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Articles August 2017

‘Sassy Trump’ Is Your New Favorite Superhero

A Rocket Scientist, a Sub, and the Headless Torso Identified as Journalist Kim Wall

Lindsey Vonn Calls Leaked Nude Photos of Her and Ex Tiger Woods a ‘Despicable Invasion of Privacy’

‘This Is Not Hazing. This Is Rape’: A Texas Town’s Football Nightmare

Prince Harry Pulls Back On His Attacks on Prince Charles Over Cortege

Donald Trump Goes Scorched-Earth in Wild, Angry Arizona Speech

How Alan Dershowitz Went From Hillary Donor to Trump’s Attack Dog on Russia

America Has More Than 100 Roads Named for the President of the Confederacy

Crooks Dig Up Sierra Leone’s ‘Ebola Cemetery’

The Insidious Libertarian-to-Alt-Right Pipeline

CNN’s Don Lemon Unloads on Trump’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Facts’ in Phoenix

The Countdown to Kurdish Secession Has Begun. Don’t Rush It.

What to Drink at New York’s Award-Winning BlackTail Bar

Tig Notaro: Louis C.K. Needs to ‘Handle’ His Sexual-Misconduct Rumors

Cavaliers Trade Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas in Incredible Deal With Celtics

Trey Gowdy Mocks WH Staff Shakeups After Trump Budget Chief Tweets Haircut Joke

The Mystery Death in the Woods at a ‘Kinky’ British Sex Festival

Senators Try to Force Trump Admin to Declare WikiLeaks a ‘Hostile’ Spy Service

Prisoner Almost Executed Before New DNA Test Saved His Life

Louise Linton, the Real Housewife of the U.S. Treasury

‘Beach Rats’ Exclusive Clip: Sundance’s Hottest Gay Film

Dems’ New Health Care Ads Literally Follow You Online

Trump's Endless Afghan War Strategy Is Also a Widening War Strategy. But Does He Know That?

Dark Web Drug Dealers Are Using the Donald Trump Brand

Celebrity Nude Photo Hack: Images of Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods and More Leak Online

‘Marvel’s The Defenders’: How Daredevil’s Dramatic Conclusion Changes Everything

The Cops Who Showed Restraint After Two of Their Brothers Were Killed

Jesse Jackson: Donald Trump Endorsing Me Is Fake News

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Mocks Trump for Looking Directly Into the Sun During Solar Eclipse

Trevor Noah Goes After Trump Supporters Post-Charlottesville: ‘No Cross They Will Not Burn’

Scientists Say MH370 in One of Three ‘Hot Spots’

Bob Guccione Jr. Wants You to Find Lust and Wonder in Travel

What the Alt-Right Has Learned From Al Qaeda

Life Behind Bars, Episode 9: The Martini

IRS Now Has a Tool to Unmask Bitcoin Tax Cheats

Putin’s ‘Dangerous’ Game With North Korea

Steve Bannon’s Nationalism Is a Click-Scam Disguised as a Movement

Yes, Trump Could Be Impeached for Pro-Nazi Talk

Trump’s Base Goes Ballistic Over His ‘Unlimited War’

Trump’s Afghanistan War Plan: Fight Forever and Call It ‘Victory’

Why Justin Bieber Unfriended Floyd Mayweather—and Other Celebs Should, Too

Infamous Trump Sh*tposter Disappears. The President Is the First to Find Him.

Trump Looks At Eclipse Without Glasses As Aide Shouts, 'Don't Look!'

What Will Britain Do Without Big Ben’s Bongs? Likely, Just Carry On

Steubenville Rapist’s Dad Shot Judge Hearing His Lawsuit

‘Game of Thrones’ Director on Jon Snow and Dany: Incest Is Coming

Jeffrey Lord, Fired Pro-Trump CNN Figure, in Talks With Breitbart

Why the U.S. Navy Keeps Crashing All of a Sudden

Team Trump Worried He’ll Change His Mind Again on Afghanistan War Plan

Eclipse Mania Sweeps America, From Tiny Towns to the White House

Trust Busting the Two-Party System

‘Ambushed’ Judge Shot Back at His Attacker

Bonnie Tyler Belts Out ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ in Bizarre CNN Interview

Katrina Pierson Calls Slavery ‘Good’ in Hilariously Awful Attempt to Defend Trump

Citadel Dropouts Episode 6: Wight Fragility

JAY-Z Finally Breaks Silence on Solange Elevator Beatdown

As His Popularity Wanes Away, Could Prince Charles Be the Last King?

John Oliver Calls Out Fox News, GOP for Not Condemning Trump Over Charlottesville

The Intellectual Freedom of The Daily Caller

The Conservative Plan to Rewrite the Constitution, and Yes, It’s a Thing

What Would James Beard Drink? Pretty Much Everything

How Seeing Open Hatred Emboldens More Haters

As U.S.-South Korea Military Exercises Begin, Kim Jong Un Threatens ‘Second Korean War’

‘F*ck You, Nora’: How Jayne Houdyshell Conquered Broadway

How ‘Atlanta’ Star Lakeith Stanfield Became Hollywood’s New Favorite Scene-Stealer

Total Eclipses Freak People Out, and That’s Not Particularly Insane

Donald Trump May Circumvent the Usual Process to Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Beware the Women of ISIS: There Are Many, and They May Be More Dangerous Than the Men

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow and Daenerys Are Totally Going to Have Sex

‘Game of Thrones’: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Jon Snow and Daenerys’ Incestuous Romance

Melania Trump Is Starting to Step Into the Void Left by Ivanka and Jared

The RNC’s Charlottesville Talking Points Basically Ignore What Donald Trump Has Actually Said

Julian Cadman. Aylan Kurdi. Tell the Trolls: All Children Die the Same—Tragically

The Irresistible Magic of ‘Patti Cake$’: A Hip-Hop MC From Trump Town USA

Five Minutes With Busta Rhymes

Matt LeBlanc Just Turned 50 and ‘It Sucks’

Elvis 40 Years On: The King Is Dead—Long Live What’s His Name

Meet The Aristocrats Renting Out Their Castles on Airbnb

Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses are Fooling the Internet—Here’s Where to Find Real Ones

Did a Mole-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Leak Plot to Elect Trump?

The Brooklyn Bridge's Builders Fought Fire, Flood, and Death

Slavery Haunted Washington—His Heirs Didn’t Get the Message

Sigmund Freud’s Nephew Predicted The Coming of Trump

Why Tom Hanks Loves Typewriters—And You Should Too

It’s Time to Call Nazis ‘Nazis’

The Secret Story of How a Revered Future Surgeon General Inspired the Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Boston’s ‘Free Speech’ Rally Goes Bust vs. 40,000 Protesters

The Dangerous Myth of Utopian Societies

Anti-Vaxxers’ Next Victims? Dogs

Sheriff: Trump Wants Us To Break The Law

Late-Night’s Obscene Normalization of Floyd Mayweather

The High-Tech Flesh Palace Where Strippers Dance for Bitcoins

Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Wins? 'The Majority' Needs Your Vote

We Have Reached Peak Sleeve Madness

What Sex Robot Should You Order?

The Art of Mixing Cocktails & Chaos

Britain’s Fascism Lesson for America: Silent Ones Are More Dangerous Than Loud Ones

A Message to White Supremacists

My Life As an Unlikely Instagram Addict

This ISIS Executioner Started Killing When He Was 15

It’s Time for the Lost Cause of the South to Get Lost

Lady Liberty Meets The Jetsons: Frank Lloyd Wright's Futurist Dream For Ellis Island

Lyndon Johnson Showed Trump How a President Should Behave After a Racist Tragedy

Sessions Cites Junk Science to Shut Down Pot Research

Bill Maher Sucked Up to Breitbart, Now He’s Slamming Steve Bannon

Trump Has So Much To Learn From Heather Heyer’s Amazing Mother

Al Franken Not Impressed By Bannon Firing: ‘The Problem With This Administration Is Trump’

Ann Coulter Might Dump Her ‘Emperor God’ Trump Over Bannon

What Will Happen to Admiral Mike Rogers, the Spy Who Knew Too Much?

The Cartoonists Who Made Trump a KKK Cover Star

Seb Gorka’s Fate ‘Extremely Uncertain’ as His Boss Bannon Is Ousted

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down Trump’s Horrible Summer

Tina Fey’s ‘Eat Cake’ Strategy After Charlottesville Is Bad Advice

The Week in 7 Insane Photos: August 18, 2017

Listen: NYSE Traders Cheer as News Breaks of Bannon’s Ouster

Donald Trump Wanted Steve Bannon ‘Gone.’ Now, Bannonites Threaten ‘Revolution’

Seth Meyers Delivers Steve Bannon the Perfect Send-Off

Donald Trump Is Doing Something That No President Has Done in 80 Years

Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ Has a Villain Problem

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Where to Watch

A Decade Later: Amanda Knox Plans Her Return to the Scene of Meredith Kercher’s Murder

Charlie Daniels: Removing Confederate Statues Is Like ISIS Wrecking History

Why Was ISIS Terror Cell Able to Operate in Spain?

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: HBO Told Us the Hackers Have the Cast’s Info

Stephen Colbert Denounces Trump’s Crazy Barcelona Attack Response

Will Canada Put Weed on the Same Shelves as Booze?

U.S. Taxpayers May Pay CIA Torture Doctors Legal Bills

Mike Judge Talks T.J. Miller’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Exit and the ‘Disturbing’ HBO Hack

Trump Hasn’t Tweeted When a U.S. Soldier Died in Six Months

Why Republicans Can’t Ditch David Duke

Occupy Wall Street Veteran Who Died Fighting ISIS Can’t Come Home

Lawsuit: Prison Left Man’s Leg Broken Since 2010

The Confederate Street Names the Army Won’t Change—in Brooklyn

The One Man HUGE Enough to Take Down Donald Trump? Yep, It’s Donald Trump.

Dear Trump Voters: You’re a Bunch of Idiots

Congress Can—But Likely Won’t—Remove Its Own Confederate Statues

Moscow Mule Mugs Aren’t Going to Kill You

Robert Mugabe’s Wife on the Lam for Attacking Model

Resistance Is NOT Futile: Six Ways Donald Trump Can Be Contained

Tina Fey Sounds Off on ‘Jackass’ Trump: ‘Nazis Are Always Bad’

Jimmy Fallon’s Washington and Seth Meyers’ Jefferson Defend Themselves From Trump on ‘Weekend Update’

The Best Magazine Covers of Trump’s Presidency

Is This the Nation’s Nastiest Monument?

Big Business Crushes Anti-Trans Campaign in Texas

Charlottesville From the Inside, Truther Episode 18

James Corden Fires Back at Liam Gallagher: ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Doesn’t Need You

MSNBC Hosts Shut Down Trump Backer in Bonkers Interview: ‘Fire Your Press Person!’

‘Terror’ Truck Mows Down Tourists and Locals in Barcelona

The Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief John Avlon Gets Into Fiery Debate with Angela Rye on CNN

Rex Tillerson Is Not Going to Fire the Top Asia Diplomat Bannon Hates

Trump’s Immoral Equivalence Between George Washington and Robert E. Lee

John Kelly’s in a ‘Bad’ Mood Over Trump, Nazis, and ‘Rogue’ Bannon

Prince William: 'I Felt Princess Diana's Presence As I Walked Behind Her Coffin'

‘Insecure’ Star Jay Ellis Talks Charlottesville, Condoms, and That Crazy Threesome

Netanyahu’s Cynical Delay Denouncing Trump’s Nazi Equivocation

Remembering Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton’s Reign of Hollywood Terror

Charlottesville Rally Against Hate Started in Secret. It Ended With Thousands Singing, 'We Shall Overcome.'

‘Logan Lucky’ Is ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ in Trumpland—and a Total Blast

Confederate Flags Put Next to New York Housing Project

The ‘Flight 93 Election’ Moment Is Now

Why Dan Aykroyd’s Wine Cellar Is Empty

The Remarkable Self Harm of the White Supremacists Who Gathered in Charlottesville

GOP Dudes Won’t Stop Bullying Rape Survivors

Sibling Rivalry Ends With Severed Legs in Roman Dumpster

Did Americans Know About Torture at Africa’s ‘Guantanamo’?

American Drone Warrior Saved Woman From ISIS

Feds: ‘Hitler’ Ran Weed Trafficking Ring Out of a Daycare

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Trump Fans’ Mean Tweets to Him

US Cities Rush to Evict Confederate Statues and Monuments

Trump, Loathed in the Town He Dreamed of Conquering, Is Donny From Long Island Now

HBO’s Social Media Pages Hacked by Mysterious Group OurMine, Including ‘Game of Thrones’ and John Oliver

Seth Meyers Goes Off on ‘Lying Racist’ Trump for Defending Neo-Nazis

Jack Posobiec, Pizzagate and Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist, Has Top Secret Security Clearance

Alt-Right Thinks Tutu-Wearing Lenin Statue is ‘Idol of Evil’

Trump Caves on Obamacare Subsidies

Donald Trump’s Remaining Fans: Haters and Losers

The Daily Stormer Shafted By .Wang

The Swift, Embarrassing Death of Trump’s Business Councils

Second Man Arrested in British Model Chloe Ayling’s Kidnapping

George Pataki Insists His Kid Rock Endorsement Is No Joke

Fox Guests Weep Over ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Trump, While Host Tries to Pivot to Defending Statues

Daily Stormer Framed Muslim Comedian for Terror Attack, Lawsuit Says

How Corporate Boards Became the Battlefield of the Trump Era

‘Morning Joe’ Demands Mass White House Resignations

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jesse Williams Accused Of Violent Rages By Ex

The Mooch Does First Print Interview—With Page Six

Jimmy Kimmel Pleads with Trump Voters to Dump Him for Defending Neo-Nazis

‘Trump-McConnell Partnership Dodged a Bullet’ in Alabama GOP Primary

Steve Bannon’s Ideological Allies Inside the White House Are Souring on Him

It’s Time for Taylor Swift to Denounce Her Neo-Nazi Admirers

Ex-Brexit Chief Turns on PM, Demands Centrist Party to Save U.K.

Donald Trump, the President of White America

Why Bob Mueller Placed a Controversial Legal Bulldog on His Team

Neighbors: Corey Lewandowski Carried Baseball Bat, Threatened ‘Nightmare’

‘Lemon’: The Most Brilliantly Bizarre Movie of the Summer

Hyperinflation Looms in Venezuela, Screwing the Masses and Helping Maduro Hold On

Is Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Donald Trump’s Press-Avenging Doppelganger?

Are Fruit Beers a Joke?

How Democrats Can Take Back Middle America

Daniel Craig Confirms James Bond Return to Colbert: ‘This Is It’

Stephen Colbert Tears Apart Trump’s ‘Seventh Circle of Hell’ Presser

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Helps Trump Push ‘Both Sides’ Narrative

President Trump’s Press Conference Delights Internet Neo-Nazis—And No One Else

Today Marked the Beginning of the End of Trump

‘Clean-Up on Aisle Trump’: President Reverses Course on Neo-Nazis, Slams the ‘Alt-Left’

How Many Nazis Are There in America, Really?

CNN’s Don Lemon: That Was the ‘Real Donald Trump’ You Saw Today

Fox News Host Kat Timpf Absolutely Goes Off on ‘Disgusting’ Trump Presser

Tenants Sue Kushner’s Old Real Estate Company for Overcharging Them

Fox News Quietly Deletes Article Cheering ‘Plowing Through Protesters’

Reddit Bans Forum Inciting ‘Physical Removal‘ of Democrats From Society

President Donald Trump Keeps Inciting Violence for Some Reason

For Westerners Who Join ISIS, Fulfillment or Disillusion?

Feds Want 1 Million Anti-Trump IP Addresses to Prove Riot 'Conspiracy'

Alabama 2017 GOP Senate Primary: How to Watch the Live Results

Amber Heard Claps Back At Scandal-Ridden Aussie Politician Who Threatened To Kill Her Dogs

Kesha Confronts Her Demons—Including Alleged Tormentor Dr. Luke—on New Album ‘Rainbow’

The Icky ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Premiere Treated an Alleged Sexual Assault as a Cliffhanger

The White-Supremacist Murder Trump Ignored in New York

Trump Retweets Crime Stat by Conspiracy Theorist Who Framed ‘Anti-Trump Drug Addict’ for Charlottesville

Alabama’s GOP Senate Primary Is a Trump Lovefest After Charlottesville

Why Trump’s Jewish Backers Love the Alt-Right

A Drinker’s Guide to Watching the Solar Eclipse

Heather Heyer Is Our Viola Liuzzo—a Hero Who Will Help Save Lives

How Tyler Titus Became a Transgender Hero

Trump’s Weird Venezuela War Talk Makes Things Worse

Republicans Are Damned if They Do Condemn Racism and Trump, and Damned if They Don’t

Colbert Makes Scaramucci Squirm Over Steve Bannon and Nazis

Jimmy Fallon Delivers Emotional Charlottesville Monologue: ‘We Can’t Go Back’

Libya Says It Will Shoot Refugee Rescue Boats on Sight

Jimmy Kimmel Wonders if Trump Is ‘Cutting Eye Holes Out of His Bed Sheets’

Stephen Colbert Lists All the Things Trump Hates More Than Nazis

Seth Meyers: Trump Has Always Been ‘Racist and Insane’—Charlottesville Proved It

Paul Manafort Sought $850 Million Deal With Putin Ally and Alleged Gangster

Mike Judge: Trump Makes ‘Idiocracy’ Look ‘Optimistic’

Trump Not Planning on Charlottesville Trip; ‘Why The Hell Would We Do That?’ Aides Say

FBI’s ‘Right-Wing’ Oklahoma City Bomber Is Schizophrenic

Why Terrorist Recruits Share These Three Motivations

Trump Caves to China on Trade Because of North Korea

Black Progressives Say The Democratic Party’s 2016 Autopsy Has Ignored A Critical Point

Fox News Host Harris Faulkner: Trump Critics ‘Not on Our Side as Americans’

GoDaddy Deleted Racism Ban After It Was Caught Providing Service to Nazi Site

El Chapo’s Drug Money May Be Too Dirty for Lawyers to Take

Charlottesville Killer James Alex Fields Claims He’s Too Broke to Afford a Lawyer

Al Sharpton Says Trump Traffics in ‘Racism,’ But Won’t Say He’s ‘Racist’

‘Fox & Friends’: Trump on Charlottesville Is Same as Obama Was on Dallas Attack

Sessions: DOJ’s ‘Top People’ to Investigate Charlottesville

Ken Cuccinelli Tells Symone Sanders to ‘Shut Up’ on CNN

Bros Before Snows, Citadel Dropouts Episode 5

Enraged by Diana Tapes, the Public Turns Against Charles and Camilla

How Ronald Reagan’s Hometown Was Robbed Blind

‘Game of Thrones’ Drops Huge Jon Snow Bombshell

The GOP’s Moment of Truth—Speak Up or Be Judged

The Brothers Who Went on the Run With Robert Pattinson for an Electrifying ‘Good Time’

How to Drink Like Garbage’s Shirley Manson

Cory Booker’s Pot Bill Is What We Need—but It’s Probably a Pipe Dream

Donald Trump May Only Be the Beginning of the Era of Celebrity Politicians

Donald Trump and the Second Southern ‘Redemption’

John Oliver Accuses Trump of ‘Feeding’ the Charlottesville Nazis

Steve Bannon’s Enemies See a Friend in John Kelly

Protesters Swarm Trump Tower After Charlottesville: ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!’

Charlottesville Crowd Chases Out Alt-Right ‘Murderer’ Jason Kessler

Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Told People in Crisis: ‘It’s Going to Be OK’

A Short History of the End of the World

Donald Trump Didn’t Create the Rage That Fueled Charlottesville, but He Sure as Hell Unleashed It

Charlottesville Survivor Spends 40th Birthday in Hospital

Alt-Right Media Framed Wrong Person in Car Attack, Labeled Him ‘Anti-Trump Druggie’

How Movie Maestro Hans Zimmer Became a Rock God

The Surprisingly Glamorous History of New Jersey Presidential Vacations

Ray Romano Is Ready to Bare (Almost) All: ‘I Was Naked in Vinyl and Look What Happened’

The Gospel of Niecy Nash, the TV Star We Need Right Now

The Secret to Getting a Good Airline Seat: Book a Better Airplane

He Negotiated Nukes With North Korea and He's Got Advice for Donald Trump

Why Jersey City Missed Out On Being the Big Apple

A Book I Can't Live Without: Holly Golightly Wrote My Favorite Novel

How an Iroquois Chief Helped Write the U.S. Constitution

Do Men and Women Really Want Genderless Fashion?

He Wrote ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’ So How Did D.C. Lose Francis Scott Key’s House?

Christian Leader Says Trans People Are the Oldest, Most Dangerous Kind of Heretic

Are Doctors Wrong About Finishing Your Antibiotics?

The Ruthless Lives of ‘Social Influencers’

Mike Huckabee Doesn’t Get Why Folks Are Mad at Trump Over Charlottesville: ‘What Is He Supposed to Say?’

‘The Villainess’: Inside the Most Kickass Action Movie of the Year

Charlottesville Survivor: It Was 'My Duty' to Protest Alt-Right

Donald Trump Condemns ‘Many Sides’ For Violence at a White Supremacist Rally

How A White Power Rally in Charlottesville Turned Deadly

Time for All Christians to Denounce White Supremacy

Car Mows Down Anti-Racism Protesters in Charlottesville; One Dead, Dozen Injured

How a Service Dog’s Love Can Change Your Life

After Nearly a Dozen Major Accidents in Past Year, Marines Take Drastic Action

Stephen Colbert Unloads on Trump’s ‘Propaganda Document’ of Flattering News

Bill Maher One-Ups Colbert, Airs Fake Photo of Trump Performing Oral Sex on Putin

Remove Trump From Office Before He Removes Us from Earth

Chicago vs: Boston: A Cocktail Throwdown for the Ages

Paging F. Scott Fitzgerald: Please Rescue Modern Fiction

Kenyatta Wins Big in Kenya–But U.S.-Style Election Skullduggery Taints the Results

Inside Israel’s Doomsday Spaces

He Got a Soccer Scholarship—and Then He Got Deported

Hillary’s Pals Made Ads for Saudis to Influence Trump

The Loud, Obnoxious, 3,500-Year History of Sonic Warfare

Can These Palaces Bring the Nouveau Riche Back to Paris?

Why a Mexican Cartel Capo Turned Himself in to the United States

You’ve Just Had Sex. Now You Want... Pizza

The Simulator Training Marines for World War III With Russia

Why Did the World’s Richest Woman Give a Gay Artist Nearly a Billion Dollars?

Will Donald Trump Expose America’s Great Mass Transit Hoax?

Ellison: Kim Jong-un ‘Acting More Responsible’ Than Trump

‘McCarthyism’ Is Wildly Overused—but this Higgins Memo Is the Real Deal

Mueller’s Targets Face Financial Strain

Chelsea Handler’s Twitter Feed Has Officially Gone Off the Rails

Here’s the Email From HBO Allegedly Offering $250k to Hackers

Why Women Are Cheering For Taylor Swift Again

China Backs Away From Kim Jong un and Rips ‘Emotional’ Trump

‘Last Best Hope’ John Kelly Works Furiously as Donald Trump Talks ‘Fury,’ Takes It Easy

Hezbollah Sucks the U.S. Into Its Own War on ISIS

Workers: Building Teslas for Elon Musk Is Hell

Rising Price of Old Drugs Costs Medicaid Billions

Transgender, Murdered, and Missed: Remembering TeeTee Dangerfield

Remembering Culinary Giant Judith Jones

Almost All of FCC’s New Advisory Panel Works for Telecoms

North Korea’s Deadly Partnership With Iran

Nepal Cracks Down on Putting Women in ‘Period Sheds’

Bill Hader Destroys Scaramucci on SNL’s ‘Weekend Update: Summer Edition’

Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour Is the Extravagant, Emotional Spectacle We’ve Waited For

Congressional Republicans Are Scrambling for a Debt-Ceiling Workaround

Team Trump Shivs Paul Manafort: There’s ‘Plenty for Mueller to Work With’

Some Insiders ‘Elated’ as CNN Sacks Jeffrey Lord

Trump Has ‘Great Respect’ for Transgender People While Attacking Them

Trump on North Korea: ‘This Is a Whole New Ballgame’

Michael Moore Takes His Anti-Trump Crusade to Broadway—With Added Song and Dance

The 8 Worst Things Jeffrey Lord Said on CNN That Didn’t Get Him Fired

Taylor Swift’s No-Bullshit Testimony at Groping Trial: ‘He Grabbed My Ass’

Trump's Favorite Twitter Pollster Is a Renamed Pizzagate Conspiracy Peddler

Breitbart Editor Somehow Triggered by Vogue’s Statue of Liberty Cover

Donald Trump Is STILL Bashing Mitch McConnell for Health Care Repeal Fail

Um, About That ‘Republicans Would Delay the Election Poll:’ It’s a Little More Complicated

Roger Stone Hates the National Enquirer’s Exposé of His Pal Paul Manafort

The Democratic Party Has a Great Opportunity In 2018. It Might Still Blow It.

Pastor Robert Jeffress to ‘Fox & Friends’: God Would Back Trump ‘War’ with North Korea

How a Child-Rapist Was Paid by Cops to Spy on an Asian Grooming Gang

North Korea Assembling Arsenal for a Nuclear Sneak Attack

There Is a Mysterious Movement Underway to Promote Cynthia Nixon for New York Governor

Donald Trump’s Fissure With Senate Republicans Could Blow Up in Arizona

The ‘No-Nonsense’ Judge Who Could Decide Trump’s Fate

Is ‘Kylr’ the Last Man to See These Two Missing Girls Alive?

Kevin Hart on Creating Tidal for Comedy and Why He Refuses to Joke About Trump

Extreme Whiskey Barrel Aging

How Netanyahu Can Outrun the Cops

In Defense of Mariah Carey Doing the Absolute Bare Minimum

Senate Democrats Block the Man Donald Trump Wants to Run Women’s Health

How Kayleigh McEnany Became the Voice of President Trump

The Voices on the Left Who Said Clinton Was as Bad as Trump Helped Get Us ‘Fire and Fury’

Google Blasted Sexist Memo but Resisted Giving Feds Data on Discrimination

Stephen Colbert ‘Can’t Believe’ He Actually Booked Scaramucci

A Giant Trump Chicken Was Staring Down the White House

Hunt for the Jogger Who Pushed a Woman Into Path of London Bus

Republican Rep Uses Same Awful Wife-Beating Joke At 2 Town Halls

CNN’s Jake Tapper Condemns Trump’s ‘Loose Nuke Speak’

Trans Troops Sue Trump for ‘Devastating Consequences’

Woman Faked Terminal Cancer to Rake in $264,163

Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Ad-Lib Sets Off Frantic Response, Except In White House

Kelly, Mattis, McMaster: Please Save Us from President Strangelove

The Mythical Secret Sexiness of Disney Films. Truther, Episode 17

As Kim Threatens ‘Destruction of the American Empire,’ Trump May Start the Next Korean War

Why Do Young Stars Like Selena Gomez Work With Woody Allen?

Colbert on Trump’s North Korea Threats: ‘We’re All Gonna Die’

Film Director Guillermo del Toro’s Exclusive Tequila Project

She Begged the Army to Stop Him. Then He Tried to Burn Her Alive.

Meet John Early, Everyone’s Favorite Gay Narcissist

Melania Trump’s Lawyer Back Home Says You Better Not Say She Was an ‘Escort’

Airlines Are Giving Your Face to Homeland Security

Right and Left Don’t Trust Each Other on Immigration—and They’re Right

What Trump’s White House Shake-Ups Mean for ‘Saturday Night Live’

Here’s Why Venezuela’s Military Prefers Chaos to a Coup

Long Island’s O.G. Anti-Immigrant Politician

Will Smith Talks Playing Obama on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Pentagon to Bannon’s Blackwater Buddy Erik Prince: GTFO

Donald Trump Won’t Declare a National Emergency on Opioids, Defying His Own Commission

Australia Set to Put LGBT Marriage Equality Up to Public Vote

Fox News Is Like Porn for Aggrieved Men

Sinead O’Connor Safe After Posting Suicidal Video. Now Will People Listen to Her?

Billy Eichner’s Hilarious Emmys ‘Smear Campaign’ Against SNL

FBI: Teen Sold Bomb Threats Against Schools, Jewish Centers on the Dark Web

Senator Mark Warner Wants to Talk with Facebook Some More About Russia’s Fake News Ops

Barack Obama Is Getting A Holiday

Tom Cole, Top House GOPer, Tells Trump No Clean Debt-Ceiling Hike

$9B Roman Abramovich Divorce Could Be Britain’s Biggest Ever

The Cruel Social-Media Shaming of Malia and Sasha Obama

‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Was Absolutely Infuriating

Stephen Colbert Goes After Fox News’ Eric Bolling Over ‘Penis Pics’ Scandal

Mom Deported Because She Didn't Change Lanes

The 2020 Democratic Purity Olympics Are Already Underway

I Found Nicole Mincey, Trump’s Biggest Twitter Fan. She Isn’t a Bot, But She Has a Ton of Secrets.

Top Prosecutor’s Removal a Grim Sign of Things to Come in Venezuela

The Wild, Deliciously Weird Career of ‘Swedish Dick’ Peter Stormare

‘Will & Grace’ Revival Scoop: Sean Hayes on Jack’s Brand New Acting Method

Israel Boycott Backlash: ‘This Is Not the DSA I Founded’

Maryland Town May Let Undocumented Immigrants Vote

What Is American Labor Thinking in Honoring a ‘Union’ Figure From Cuba?

A Top Obama Trade Official Now Works for Trump and No One Is Sure Why

The Ultimate Wine Con Job

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s ‘Real News’ Propaganda

Matt LeBlanc to ‘Friends’ Fans: You Don’t Want a Reunion

The Democratic Socialists of America Are Dreaming Big but Acting Locally

Justin Gatlin Beat Usain Bolt in His Final Individual Race and the Crowd Was Not Pleased

‘Game of Thrones’ Director on Daenerys and Jon Snow’s Sexual Tension and That Crazy Dragon Battle

Eric Bolling’s Sexism Goes Beyond Calling a Guest ‘Dr. McHottie’

That ‘Driverless’ Van in DC Is Really Just a Guy Dressed as a Car Seat

Rapper Who Said He Was 'Bulletproof' Fatally Shot in Atlanta

‘Wire’ Creator David Simon: Don’t Lock Up HBO Producer for Deadly Drug Binge

Lara Trump ‘Running the Show’ at ‘Trump TV’

Inside ‘Black Death Group,’ the Dark Web Gang That Kidnapped a Model

The Dragons Become Nukes as the Starks Become X-Men, Citadel Dropouts Episode 4

Bill de Blasio, the Prostitute-Providing Elves, and New York-Style Constituent Service

Why Elizabeth Olsen Embraced Instagram’s ‘Narcissistic Culture’

The Chinese Are About to Take Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to the Cleaners

How to Tell Children the Truth About Suicide

The Inspiring Women of ‘Step’: A Celebration of Baltimore and Black Girl Magic

JFK Stopped a China-India War. Can Trump? The Nuclear Stakes Are Much Higher Now

The Food Network’s Hottest Baking Couple

Is America in a State of Civil War?

Anti-Muslim Violence Is Everywhere—Except in the American Media

Is This an ‘Ominous’ Message for the Disabled Under Trump?

As America Comes Apart, Robert Mueller’s Closing In on Donald Trump

John Oliver Drags Stephen Miller: ‘One of the Most Revolting Humans I Have Ever Seen’

Fox News’ Fake News Could Doom Rupert Murdoch’s Dream

‘Game of Thrones’ Hints at Incestuous Romance Between Jon Snow and Daenerys

Republicans Sued for ‘Racketeering’ Over Trumpcare’s Failure

The Democratic Socialists of America Have Actual Political Power. What Will They Do With It?

Rosenstein Won’t Rule Out Prosecuting Members of Congress, White House Officials for Leaks

Deadly Love? Northwestern Professor May Have Dated Murder Victim

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