening to Rush Limbaugh

How Grandpa Got Screwed Out of an Oscar

How Christianity Sends Mixed Messages on Breast-Feeding

How Do We Know Our Elections Are Fair?

Obama and Congress Knew About Russian Hacking—And They Did Nothing

Hank Williams And The Curse Of the ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ Music Star

Evangelicals Love Donald Trump Because Jesus Loves Rich People

God Is a Sadistic Internet Troll in the Delightful French Satire ‘The Brand New Testament’

How to Watch the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards Live Stream

Drake Is the Thirstiest Rapper in the Game

Nobel Prize Committee Defends Bob Dylan At Award Ceremony

Istanbul Car Bomb Attack Slays Policemen After Soccer Match

Santacon Invades America And 2016 Just Got Worse

How Russian Hackers Can Blackmail Donald Trump—and the GOP

CIA Says Russia Backed Trump, So Democrats Better Fight Like World War III

J. Cole Went Platinum with No Features. But Is He One of Hip-Hop’s Best?

Porn May Have Forgiven James Deen, But His Accusers Are Still Suffering

The Ancient Greeks Warned Us About Trump

Suicide Journalism on the Crazy-Mean Streets of Tijuana

Donald Trump Is a Professional Dominatrix and the GOP Can’t Get Enough of His Humiliation

Welcome to the Nine-Mile High Club: Supersonic Private Planes Are Coming

The French Kid’s Lit Author Who Inspired Maurice Sendak & Shel Silverstein

Cruz Beckham Has A New Tween Christmas Song And Piers Morgan Hates It

Washington Post Reporter Wesley Lowery On His Tense Run-In With Ferguson Police

When John Glenn Saved Ted Williams’s Life

Warsaw’s Populist Right Whitewashes Holocaust History

111-Year-Old’s Secret Foie Gras Diet

The Surprisingly Public Sex Life of Queen Victoria

With Russia Probe, Obama Finally Hacks the Hearts of Defense Hawks

As a Muslim Woman, I Support Angela Merkel’s Ban on Niqabs in Germany

Murdered Boise Student Sierra Bush Was Gender Fluid, Inspired Others to Be True to Themselves

NBC Dumped Donald Trump Over His Bigotry, but Now They’re Back Together

The Lone Chechen Whistleblower Talks

Washington Post on the ‘Fake News’ Hot Seat

Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick, Andrew Puzder, Is Swamped in His Own Workplace Lawsuits

The Dutch Uphold Law on Trumpspeak, Convict Wilders for Preaching Hate

Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Wedding Detials

Marcus Mumford and Palestinian Rapper Tamer Nafar’s Unusual Friendship

Thiel-Backed PAC May Have Made Illegal Payments to Bannon Company

Seth Meyers Breaks Down Trump’s Deceptive Carrier Deal

How Stephen Colbert Quietly Trumped Jimmy Fallon Online

Captain Humayun Khan, Lieutenant Robert Kelly, and the Other One Percent

Tom Wolfe: Fake News Is a ‘Laugh and a Half’

Hey, White Working Class, Donald Trump Is Already Screwing You Over

Donald J. Trump’s Gangster Capitalism

Vladimir Putin’s Economic Plan Spooks Russian Entrepreneurs

A Suicidal Civil March to Aleppo?

Company Has No Gay Clients, Sues Not to Serve Them Anyway

Muslims Went to Church for Class, Got the Cops Called on Them

Can I Fly With Harambe? Real Questions the TSA Has Answered

Tomi Lahren Is Terrible. Period.

‘Alt-Right’ Trumpsters Discover True Meaning of ‘Star Wars,’ Wage #DumpStarWars Campaign

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Is ‘Trolling’ America With Cabinet Picks

Unions See Through Donald Trump’s Sham After He Attacks Chuck Jones

In Andy Puzder, Donald Trump Makes the Worst Possible Pick for Secretary of Labor

How Donald Trump’s Presidential Tweets Will Quash Dissent—and Maybe Worse

John Glenn, Last of America’s First Astronauts, Dead at 95

Is the Department of Homeland Security Too Tough for a General to Manage?

Is Princess Eugenie Engaged?

Sofia Vergara Embryo Case Could Open Floodgates

Why the Pope Compares Fake News to Sh*t; Its Readers to Sh*t Eaters

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Push Back Against Divorce Rumors

Madonna Vogues with James Corden, Talks Making Out with Michael Jackson on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Stephen Colbert to #Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorists: ‘Grow the F*ck Up’

Cops Gagged and Smothered a Man to Death, Then Fist-Bumped

Ivanka Trump’s White House Bind

Steve Bannon’s Biggest Fan Was Jesus Himself, Jim Caviezel

Everyone’s a Target to the NSA. Here’s How the Courts Can Stop It.

Let Out of Jail—Then Denied Access to Health Insurance

Donald Trump’s Huge Conflict of Interest in Turkey

A Bad Year That Was Good for Music

‘Hairspray Live!’ Was Nearly Perfect—And So Important

Conservative Group Keeps Up Fight to End Same-Day Registration Used by Many Black Voters

How Kylie Jenner Became the Savviest Kardashian

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s Climate-Denying EPA Pick, Is Worse Than You Think

A Bottle for Everyone on Your List

Inside ‘Search Party’: Michael Showalter on How He Made TV’s Most Addictive Comedy

Inside the Chinese Factory Making Ivanka Trump’s Shoes

Seth Meyers to Media: Time to Retire ‘Alt-Right’ and Just Say ‘Nazis’

The Play That’s Also an Advice Column: Review of ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’

Donald Trump Supports Immigration Amnesty—for Now

Inside Prince Harry’s Scandalous Toronto Layover to See Meghan Markle

A Rising Star in the Russian Military Killed in Syria

Jerry Springer: How The TV Networks Helped Trump Win This ‘Junior High School Election’

Matt Lauer Grills Trump: Why Not Just Stop Watching SNL?

Watch Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Day of Infamy Speech After Pearl Harbor Attacks

Mark Wahlberg: ‘Middle America Doesn’t Want to Listen to What Celebrities Have to Say’

‘The Lost Tapes’: My Father’s Top Secret Pearl Harbor Mission

‘Leave, Nazis!’ Greets Alt-Right in Texas

Black Couple: Firefighter Threatened to Kill Us but D.A. Won’t Charge

Conan O’Brien Meets Refugees and Uses ‘Comedy as Diplomacy’ in Berlin

Dylann Roof Asks a Juror What Makes People ‘Evil’

How to Salvage Syria

Actually, There’s No Way to Know if C-Sections Are Changing Humanity

What Democrats Can Learn From Hillary Clinton’s Tragedy

Ohio’s Insane Guns Everywhere Bill Covers Airports, Childcare Centers, and Even Police Stations

Inside Sammy Hagar’s Liquor Cabinet

The Man Who Tried to Stop Pearl Harbor

Steroids Got Bud Selig Into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. The Players Who Got Him There Can Buy Tickets.

We Must Fight the Most Anti-Muslim Administration Ever

The Attack on Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later (PHOTOS)

Pat Buchanan Celebrates Donald Trump’s Win, Has the Last Laugh

Your Favorite New Cocktails for 2017

Joe Biden to Stephen Colbert: ‘I Don’t Plan on Running in 2020’ but ‘Never Say Never’

Donald Trump’s Air Force One Math Doesn’t Add Up

Mike Pence Gets Entangled in Pizzagate

Glenn Beck Concern-Trolls Sarah Palin: ‘Has She Had a Brain Aneurysm?’

Grammy Nominations Snubs & Shockers: Kanye West Is Not Going to Be Happy

Could Angelina Jolie Become Secretary-General of the UN?

Gael Garcia Bernal: Trump’s Rhetoric Inspires People to ‘Take Matters Into Their Own Hands’

Seth Meyers Goes In on Trump: A Conspiracy Theorist With a Dangerous Approach to Foreign Policy

Van Jones on ‘Daily Show’: Trump Is ‘Much Worse’ Than We Realize

Samantha Bee Returns to Rip Trump’s Chaotic Transition: ‘You Thought There Were Rules?’

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Starred a Handsy Lady Gaga and Ethnic Clichés Galore

In New York, Heroes in Hijabs Face Trump-Loving Haters

‘Hamilton’ Mixtape Blows Away Jimmy Fallon: The Roots and Busta Rhymes Perform ‘My Shot’

These Brave Souls Complained About Pussygate to the FCC

How Russia Makes—and Humiliates—Refugees

Can Bipartisanship Exist in a Trump Era?

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